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Puzzles Cape Rytogo

August 30 2005

In the central part of Lake Baikal on the west bank, opposite the widest location of Lake Baikal, located Cape Ryty. There are no settlements, single boat, without joining to the shore, drifting past, up to this point do not reach any roads, and there is even a trail along the coast. The locals studiously avoid visiting the Cape, calling it a cursed place, but, the talk, can tell a lot of sinister and mysterious stories related to this area.

It is worth adding that this cape is included in the territory of the Baikal-Lena Reserve, and that is to land needed special permission from the administration of the reserve. Reserve regime of the territory in conjunction with local bans go damn place did its job: only rare singles dare to go deep into the gorge.

Intrigued previously heard stories about the phenomena of this cape, I decided to ask more about the locals and go deep into the gorge in the "no-hits territory." The story about the car the night the stretch along the coast of the Small Sea to the South cordon Reserve, where we got the boat to Cape Ryty, this time I'm missing, and turn to what actually managed to learn about Cape Ryty.

Anomalous zone
Forbidden to visit the area known since ancient times in the mythology of peoples of different countries. In Mongolian Buddhists - it Agharti - "forbidden territory in the heart of Asia, surrounded by protective sand Gobi. In Tantrikas Tibet - a mysterious and inaccessible to Shambhala, hidden from the outside world ring of towering mountains. In the Pamirs, is widely known for its UFO by light, "Pamir" anomalous zone. In the Urals - Perm triangle.

On Lake Baikal such a taboo for people visiting the holy area is the Cape Ryty, especially revered as the Buryat, Evenki and so Tungus. Sacred significance of the cape for the local population is so large that it put on a par with the legendary shaman-rock (Cape Burhan) Olkhon, according to ancient legend, which was regarded as a ghostly palace for the most important and the eldest of thirteen children of the divine Tengri, descended into the ancient times to the ground judge the people.

It is worth to emphasize that the mythological significance of Cape Ryty for the uninitiated is now less known than, for example, the famous Cape Burhan Olkhon, but the territory of Cape Ryty remain a taboo for a visit and in our days, and hence on the belief of local people, the spirits are still do not leave this place. Under any pretext whatsoever, none of the locals did not agree not only to enter the gorge, but even landing here on the shore.

With dreary watch for us a sense of danger late in the evening we landed on the deserted beach of the cape. The boat, not stopping, hastily set sail from the forbidden shore. Before that, the captain, respecting tradition, sprinkled alcohol and long talked about the obsession of this place, where has consistently opposite of Cape breaks gratuitously technique naughty devices and fail under the ice machine. As it should, at the approach in this place in our boat, too, exploded aluminum tube low-pressure fuel, which in theory is almost unlikely.

Meet live with the phenomenon of Cape Rytogo I decided after hearing once from Alexander Burmeister, who grew up in these places, the story that this place in very ancient times was the city, whose existence was not reported in any of the existing sources. This unknown city, like the recent sensational discoveryzhno-Urals city of Aryans - Arkaim, has captivated the imagination: Are Baikal possibility of similar discoveries? In winter the ice with binoculars Sasha showed me clearly readable by an artificial stone wall, whose existence is not known even in the administration of the Baikal-Lena Reserve. In addition, a little mystery added subsequently printed photos, inexplicably, on the printed photographs of this very unusual place to discover the curvature of space, which can not be attributed to defects in the film or printing.

The camera lens captures unexplained spatial phenomena. By then I had to information about any ancient village where scientists did not know, and no data on UFO observations in this area, I also then did not have. All that was known to me to fit in the scant lines, the previously me guide: Cape Ryty refers to the sacred places of Baikal. In ancient Buryat legends cape Ryty is "a terrible and sacred place, where they live angry gods, the sons of god Uher, sends a strong wind. This is the dry land on the northwest shore of the lake. Established sediment p. Rita. detrital cone juts into the lake at 2.5 miles. On the surface, there are fresh traces of mud emissions - and boulders. There are registered numerous catastrophic mudflow emissions gryazekamennyh flows into the lake with trees and turf.

River Valley leaves dismal. It is difficult to pass because of the large alluvial stones. There is often lightning strikes the ground, and in winter in front of the Cape every year there Stanovaya crack in the ice. The river dried up sleeves give the impression that Cape dug narrow winding ravines, directed into the lake, hence the name of the cape - Ryty. The river valley is at the Buryat sacred and forbidden to visit. Local people freely carry out the ancient rule: this place is not visited by a woman after a visit to the valley where men leave the insole of the shoe. If, however humble wanders up cattle, no one dares to throw him out, because they become the property of Tengri and his sons, who according to tradition jealously guard the entrance to the gorge. "

According to "Encyclopedia of Wonders" by Igor Tsarev in the world more than 500 powerful enough geoactive zones - abnormal of localities, where there was active specific effects unknown forces of nature to man. This influence can be positive (sacred place) and negative (geopathic zone). In these areas most likely to monitor glowing UFO objects meetings with "hominoids" ("snow people") , cases of unexplained phenomena in the psyche of people, prophetic dreams, etc. In areas of tectonic faults in the crust and the zone of seismic activity is usually seen to actively influence of various factors on the evolution of the biosphere and on human communities. The scientific revolution was introduced, even a special term - the telluric radiation faults, so it is unclear and controversial for professionals, as torsion field of the Earth. Widely believed, though no hard evidence that that these anomalous zones grace could theoretically influence the development of human civilization.

