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The climate on the planet is changing: in America now it's a secret ...

January 30 2006

In every joke - only a fraction of the joke (proverb)

U.S. President George W. Bush seems to have become, the world's top political bugbear. Then he throws a mysterious grenade, and then suddenly he strangles freedom-loving Americans to justify wiretapping and e-mail viewer, his administration is accused of conducting "a monstrous policy."

The last words belong to former U.S. Vice President and presidential candidate of the Democrat Al Gore.

Maybe it is not far from the truth. The next U.S. administration's decision confirms this argument. The fact that the U.S. entered into force on the real censorship of information about the problems of global climate change.

James E. Hansen, director of the Institute for Space Studies Goddard, said in an interview with the New York Times, that the leadership of Staff ordered the space agency, according to which employees NASA, responsible for public relations, revised his lectures, papers and postings on the Web site of the Institute, as well as all requests for interviews, which came in the name of Hansen from journalists.

James E. Hansen, nearly 30 years working in NASA. He became a leading expert on climate issues in the space agency and never misses an opportunity to state the dangers associated with the greenhouse effect. Today, he believes the Bush administration lets him express his opinion.

"They want to censor all messages - Hansen says - I'm against it. I will continue to speak out, because the statute NASA clearly states that one of our tasks is to study and protect the planet."

Since 1988, Hansen was first publicly announced long-term threat posed by warming and carbon dioxide emissions, which is a byproduct of the combustion of coal, oil and other fossil fuels.

The scientist fell into disfavor at the White House in 2004 after a speech he gave at the University of Iowa before the presidential election. During this speech, he complained that scholars of climate change, silenced, and added that he personally planned to vote for Senator John Kerry's Democratic Party.

According to Dr. Hansen, the "problem" began after a lecture on Dec. 6 in front of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. In its report, Hanssen said that significant progress in reducing harmful emissions can be achieved using existing technologies and without U.S. participation in this process, the Earth could become quite a "different planet".

After the speech, and the publication of some data Hansen clearly given to understand that in the event of such action the consequences can be very unpredictable.

It is reasonable rules, the public should not get the impression that this is the official position of NASA ", - said in justification of Dean Acosta, deputy head of external relations Space Agency. But Hansen's colleagues based in Houston, at headquarters in Washington and at the institute in Manhattan are convinced that it is not just an administrative procedure.It turned out that a similar pressure was put on other agencies dealing with environment, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric, and a number of ministries.

The famous scientist, philosopher and author Umberto Eco has repeatedly accuses Bush of some inadequacy. Remember, even the famous "bushizmy, a collection of paradoxical sentences uttered at different times of an American president. These quotations, as well as some actions give the president a "foreign" logic.

And what if the guesses are true visionaries and we are dealing with an alien invasion? Recall at least a sci-fi thriller "The Arrival" with Charlie Sheen in the title role. It it was the landing of the representatives of an alien civilization that gradually prepare the planet for colonization by means of artificial climate change. To this end, they are under human guise penetrated everywhere, including in the organs of state administration. Attempts to get at the truth by individual scientists drastically suppressed, the information about climate change to classify and so on. Something is still recalls.

In the preparation of partially used materials: New York Times, and InoPressa

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