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The reverse side of global warming: the battle for resources

January 30 2006

It is unlikely that today there is a single thinking person who does not understand that if humanity did not fundamentally change the approach to the use of natural resources, will not solve the problem of global warming catastrophe is inevitable.

According to the recently submitted the report "The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment", doomsday might well occur in 2050. This report was prepared on the instructions of the UN and combines the results of four years of 1300 scientists from 95 countries worldwide.

According to scientists, the increasing number of people living on Earth reserves of fresh water and natural resources by 2050 will be on the verge of exhaustion. As a result, mankind expects hunger. The city will be flooded with domestic sewage. Sea level rise, most fish species will disappear, and the coral reefs die. The planet will be rolled wave of fatal epidemics, interspersed with hurricanes and other natural disasters.

The report's authors believe that the developments in the world can be changed if immediately begin to implement "green technologies" and engage in the construction of energy-efficient buildings.

As can be seen, the discussion around the threat of global warming and its consequences does not abate. Not so long ago, we have already approached this subject. But we can not forget the back side of the problem, namely the inevitable inter-state conflicts, because of the redistribution released by melting of natural resources.

Effects and consequences of global warming are most noticeable in the far north, where ice turns into sea water. It starts with the use of coastal zones that were previously inaccessible. Nowhere so quickly there are conflicts due to sea-lanes that were closed by ice from the oil and gas deposits that have remained untouched for technical reasons, because of the borders and territorial waters.

In the Canadian capital of Ottawa expect international disputes, primarily from the United States. And so "the first swallow," Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper expressed his extreme displeasure behavior of the American ambassador, who has criticized the Canadian government's decision to send military ice-breakers to the Arctic and troops to protect their territories.

Tensions between the U.S. and Canada, has arisen because of claims of Canada's northern waters, which the U.S. and other countries regarded as neutral. And if the earlier discussion on this issue were sluggish, in connection with the latest data on global warming becomes a serious problem.

Scientists estimate that due to rising average temperatures on Earth, "northwest passage" that would connect the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, may soon become a reality. Control of this passage can be a goldmine for Canada if it can prove its case.

According to reports from the administration of the country, Canada intends to place in the whole Arctic military base, equipped with drones, robots and two military icebreakers, as well as to establish a base for submarines. Such a military presence gave final approval to the right on the Arctic land and water for the country, said the government of Canada.

U.S. does not agree to sign any documents on the Arctic territories.

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