In the geopathic zone, on the contrary, a person to monitor doctors more quickly tired, aging and dying. According to modern hypotheses, scientists rise geopathogenic zone may contribute to features of terrain: the proximity and location of underground faults, crossing underground streams of water that came at different levels under the bed of dried rivers, the radioactive background area, the electric potential of the atmosphere, etc.For example, a well-known anomalous zone in the Crimea on the mountain Demirdzhi, according to one version was itself due to the endemic species of plants that emit in the morning and volatile substances that can cause hallucinations in humans.

Observations and experiences of several generations, which is carried out in the same areas in nature quite a long time, was isolated from the surrounding space, as places of power, and hazardous to human health area. The first of them eventually occur of the sanctuary, there come to pray and ask the spirits for assistance, the latter of these so-called geopathic zones, are cursed place, forbidden territories for visiting people. The farther away from such areas, the more stories about places such fantastic detail about the wonders and terrifying examples of the mysterious illness and premature death of visitors of these places. It is typical that the "effect platseo, known in psychology as self-hypnosis, especially amplified in the distance, the farther away from the object, so it seems mysterious and enigmatic.

From the analysis of numerous eyewitnesses conclusion suggests a possible higher radiation background in the river gorge Rita. Originally in favor of this version says evidence of systematic cases of the disease after visiting these places. One of my friends told me that immediately after his return from Cape Rytogo ill one of the participants, let alone climbed one of the closely spaced peaks to Lake Baikal and some time just to lie on the bare ground. He was ill for about a year. Alexander Burmeister also confirmed that all once-living permanently in Cape Rytom died prematurely, and now no one lives in this area. Wooden houses totally destroyed and overgrown with grass. There was even a hypothesis that people receive a lethal dose of radiation to discover radioktivnuyu rock with gold, which were recruited and were trying to make a Rytogo, hidden under his shirt. A legend of the curse of a specially devised to scare off potential hunters for gold.

Geologists have confirmed that deep river gorge Rita has deposits of gold and polymetallic ores, but the increased radiation that can fatally irradiate people there. Radiometric survey is carried out geological parties "Sosnovgeologiya" in the late 60-ies. While there was no portable dosimeters and dosimeter required for a battery pack that could be the reason for selective measurement of radioactivity on the route. Instead of batteries, geologists have preferred to carry with it more stew and probably no measurements were made along the entire route, but selectively. Therefore, a geologist who worked directly at those times in the geological expedition, advised us to go there with a laptop, modern dosimeter, so just in case. And along the way spoke of geologists who have found in the 40-ies of the Baikal Range radioactive ore and received a lethal dose for removal of specimens found, so far as Moscow with the samples could reach only one of them. Gauging the background radiation produced by us to take away Cape Ryty gave readings jumping from 0,25 to 0,35 MRN / h, is approximately twice higher than other adjacent areas of Lake Baikal, but does not exceed the permissible dose of 0,5-0,6 MRN / hour. Data by measuring the "Sosnovgeologiya, are lost somewhere in the archives and available for analysis, so the response of the background radiation left for us to open up to the next expedition to this place.

Before landing on the sacred cape, we stopped to consult on the rules of visiting this place to Olkhon shaman Valentin Hagdaevubecoming the fifth initiation, and who knew more than anyone else local ancient shamanistic tradition. Looking back, he had heard earlier from the old, he began to tell: "Many thousands of years ago, the memory of events in these places left in the steppe region of legends. At this point, buried Uher Noyon, Bishop of Northern Baikal, the father of seven winds from the Cape to the northern tip Ryty Baikal. Uher Noyon and his sons lived in the valley. This place has always been very honored, menacing and dangerous. thoughtforms Vibrations in this region show a still more visibly, than anywhere else. The bitter experience of hundreds of generations, when people suddenly died from visiting this place, was declared the ban to enter the gorge. This prohibition is enforced now. No drill will not enter into this canyon on their own. When the two Buryat hunters tempted by the abundance of squirrels and sables in the gorge, and violating the ban went into Gorge, a year later they both died.

