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Pornopsihoz for party and supporters - after the filming of "Yulia" Lena Bond hit the loony bin (full gallery)

November 30 2005

Yesterday lover shocking Duma deputy Alexei Mitrofanov, presented at People's Court of his new creation - a scandalous film "Julia" to prove that the movie - not fiction, and does indeed exist. November 29 was a day of official sales of the film that sparked curiosity and outrage, both in Russia and abroad.

So, the new film "Julia" tells about the adventures and love affairs, Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili, has caused great interest not only in CIS countries, but also in the West. 26-minute film was the loudest Russian film projects of the year and is projected to be much more popular than the Ninth Company "by Fyodor Bondarchuk and" Turkish Gambit "Janeka Fayzieva. We must pay tribute to Mr. Mitrofanov - surprise and he knows how to make a joke.

Like yesterday said Mitrofanov, are now negotiating about showing the film in many foreign countries. And the movie itself for a long time did not go into bars, because a lot of time took the paperwork, obtaining licenses.

The plot - assignation of Julia and Michael at the party giving Mitrofanov, love joys of being important for the negotiations, but Tymoshenko with a light hand gives the highest ranks in the Rada for providing her sexual services. Film genre defined as "political erotica", and the filmmakers believe that they are pioneers, and nothing like this had not previously existed.

Little about the history of film and its planned by: the author of the idea and the writer appears deputy Mitrofanov, staged and produced the film, Alexander Valov, genprodyuser company ZTV - International. In the role of President of Georgia - Armenian actor Alain Melik-Grigoryan.

On the role of Yulia Tymoshenko was originally planned to invite the Ukrainian porn diva Elena Berkova, but she refused on the Project. Her parents, residing in Ukraine, began to threaten and Berkova not risk. The choice fell on the former "Mrs. Moscow" Helen Bond, which has recently been known for scandals in show business and filming in porn movies. Bond went completely to the role of a parody of Timoshenko, and tied the braid, grimaces and jumps, as well as possible reflect the nature of a typical whore from the Ukraine. May therefore be wise Julia took this movie with a smile and did not attach great importance to them.

- Please tell me how Tymoshenko responded to this movie?

Mr. Mitrofanov: Do Julia has a sense of humor, and she interpreted it as a joke, nothing more. In contrast, the Georgian president, who took the film as a personal affront.

In the public eye deputy Mitrofanov signed a DVD for Yulia Tymoshenko: "Great by Julie ...." Also, Mitrofanov said that this film is a kind of birthday present Prime Minister of Ukraine, which recently celebrated 45 years of age.

Mr. Mitrofanov: This is my gift to Julie. And this gorgeous gift, judge for yourself, who will remove the porn movie of 45-year old lady?

Porn movie of course to say very much, rather it is a mocker comedy, which worked out all the existing stereotypes. For example, the president of Georgia to the music lezginka dancing, drinking brandy and constantly says: "I, as a true Georgians ...."Group sauna, massage, which makes the dwarf bodyguards, roasting barbecues in the courtyard, a spy disguised as a bush Sex in a helicopter ... - all this footage from the film.

The film constantly the song "Orange Revolution" by Min No ", which strongly excites Tymoshenko. The film sounded in Ukrainian, are subtitled in Russian.

- By the way, why today do not come home the film's heroine?

Mr. Mitrofanov: Helen Bond got into a psychiatric hospital.

- What happened to her?

Mr. Mitrofanov: Nerves of the girls did not survive fallen down on her popularity.

But we believe that the reason for this lies in the other. While Mitrofanov answered reporters' questions came from a girl pop group "Min no. They stood behind a deputy waving a flag on which was written the name of their group and their new album «Peace-da."

In a short time will yield a new series about the adventures of Julia. Second series of the film will be dedicated to his daughter's wedding Timoshenko and Sean Carr British rocker. It is assumed that her daughter Julia will play Lena Berkova, and her boyfriend - the leader of metal corrosion "Sergei" Spider "Troitsky.

Full version photo gallery: pictures from the movie and the filming location

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