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Be aware

Hold me, straw

May 30 2005

Tired of smoking. Tired of being without a cigarette does. As if this crown of all the important mechanisms of my life. Smoked - thought - thought. Nervous - lit - calm down. In general, if there is a pocket pack of cigarettes - it's not that bad ... Only when walking pants, bad cough in the morning, and it may be that, and slight dizziness attend. Complexion stale, endurance, zero, and the smell of tobacco does not drown out your favorite perfume. And God himself has commanded to give up the habit. Yes, that's an ambush which: no matter where you come - everywhere smoke. And envious becomes even hanged.

Remove the physical dependence of almost all of my tender age can be, and what to do with the psychological? Than with delayed tripping: a newspaper with a match or a stick of lollipop? After all, there are also non-nicotine cigarettes. If this is not a myth, it's what you need. On the form completely as normal, but the main ingredient is missing the killer. Immediately go in search of a savior-substitute and find it in the first tobacco shop. Not razmenivayas on trifles, buying up all available for sale nesigarety. Well, almost everything: "There was another" Aromatika, but we no longer take: there hay spoiled everything "- authoritatively stated clerk. I feel uneasy, but I definitely went to try what has not "spoiled".

Greetings from India
«Nirdosh» proved to be quite presentable-looking young ladies cigar, twisted leaves, but with the filter. And in the best houses of Philadelphia have a smoke is not a shame. True, not as nice as it could be: "medicinal plants and herbs, rolled into a sheet, gave a little perfume, a little soap and water. It's like a smoke of aromatic sticks. Even found myself on the fact that it would be good in his other hand to keep a normal human cigarette to their alternate. Instruction, which read, when smoked polpachki, told me that «Nirdosh» are based on ancient Indian teachings about the health of "Ayurveda". Wah! However, I no longer believe in any doctrine.

Entrap ment (smoking hay)
"Meadowsweet" turned out to be a lot worse. Their pungent odor instantly flew people in uniform and tedious questioning me about ten minutes, not "kosyachok" I scored a case here. No, I answered, just Pressed hay, sorry, "a mixture of herbs." "Let's smoke, get pleasure from it? For me everything is the opposite: he fights for his throat, terrible, burning chunks of ash falling off and threatened to burn me some new pants. And the smell! I am afraid that half of the "smoking room" International Institute scatter, if I venture to go there with Tavolgi. Yes, and look undignified: wrinkled, sloppy. Having tried all six possible types of "perfumed sticks in the form of cigarettes," I came to the conclusion that it is better «Nirdosh».

Registered Prima
With apprehension dissected the latest package, left "for dessert." It was the most expensive, obscenely expensive acquisition (600 pe!): "Cigarettes Vyacheslav Zakharov, a set of four packs and instructions. And noble, all in regalia: all kinds of medals international salon of innovations and investments. " Well, I think this is my last hope. In the annotations to the "four-day course disaccustoming" I offered to smoke "special cigarettes", lined with circular labels, dispensers, reducing the volume by one unit each day. The idea of visual control over the process of smoking I liked, and I already had rules feast on the bad habit, but then made out, finally, the packaging: the content of nicotine and tar as much in twice the usual, I set fire to the first zaharovskuyu cigarette and dragged ... Oh my God! The same "Prima" - a terrible, cheap, stifling, but only a hundred times more expensive! Graphics, elegant packaging, instructions that wins the title, but it turns me ... Also, a placebo. I collected my last hope in the bag and threw it in the trash.

There are a million stupid ways to quit smoking. For example, to write on paper asseveration that more than ever for anything, and with their blood on her sign, and then burn. Or spend money on nicotine patches, tablets, chewing gum - and then wait for the "release". Or schedule a parting with a cigarette on Monday, holidays, exams, first paycheck, the first separation from loved ones. And so on, depending on your depravity. Non-nicotine cigarettes and all sorts of "courses disaccustoming" continuing series. They are both non-alcoholic beer or rubber woman: just an imitation of fun, painful and pointless. No buzz, but even more we want to use real, irreplaceable and incomparable ...

Oleg Artyukov

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