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What New Year's table to attract good luck?

December 30 2009

New Year's Eve - a sort of magical effect. And dishes that are served at the holiday table, too, take on symbolic significance. After properly cooked foods are able to attract good luck. Learn what traditions exist among different peoples, and what advice experts give future meeting of the Tiger?

Before meeting the coming year better than Tiger's desk to bring to the middle of the room: Tiger, like its rival - the lion, which, unfortunately, there was no place in the Chinese horoscope, love reign!

Serve an table, remember that the more it dishes out of metal - preferably silver or gold - the more favorably react to you Tiger! Can put on the table, silver or gold vases, fill them with fruit or candy. Do not feel sorry for silver spoons, knives and forks: even if one of the guests accidentally taking with him the cutlery, the year it will pay off handsomely!

Now the most important thing - that the food should be on the holiday table? Since the Tiger - a born predator, for it is suitable for all types of meat - boiled, roasted, baked, jelly and so on ... At this time, you will not have to avoid dishes with pork or beef, both during the meeting, the Boar, or Bull. Fortunately, the tiger meat in Russia is not eating ...

Since the current Yellow Tiger - a lover of metal, fit kebabs on skewers and grilled meat. If you are a vegetarian and do not eat animal food, put food on the table with a protein content (they're all the same "family" of meat): for example, dishes of beans and kidney beans. Well suited for garnish potatoes, beets, carrots. In the center of the table you can put a metal vase with yellow fruits - lemons or bananas.

The greater the variety of treats on the table, the better. Do not forget that Tiger likes to eat thoroughly! If you can appease him, he will bring you within a year and well-being.

Welcome drinks yellow and amber tones, for example, orange, tangerine and grapefruit juices. But alcohol, meeting this year, the abuse is not: drank too much, you likened Monkey - sworn enemy of the Tiger.

Chocolate pig and royal cake

For example, in Hungary, on New Year's on the table must submit a pig, you can not present, and chocolate. But any bird - a taboo: happiness can fly away from home.

The Italians put on the table seven dishes: lentils, white beans, chickpeas, beans, honey, cabbage, rice boiled in almond milk, pasta with sardines in a sauce of walnuts.

French - Blood and baked sausage, roast goose or turkey, peas, beans, lentils, walnuts, chestnuts, bread with milk and sweets. On the last day of the holidays served the traditional "pie kings" with a baked bean inside.

In Spain a celebratory dinner is served soup with red cabbage, fish, shellfish, shrimp, and roast lamb or turkey. Do not forget the national delicacy - turron.

In Belgium and the Netherlands necessarily baked scones with raisins. In Flanders on the table there are rice porridge, puddings, roast meats. Drink hot tea with milk, sugar and spices - cinnamon, cloves, lemon zest, saffron and nutmeg.

The Britishthe role of religious New Year dishes are turnips, apples, nuts, sugar confectionery, marzipan and nuts.

Germans and the New Year holiday remain true to yourself - eat pork or sausage with sauerkraut. In addition, the table contains goodies - pretzels and figure cookies. And in Austria serves more filler pig: a pig - a symbol of good luck.

In many areas of China in New Year's Day to eat only vegetarian food, although in the north of the traditional New Year's dish is dumplings. Apart from these, the broth is cooked at the table with a long noodles or dumplings. Noodles cooked in a special way - in fact, on a magical concept, it symbolizes longevity.

In Japan every New Year's dish also has its own magical significance: rice cakes - a symbol of abundance, long, thin pasta - a symbol of longevity, pea dish - a symbol of health, carp - the symbol of power.

In Iran New year means the arrival of spring. The whole week covered banquet tables. They absolutely must be present garlic, vinegar, sprouted grains, juice of young ears, the dish with floating green leaves.

Diana Merlin

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