Olkhonskiye elders have told me 30 years ago, that at this point the borders between the territories of hunting lands, arable lands and grazing cattle and horses. Because of the long-standing dispute over ownership of lands cape once broke a dispute about the shamanic power between the Evenki, Yakut and Buryat clans. At the great battle of every kind came to the shaman and hero. Shamans have to beat us with lightning, we need to rock crevices with no trees, and went into the gorge. Heroes, they said, that we stretch, we need a large land without plants, and remained on the plains of the cape. Began the great battle, which lasted either one day, but in this showdown, so no one and not overpowered. After the battle, three shamans, and the three heroes this place was cursed. Battle awakened spirit, buried here, Uher Noyon, and the fertile plain rolled terrible agricultural, mix all the land of huge stones.

Previously, there was a tradition every three years to go to the Cape for a special ritual sacrifice to the spirit Uher Noyon, that he relented. At the heart of the Cape was a sacred tree, and at the entrance to the gorge sanctuary. Only shamans were allowed to reach the sanctuary. Shamans prayed black night, on an inverted black cauldron. But the continuity of this tradition has been broken, and now the spirit of revenge over the people visiting the area where his body was buried. I do not know whether to keep the sanctuary to this day. It has long been there no one was. If you go back ashore, be sure to fall on his right knee - a rite of worship. Cook a piece of mutton to spread a fragrant smell. Meat can eat, but do not throw the bones and burn them spread out on the body shape. If there are no sheep, mentally chant: "We are on the ground of your habits, make the sacrifice than to eat. Apologize. Forgive us uninitiated. Be careful, the spirit can send you a bear or a wolf."

Another legend has learned from an employee of the Baikal-Lena Reserve B. Trapeznikov. In its editorial the legend goes like this: "It was at the lake's three daughters. First, the patroness of heavenly waters, called Lena. The name of the second - Angara. She caressed and cherished Baikal itself. Third, the mistress of underground waters, was named Rita. In heaven the local living rough God Tengri. he had two sons: Azme, who ruled by lightning, and Alme, curator of thunder. And as so often they decided once Baikal and Baikal Tengri eldest daughter to marry Azme, and the average for Alme. Collusion heard them the freedom-loving wind. He knew that the Angara dreams of EHEC, and Azme and Alme all the time hovering around the mysterious Rita, and the wind decided to help the sons and Azme Alme themselves to dispose of their own destiny.

At the appointed time, he arranged for end of the world. With great speed wind began to rush through the mountains, destroying everything in its path. Sky overcast with heavy clouds, the wind whistling continuously rumbled Alme and threw lightning Azme.Seizing the moment, the noise of the raging elements, Angara and Lena ran a race to her lover. Angara met with the Yenisei, and Anaya, being caressed by Iliktoy not forthright and was late for a meeting with Lena. Proud Lena did not forgive her lover and to the ocean it flows is still under his name. Each year, the abundance of snowmelt and rainwater in the valleys Anaya heard a mighty roar - this Anaya apologies to Lena. After learning about the incident, Tengri terribly angry. His will he forever transformed the brothers Azme and Alme into the stone cliffs. They stand against each other, protecting the valley Hyr-Shulun, but they never descend to the beautiful Rita. When in the mountains of thunder and lightning, are brothers trying to attract the attention of mischievous Rita. But there is no response from her feelings. Too young and she spends all her energy on mischief and pranks, disappearing before reaching the lake, beneath stones and earth. "

In fact apron River Rita recalls raged here once unruly elements: pitted Selem steppe, piling huge boulders, the invisible underground streams of the river Rita. And as a reminder of the jealous brothers petrified of thunder and lightning - a continuous string of rain in the gorge. Once we get deeper into the gorge as a cloudless sky suddenly tightened thunderclouds, and began a terrible downpour with lightning, and we would clearly see that only a few miles on the shore of Lake Baikal is still the sun shines brightly, and there does not drop a single drop of rain.

Concerns about the shaman, the spirits of the gorge can send us - the uninvited guests, a wolf or a bear fortunately did not materialize. But anxiety followed us all the days, if someone constantly watching over us. At the end of our walking route. during lunch, we were attacked by a loud buzzing, big size of a walnut, a bee, so we were forced to jump from boulder-laid table and get away from the bees, which constantly strove to sit on the back. Its advantage was that - a great body and two long sting like dovetail at the end of the trunk.

Previously, these large bees we would not have seen. Already back in Irkutsk, after questioning, hunters, we met a bee was allegedly identified with rarely seen views of the largest earth-moving bees, which do not make nests, and arrange them in the ground. Ground bee jealously guards its territory near the nest and attack people if they are close to the nest. Its bite is very sick, so it can be bitten by unexpected pain even fall from a horse. In different regions they are called in different ways: on the Lena - Hornet, the Tungus - Medvedkov. Meets such earthen bee fairly rare, and in his own we were lucky to see it in natural conditions and in the attack. A shaman, after the story with satisfaction said: "It's the spirits manifested themselves. Perhaps you are not decomposed bones of sacrifice."

Material provided by the site "In the fantasy world."

To be completed.

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