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New Year's table at the last moment: the original recipe

December 29 2005

January 31. A new year just around the corner, but you have not yet ready to dinner. You mecheshsya with his tongue hanging out in all stores, sweeping away more than edible from the shelves. Rushed into the kitchen, you painfully realize what is out of all this mountain of food to cook this, to please loved ones and relatives. We believe a familiar situation.

Yoki but not asleep. We decided to ease your life and share the simple and original recipes for New Year's table.

According to legends, to the coming year has been good in financial terms, it is necessary to place on a festive table for at least 12 dishes. You're terrified? The task is complicated? Do not despair!

Believe. Buy several varieties of deli meats, make of this platter - this time. Cheese variety in one dish - two. Doing the same trick with the fish - three. Pickles - four. Fresh vegetables and herbs - five! Now do you understand that to lose heart and should not have?

Move on. What a table without a hot meal?

The first thing to do - it's fried chicken. You take the carcass, rub it with spices, salt, sour cream coat and send in preheated oven, pouring allocated periodically during cooking juice. Wait 30-40 minutes and takes out a delicious, smooth-coated crispy "tan" bird. Hot for the Christmas meal there.

Another version of the chicken - thighs in beer. The scheme is as follows. Each leg quarter cut into 2-3 pieces, add salt and coat with adzhika, etc., add to skillet skin on top. All pour a beer, so that the leg above the surface were a half. Put in the oven for 40-45 minutes, during roasting pour juice formed approximately every 10 minutes.

If you think the chicken from the oven commonplace dish - try to make stuffed mushrooms. To do this you need to buy larger mushrooms and separate caps on the legs.

Cap put on the baking sheet slightly oiled, "hole up"
Add salt, starting with grated cheese (you can mince), dripping mayonnaise on top and bake in the oven. Cook until cheese is lightly browned.

As you sleep culinary genius? Then you can show off their talent, dress the crab balls. You'll need: 200 g crab meat, 100 grams of white bread crumbs, salt, pepper, egg yolk, lemon juice.

Thoroughly crushing crab meat, mix with bread crumbs, salt, pepper, egg yolk and lemon juice. Divide into 8 portions and giving each form a ball. Vzbey egg and obmokni each ball twice in the egg and toasted bread crumbs. Bake in batches for 5-6 minutes, until golden brown. Drain on paper and serve hot or cold. Yummy!

With the main course we decided, it remains to come up with six more. I think that you can dial "missing" a variety of appetizers and salads.

Appetizer "Christmas"
Needed: average herring - 4 pcs.; Onions - 4 pcs.; Apples - 3 pc.; Cream - 1.5 cups, milk - 2 cups, parsley, salt, sugar and vinegar - to taste.

Purified from skin and bones herring soaked 2 hours in milk. Cut into small pieces. Finely cut onion, coarsely grated connect with an apple. Fill with sour cream, stir, add vinegar, sugar and salt. Pour this mixture prepared herring, decorate with greenery.

Salad Winter Kiss "
Needed: a banana, apple, curd cheese, sour cream, cranberries.

p align = "justify"> The purified banana cut into thin slices and put them bottom of the a la carte dishes. With half a large sweet apple peel removed, cut into small pieces and put on the banana slices. Sweet curd cheese crumble on yablochye slices. Pour all 2.3 tablespoons of sour cream. To put a spoonful of sour cranberries in juice.

Balls of cheese
You need: Packing a soft white cheese, dill.

Cheese cut into cubes (if you can blindly balls). Finely slices dill. And roll these dice in the dill. That's it.

Salad "Male whim"
Need: 2 onions, sliced rings, soaked in apple vinegar, beef, boiled and passed through a meat grinder, 3-4 chopped eggs, a little grated cheese, mayonnaise.

Laid with layers of: onion, mayonnaise, meat, mayonnaise, eggs, mayonnaise and cheese.
Everything! Fantastically delicious salad!

Salad Spicy Pineapple "
Bank of canned pineapple - drained, crushed pineapple, add the same amount of grated cheese, 1-2 teeth of garlic

Salad with croutons
Bank of canned red beans, a bunch of greens (any better cilantro), dark bread, cut into cubes and dry or fry in a skillet, 1-2 teeth of garlic mayonnaise. Fills just before serving, to biscuits did not turn to mush.

Take the thin lavash (Armenian), oil paste, or cheese, mayonnaise and garlic mass, or damp, mayonnaise, etc. Then we turn tightly, and refrigerate for an hour - to soak.

Snack kebabs

Taken wooden skewers for kebabs (approximately 20 cm, sold) and strung them all sorts of things - cubes of ham, sausages, game pieces, small cherry tomatoes, cheese, olives and cucumbers.
Strengthen their comfortable sticking "hedgehog" in half an apple. Very nice and convenient "meal.

Sausage salad
Needed: Wieners (or sausage) - 600g, Onions - 100g; pickles - 100. For the marinade: vegetable oil - 1 / 2 cup, lemon juice - 1 / 4 cup.

Finely chop the hot dogs or sausages, onions, cucumbers. All mix and pour the marinade. Before serving salad has a few minutes to infuse. For the marinade, mix 2 parts vegetable oil, 1 part lemon juice or diluted vinegar and add a little salt.

A parody of Olivier
Needed: Ham - 250g; cheese - 200g, canned green peas - 100g, marinated mushrooms - 100g; sour cream - 50 g; mayonnaise - 80g, salt, herbs.

Ham or sausage, cut into cubes. Cheese Grate, marinated mushrooms finely chopped. Cooked foods to mix, add green peas, salt, fill with a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise. Ready to decorate the salad greens.

So easy! In this dish turned out quite unusual. So good cheer, we do not doubt that those who tasted like food, will praise your art throughout the next year. Bon Appetit New Year!

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Maria Pavlikova

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