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Money and Career

Prior to the cowards and after

October 13 2005

Of all the ways that make a living from our brother and our sister, and there are those which are not taken cover, but you always want to learn more. Because - sharp, bright, and on the brink of a foul. For example, a striptease. Everything from somewhere know that dancing in strip clubs earn their rented apartment and a decent makeup and just to feed the future doctors, future teachers, future economists and philosophers.

But there is still no common denominator: flawed and reprehensible whether this way of earnings or completely imagined anything? Broke into «Re: Share" Alain Shamanaeva sure to dance in striptease secretly would not mind almost every girl. And those who stayed half a step from making any decision, gives food for thought: how it would be if ...

My output

The show was supposed to start at 21 o'clock. I was so nervous that she came to the club for five hours before, roamed the back streets and looking forward. Dreamed of. Before all have taken a turn to the hairdresser and makeup artist, imagining how I would do stage makeup, as if in a real theater. And so I sit down to a mirror. Running around the club psychologist and yells that I have "non-working lip", it is necessary to make them puffy. Eyes, on the contrary, slightly reduced, too, they cow. On the head to build something, why all of my remaining vegetation stood on end.

Nabryzgali hideous spirits. Club owner makes to take a position to check what my hair removal. Animals. At the opening of the club approached. Psychologist taldychit that my main task today - intelligently pushing the her ass and to get regular customers. At the last minute was enough that I and stage name, not really. Here is my "working lips" played a role - I was named Minettoy! I started to laugh, as if trying to laugh at all the remaining days.

Began. The schedule I have at number 7. Eve, Cleopatra, Paolo ... I somehow naively believed that to my feet will throw the very tip, which live and strippers. It turns out that in his shorts to walk around the room, sit down on my knees for men ... I give myself a word that I will not.

And now leading happily declares: "The new girl of the club - a charming Minetta!". Legs gave way. Tangling in the wings, the red from fright, I reached the pole and grabbed it. Dance, which I put a choreographer, was designed for a maximum of three minutes. Before going out, I was told that I dance the two tracks. That is 15 minutes. When the dance began to be repeated for the sixth time in the room was to create something unimaginable. The audience cheered. Knows where the Scots who had taken took off their skirts and started me podtantsovyvat. At the scene were flying chips and money. Finally, the host said: "Thank you, Minetta. I jumped at the scene, shut in a closet and yelled: "Mom!"

"You are beautiful and creative!"

A month earlier, I persistently look for work, buying up stacks of newspaper ads. And finally - what you need: declaration of a strip club: "You are beautiful, young, creative." It sounds corny, but in his mind already see myself in the image of a dancer. Famous dancers! Reach for the phone, agree to an interview, going to the club. In some batches, barely moving the legs go on stage.

And then (how strange!) I feel like a star ... in a strip-school was taken, albeit uttered a lot of nasty things about the provincial movements.
Three weeks into school strip club have been taught to walk nicely, spinning on a pole, play sex, exciting pull heat. What I could not learn - quickly sliding down the pole. From falls on the stage were covered with ugly feet bluish bruises.Consoled myself that very soon I'll be a star. A bruising daily plastered with a thick layer of foundation ...

"The more sozhresh, the higher will receive"

... The first money I was given some sort of alien who was sitting with his back to the scene and did not even see me dance. When the music ended, the manager pushed me into the hall. I approached this foreigner and a rose. He smiled, saying, "Oh, baby, tee-hee." I lowered panties, and he pushed me back 100 bucks. Blushing, ran backstage, ashamed of his cowardice. Taught: "Do not run away and leave gracefully." No, nothing with him could not do.

In addition to dancing, I had konsumirovat reviews - take a seat to our customers and having fun chatting with them, ask to treat a lady, that is me. Manager of the club inspired: "The more sozhresh sandwiches with caviar and drink whiskey - to get more money." Here and a chance - tipped off that I really liked some kind of man. Wondered how it looks. Received the following response: "Ocharovashka in a pink scarf. Ocharovashka was very small and obscenely obese muzhchinkoy, something smacks of the seller's dried apricots. Of me wanted to sit with him and talk about different topics.

Fan began the meeting by saying that for some reason gave me a calendar with a picture of the group "Hands Up". My enthusiasm for his musical tastes turned out rather dull. Next listened to a monologue about his wheelbarrow (he called them Bibika), a collection of toy soldiers, play the movie "Terminator 3", chumovoy article in "Sport-Express" and especially Japanese spinning.

Along the way we found out that he was 36 years old and has three children in different cities of Russia, but absolutely no friends and he can not acquire a life partner. I have a very tense, but I smiled and pretended that it was awfully glad such an interesting suitor. She herself waited announce my way out and you can get away from the table. Finally been announced. I happily jumped on the stage. My fellow stood in front of the stage and began to pull their family cowards. I was shocked. Hall of fun.

It was morning. On the generosity of "my love" I have earned 150. e. What a great booty in front of men - not the most stupid thing to do. Just need to not only rotate but also to untwist. Dibs on the unwind.

Morning stripper

Before, I believed that the strip takes only an ideal woman. With a great figure, long legs, twenty and a little older. Just think many girls who want to dance, but because of the complex about their figures are afraid to cross the threshold of the club. Looking closely to the dancers, I realized that not all of them such they beauty with elastic priests and high breasts. Striptease - it does not show the body. This is a show! It needs courage, brilliance in his eyes. Importantly, to the hall explodes.

In our club operates a dancer with burnt hand. Works in the long gloves. Everyone thinks it's zest scenic image. And another - an ugly scar from a knife on his ass. She turns to the audience only one side.

Striptease - this element. For women. And for men - just emotional doping, the biologically active additive to fresh life. A beautiful tale about sex. And no one realizes that all this beauty - a great deception. Wear "strips" - on a high platform shoes - feet longer. A good suit will hide figure flaws.

Morning received a fee. Earned $ 200 and aspirin. 100 withheld as a penalty: I missed one exit. Until the next show remained 13 hours.

* Minetta (Min hjarta) - translated from Swedish "my heart"

Material provided by the newspaper "Re: Action".

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Maria Pavlikova

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