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Moneychangers-bloodsucker: how to avoid becoming a victim of a currency exchange office

October 31 2005

No, well, bored already! As you are also someone sick? I do not know who you mean, but I'm talking about scams. So much of their divorced per square meter, which is nowhere to go. And most of them first-class - a staff exchange points. Under pressure, you know, from working people the last penny.

Actually, I'm a man of very peaceful and patient, if I'm not bothered. And on such a trifle, such as the bodykit and shortchanging the market, pays almost no attention. Just explain to the dealer, that he is wrong, and bring back its more to it over potatoes or apples do not come back. Let the weeping, lamenting a lost customer. With regard to professional "lohotronschikov" and other "thimblerigger", then by definition go into the garden.

With the currency exchange is more complicated. It is hard to imagine life in a big and modern city, without the uncomplicated surgery. Apparently knowing this, or perhaps knowing, dishonest staff "exchangers" catch spawning foreign bills citizens. Because the flow of their unabated, by contrast, often occur queue.

That's where honest citizens need to be vigilant. The passion with which the money-changers indulge in manipulations with banknotes, has acquired epidemic proportions. Personally, I tried to drive his nose almost ten times in a row. The same thing happened with my family and friends. It does not matter where the currency exchange, on the Arbat or in a residential area. "Kidal" fear and conscience will not consent. By the way, the recipes they use are no different sophistication. Everything happens as if by the business, ordinary.

You urgently needed "Exchanger", fumbling around the eyes, discover the treasured plate with an appropriate exchange rate. You rushes to the window (tent, booth), put the tray hundred bucks, and it turns out that in fact the exchange rate differs substantially from previously announced. At the plate, you see, given a "grace rate" that applies to those who have changed not less than 500 or 1000 dollars (the amount depends on the appetite and arrogance changed, but the essence remains the same), and its one hundred, you can change, but at a very undervalued. Of course you can refuse, but most often it turns out that all the surrounding "exchangers", working along the same lines. If you urgently need U.S. Dollars, then do nothing, will have to change with undue loss of money. This fantasy is not limited to cheats, begins on sleight of hand.

Favorite feature. You pass the money on the exchange, take notes, check for authenticity. Then, slowly, so you can see through the glass of every gesture, I start to count down the amount owed to you and gently takes off the notes in the tray. Seeing their eyes, and also assuming, it seems that everything is normal. Just do not rush to grab money from the tray and run on cases at a breakneck pace. Count and do not be surprised if you find the loss. The fact that one of the bills the cashier could "accidentally" drop by the tray.

More known for such options. The cashier has the money in the tray tricky way: your neighbor from your side is the principal amount, and in the future - one or two bills. Naturally, you take the neat stack and delete notes on the far wall of the tray gets the cashier.

Absolutely, at first glance unbelievable reception. Cashier lubricates the tray adhesive composition, and then harvested from prilipnuvshih and unnoticed customer bills.

And here's a way, which I frankly just do not enraged.I changed a certain amount when Madame the exchanger "mistaken" and among several thousand-cuts, treacherously wormed fifty dollars, painfully bills are similar in color. You should have seen this genuine embarrassment and almost resentment with which the old lady replied to my request to count the cash. Acting talent is not to occupy. That's how they make on us, always rushing, their modest profits. In the meantime, protect yourself from these tricks easy.

If possible use the services of reputable banks. Well, if it happened, and alternatives shabby "exchanger" around the corner is not enough just to stay alert, carefully count the money, without departing from the window, in front of the cashier. If it came to conflict and money-changers did not have brains to return or throw up quietly shortage in the tray, then it makes sense to complain to the bank, which operates under the license "exchanger" and the police, because the fraud in our country is still a criminal offense.

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