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People were on the moon is not the first

March 30 2006

Morning of July 16, 1969 from launch pad 39A Space Flight Center at Kennedy in the smoke and flames rushed up the rocket with the spacecraft "Apollo - 11. After several hours of flying to the moon, astronauts Neil Armstrong, M. Collins, and E. Aldrin reported that their ship was pursued by some "glowing balls" that echo all the maneuvers of the Apollo.

Center in Houston was seriously alarmed: most of these Russian can expect! Put forward a set of versions, one of them - it's a torpedo. In anticipation of a painful place for three days, but the explosion never came. The idea that they "only" UFO, no one is better, especially because the nerves are already running high to the extreme ... Subsequently, Armstrong's assistant recalled: "At a distance of a quarter of the way from the Moon to Apollo approached to a distance of three feet (1 meter), three unknown object ... When the module is much reduced for landing, three UFOs 15-30 m in diameter landed on the edge of the crater. .. ".

After landing on the moon July 20 in Houston re-enters disturbing information. For reports of the crew in the live tracks virtually the entire world except the Soviet Union and China: "I see a lot of small craters ... They diameter from 6 to 15 meters ... At a distance of about half a mile from us there are traces that resemble the abandoned tank .. ". Suddenly, millions of television viewers hear a strange sound, reminiscent of both the whistle of the locomotive and the work of power saws.

Worried operator NASA asks: "Are you sure that is not related to them?" Astronauts test transmitter, it becomes clear that a mysterious signal coming from another location. Armstrong goes for communication with Houston on another frequency: "What is it?" I would like to know the truth, what is it? " The operator also does not understand: "What's happening? Something wrong?" Response of the crew: "There are large objects, sir!" Huge! "Oh, God!" They stand on the other side of the crater? Are on the Moon watching us !..". Ironically, the place where there were at that time, astronauts, called the Sea of Tranquility.

Only five hours later, when the tension eased somewhat, Armstrong and Aldrin finally decide to leave the ship, but before that warn Collins remained in orbit, that he was ready for emergency escape from the moon. Armstrong suddenly stuck in the exit hatch, a few minutes on the air and heard only the rattle sounds arise: photographers caught the moment and doing historical graying group portraits in front of NASA employees and relatives of Armstrong with open eyes in horror.

Finally he heard footsteps coming down the stairs astronaut. It seemed the whole world out of its torpor. Everyone expected that now the first man on the moon pronounce words the glory of America, but, as Armstrong later told, he suddenly felt distinctly that is representative of the entire Earth. The first words of the man on the moon are: "This is a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!".

"On the lunar dust are traces!" - Sitting in the MCC in a childish wonder all heard the phrase. Armstrong left on the surface of a silicon capsule with greetings, notes on 74 languages and an excerpt from the Code of U.S. air and space navigation. After about a hundred meters on the lunar surface, astronauts two and a half hours back to the ship, take off and dock with the orbital module.July 24 Alarmed by the American sailors meet their heroes, and countrymen ... put them in prison. Fortunately (maybe unfortunately), it became clear that life on the Moon and microbes there. During the lunar program mysterious objects seen not only from the Apollo-11 ", from informal sources, such as it became known that twice some disks with speeds of 11,000 km / hour approached with the Apollo-8", which in these moments denied equipment and radio equipment. And Astronauts Stafford and Cernan with the Apollo-10 "above the sea surface Smith filmed on film flying an unknown white object.

November 14, 1969 by flying to the Moon "Apollo 12", repeating all of his maneuvers, again are attached two unidentified glowing object, and over 150 thousand miles with him. Nevertheless, the flight goes without stammering, the astronauts land on the moon in the Ocean of Storms, without the shipwreck. Commander Charles Conrad joyfully exclaims: "We were lucky! It turns out that they are well-disposed towards us!". The crew of the Apollo-1h, which is also pursuing the mysterious lights, was less fortunate: April 13, 1970 aboard the ship suddenly exploded oxygen tank, and the astronauts barely enough air to by abandoning the landing in the Fra Mauro crater, immediately return to land.

