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How to get rich in 3 months

June 2 2005

Graduated. Summer. Heat. Rest. But not all - some, not many now want to use the long-awaited break in tuition for the benefit of your personal budget. Typically, seasonal work for a teenager it is an opportunity to somehow prove themselves, an opportunity not to beg their parents an extra hundred. But the snag - the competitor does not know what he can and can not, what he wants, and what is not. In order to orient the crazed young man who created a variety of agencies and stock exchanges, which receives all information about job openings for young people, where various experts will help you choose the right "course".

But here at all and just want to be disappointed: the list of vacancies is small enough, and some money does not bode very much. This is due to the fact that minors have the employer may be a serious headache.

First, the schedule should be flexible - as written in the law (according to his minor can work during the holidays no more than 5 hours a day), plus to the salary should be not less than one minimum wage, that this day is 720 rubles.

Second, enter into an employment agreement with a person under the age of 18, the head can no longer dismiss him without the consent of the minor and his parents, even if this same worker would be the last rascal.

But let's still about the most important - where to earn?

There are special labor camps and rest in the suburbs, there look for work on holidays. Activity is mainly in the repair and improvement of schools, assistance to libraries, orphanages, hospitals, parks of culture. The average salary in such organizations is about 800 rubles a month.

If it does not fit, then look further.

In the first place, of course, is courier service. The duties include courier deliver to the addresses indicated in the itinerary all sorts of books, magazines, CDs. The complexity of this work is that by the end of tiring shifts wildly. During the day, will not pass one test to the fortress of the nervous system, as well as on firms caught mymry, which seems to assert itself just need to vent stocks a bad mood for a minor accident messenger. But mind you, that to be rude to them is strictly prohibited, as soon as you say impolite word - it will run nazvanivat your superiors and as a result - a penalty.

From the positive. Most often on the courier service does not have to worry about sustenance - it is due to the firm. How to get paid - after work you can dangle on a government travel to fit. About the salary, now couriers earn an average of 2-2,5 have. , in the hour.

Next post for which gladly take minors, this promoter. Under these tricky word mostly hidden street trade of different products - from food to books and magazines. You probably saw some subway, parks, various entertainment events in people with trays or cool boxes on their shoulders, who tirelessly promote products. For sure, saw young people who spread thick journals. So, it is the promoters.

Of the minuses I note all the same tired and frantic system of penalties (fines for everything: for being sat down for talks with its neighbors not in the case of chewing on combat position and most importantly - for non-standards on the number of spoken words praising the product). Among the pluses: the whole day outdoors, after a week of such work goes completely shy, give the money immediately on the spot. Is it worth 80-100 rubles per hour (excluding penalties).

If the touch of other professions for young people, they gladly take a job as landscapers, subsidiary working in various major stores, a waiter in a fast-food restaurants. On average, this job is given a 50-80 rubles per hour. If the work stipulated by the legislation 5 hours, you can get per month from 7 to 12 thousand.

Please note that any of these positions will have laid out the full program. Will have to come to terms with the fact that after work you will have only one desire - to get to bed. But this summer conditioning is very useful in later life - any difficulties you have no fear.

And the last. List of specialties for minors is not limited to those listed. These jobs are a priority in the agencies, they are the biggest demand. And in fact, vacancies more, much more - you just need to move and not to hang the nose of the first failure.

Well, go ahead, after the first earnings!

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Maria Pavlikova

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