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Hunt for Bigfoot: How much does a miracle?

January 31 2006

- Comrade General, as well as with hildren be?
- Yeti should be washed frequently.
- No, I'm talking about a snowman.

It seems that in Malaysia, serious about the search for the mysterious creature yeti, better known under the name "Bigfoot". The head of the state government of Johor, studied the results of observations, expressed its readiness to declare an official search of the legendary ape-man.

Bigfoot, known in local legends as Hunt Yaranga Gigi - spirit with widely spaced teeth. In November, three fishermen said they saw a whole family of Bigfoot, which has been traced up to 45 inches. Environmentalists have confirmed that, based on height, which were damaged by tree branches being reached trehmetrovogo growth. There are few witnesses who claim to have seen King Kong, covered with black fur.

The head of the state government, Abdul Ghani Othman said that he intends to send in the footsteps of the yeti whole expedition. It will consist of two teams, one of which examines the national park ENDA-Rompin. According to Abdul Ghani, Malaysia - the world's first country which is making such an attempt. At the same time he stressed the importance of the mission is not harmed mysterious creature and is not scared of it.

Meanwhile, the wise Chinese decided to close access for visitors to the reserve Shennuntszya, which attracted many curious due to rumors about the existence of Bigfoot there.

Located in the remote mountains of Hubei Province, the park has long been known as the habitat of the elusive creature, which in Chinese are called "ezhen" or "wild man". Scientists say there is no scientific evidence of its existence, but many people claim that they saw a giant ape-man walks in the park, located at 1.200 kilometers southwest of Beijing. Information about the observations of the Bigfoot came from Tibet, although the existence of Bigfoot research is not confirmed and there.

Park will be closed for at least three months. But it is not because in order to secure the yeti from importunate visitors. Current residents of the Celestial pragmatists. They want to give nature an opportunity to recover from the damage caused by her numerous visitors, and prepare the base for new tourists.

"During this period we are going to conduct a study and decide how to improve the attractiveness of Shennuntszya" - said the representative of the Tourism Bureau of the park. Among the proposals to improve the quality of service - airport construction to facilitate the delivery of tourists.

And in Russia, all the old-fashioned, if Bigfoot notice, then released to the world latest news about the meeting with the "snowman" came from the Kabardino-Balkaria. January 15 two hunters living in Zolskom area, near the Valley Narzan stumbled upon a strange figure, crawl away from the source on all fours. Just in case the hunters made a few warning shots, believing that a mysterious figure in the twilight may be shaggy bear impressive size.

When an unknown creature straightened, observers have no doubt - it was a snowman. According to witnesses, funky shots of Bigfoot "with the agility of a wild beast he was seen in the thicket." At the seat of a snowman, according to the hunters, had traces of chetyrehpalyh feet in length about 80 cm long and reddish-brown patches of fur.According to residents Zolskogo district, happened before firsthand Yeti in these places.

"I recently left the car and went to dial into the canister of water from a mountain stream, returning, found the car being two meters tall, overgrown with dark hair, which at the first sign of approach warily fled into the woods," - said one veteran.

If we believe the evidence collected indigenous peoples of Kabardino-Balkaria and numerous cases of the appearance of the Yeti in the Gil-Su, Elbrus, mysterious creatures have been living a colony in a wooded area of the Caucasus Mountains. Note that, judging from the traces left by our yeti almost twice the size of Malaysia, which is nice.

Meanwhile, in the year 2007 will mark 40 years of the famous documentary film, which depicts a walk "Bigfoot" (or "Bigfoot", as it is called in America) in California. Each frame is a lot of time was analyzed by experts of all stripes. Including in the Soviet KGB - the probability of rigging considered meager. Experts, including Russian, on the biomechanics and anatomy of the primates are inclined to believe that in the frame moving animal, but not an actor. Unfortunately, DNA analysis of hair, saliva, excrement, which would remove all questions, does not give accurate results: highlight the animal gene is not possible. But the reconstruction of the evidence left by Bigfoot continues.

Moreover, the American scientist Loren Coleman, a professor at the University of Southern Maine announced a reward of $ 1 million for his help in tracking down Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster.

"We do not want people running around with guns and shooting at anything that moves, hoping to get money," - says Coleman. "And it's not a competition. This is a very special reward, payment of which depends on the capture of a live instance, I emphasize the" living "- he adds.

According to Coleman, the majority of so-called evidence of the observation of mysterious creatures - is a fraud, mistake or misunderstanding. However, the $ 1 million - this is real money.

That's because, according to American tradition, all appointed by its price. Even wonder ... What do you think?

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