Of course, there was a legend that the explosion - the handiwork of an old friend of UFOs , will not allow Apollo to the Moon to bring the bomb to seismic studies. Mysterious crater Fra Mauro nine months once again have not admitted to myself terrestrial explorers. Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14, "just ... lost on the slopes! In a narrow hatch ship they squeezed only once in the MCC decided that the supply of oxygen in their spacesuits have dried up ... Returning to the moon (and from the world "), the astronauts immediately resigned, and did not tell the world about how they managed to escape. Already many years later, Mitchell admitted that he dreamed of the crater near the ... gray-bearded old man, in appearance very reminiscent of the famous Porphyry Ivanov. But they had not just seen on the moon strange phenomenon, much they have managed to capture on film. The most famous images: a huge letter 3, filmed on the surface of the crew of Apollo - 14 "and a large cylindrical object with pointed ends above the crater.

In November 1970, in the foothills of the Apennines land on the moon landing module of Apollo, astronauts Scott and Irwin were the first to enjoy a ride on the lunar dust on top of lunar rovers. At the same time, their companion Warden captures other lunar "Likhachev" - at low level flight over the moon flashed some great body. In April 1972 it was the turn to ride all-terrain vehicle near the crater Descartes crew of Apollo 16. " On the slopes of the mountains, they suddenly noticed a moving object, immediately report thereon in Houston and brought upon them the camera. Both the astronaut and the flight observed a large UFO near the surface of the moon. The third crew member Mattingly confirmed from orbit, it's not a hallucination. Commander John Young then brought back to Earth, not only memories and videos of the lunar dust, he found ... glass prism, whose age is estimated at billions of years!

The last of the 12 people who walked on the moon was geologist Harrison Schmitt, who along with Commander Eugene Sernanom picked up on the edge of Mare Serenitatis strange orange piece of glass, all of unknown origin .Both of them are then seen on a hillside several moving objects the same color orange. December 15, 1972 Lunar Module Apollo 17 left the hospitable companion of the Earth.

Excitement gave way to pioneering the usual pragmatism is increasingly in the U.S. have to remember that every such module is worth 15 times more expensive than a similar, but made of gold: what is brought from the moon soil had cost the U.S. Treasury more than one that was brought to Russia by two automata; that the usual lunar dust was worth 35 times more expensive than diamonds of the same mass, that, finally, each family paid for the lunar pleasure from 472 dollars ... Stuck in the Vietnam War, President Nixon gives an indication to stop race to the moon. Many scientists were disappointed by this. Considering that on the Moon there are still unknown, while others have decided that the program turned down just because they have learned about our satellite is too much.

The fall of 1973, NASA is still a little to lift the veil of secrecy and confirmed that the UFO was observed in total 25 astronauts. Head of the entire U.S. lunar program Wernher von Braun expressed in the journal Ezotera "as unequivocally:" There are extra-terrestrial forces, which are much stronger than we expected. I no longer have the right to say anything about it ...". After August 19 1976 is our "moon-24 took off from soil samples from the sea of Crisis, no earthly apparatus is no longer bothered millionnoletney lunar dust. In flying humans to the moon appeared a break in a few decades, which is likely to last until 2015 it was then planned to build on our natural satellite, inhabited base.

And yet, as before, from 1869 to the present time only the astronomers observed a UFO above the lunar surface . If in the 60 years they have recorded more than 300 times the anomalous objects on the background of the visible part of the night lights (dot, triangles, crosses, gas emissions, slow-growing furrows, etc.), then in our time, due to reduced interest to the moon, the number of observations clearly had subsided (about what is happening on the invisible side of the satellite, as before, we can only guess). But even now some Japanese astronomers can shoot on videotape careening over the moon unknown objects up to several tens of kilometers. The Moon continues to keep its secrets .

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