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And who is now easy? Continue ...

July 19 2005

Continue discussion of the main types of problems and the main types of attitudes. Well, way to solve, of course. In the past (and before last ) time, if you remember, we examined how the type of reaction to a sudden the problem determines the type of solution. These things are indeed deeply intertwined.

For example: you're late for the plane, which was supposed to take you to some "beautiful far away." You can (and very desirable) to throw a road matyugami luggage out the window. If you have already done this, the agreement, problems you only add: you need to go somewhere and ask someone to release you on the tarmac for the bags. And you can take a deep breath and try to work out the best plan of action. When you begin to rationally reflect on the way out of crisis situation, you quickly come to itself.

So, step by step. Find out, whether there is flying the aircraft on the same day. How much will surrender the old card and buying a new one. Maybe you do not dramatically lose a lot. And maybe take this ticket and buy a cheaper airline other airlines. Or ... What if ... What if ... And do not hesitate to ask cashiers, managers, travel agents, tour operators. To answer such questions - their professional duties. In addition, one head is good, two are known to be better, especially when one of the heads is in a state of panic stupor.

Finding the optimal solution be not an idealist, but purely a realist. Ask yourself: what you want is not ideal, but in deeds. Do not have time to submit a report to the chief? Do not panic. Reduce the number of sources and references. Want more? I wanted to flash the awareness of the issue? I wanted to hit and shake the knowledge sources? Good wishes. But you do not have time.

Therefore, acknowledged a simple dilemma: you can try to shock the boss with nothing comparable level of knowledge and skills, while you risk to fail in the event as a whole, and it will be very, very bad. Will not find it. And you can not prepare a perfect report, but all the same product. Shake and strike will be a next time, now you have to do too little time. As Bender said, "give the sky the birds, and address themselves to the chairs."

Some problems require immediate action. Stolen mobile phone - gallop a gallop to the nearest salon communications, blocking the old number, new creek, do all that to say. There is a temptation to defer a decision on this issue tomorrow. But in this case there is some risk that the problem will drag for a chain of other "derivatives" of problems.

Brought forth the result. Some arise on our path of life issues do not require urgent and immediate solutions. And it's great. There is a time to reflect, to sort options for action. In such cases, the rush is not only not needed, it is also objectively harmful.

But there are situations (usually fairly simple) output of which is to be found "here and now." Act. A conversation about the problems will continue.


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