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Top 10 most funny news from

December 28 2005

To date, one of the principal assets - is information. Updated information at all is priceless. by as much as possible try to provide you, our readers, with the hottest news. Notes are very different - serious, easy, and funny happen.

So, we decided on New Year to remember the most interesting and amusing nih.Poluchilsya of the so-called Top-10 News from

10 th - "The Mexican giraffe dries without love, trying to give favors to a tree."

News of the accident Mexican giraffe, who suffered terribly from loneliness. Getting any eye of an outsider was not apparent torment the animal, but one of the gloomy days, giraffe, maddened by unexpressed passion, was to provide tokens ... the fence. Only if zoo staff realized the full force of a mammal suffering and engaged in active search for a suitable beau hot ladies heart.

# 9 - "In India, to help the poor coming from" people's Viagra ".

Indian scientists have been compassionate to the depths outraged injustice greedy producers of "Viagra", throw up their unrealistic prices for their products. The Indians came to help "the poor" and created a "people's Viagra." From the original product differs only a small cost: the Indian aphrodisiac will be sold at 28 rupees (50 cents). The original is 30 times more expensive.

8 place - "The Shark was the victim of unrequited love."

In Sweden, a zoo male zebra sharks in the heat of passion hurt his darling. To think about their behavior, the male was sent to another aquarium.

The representative of the "stronger sex" Linus had a great liking to the female Lina. However, he showed so much zeal during love games that hurt the tail fin "girls".

Love Games sharks are as follows. Male during courtship makes darling go to the bottom, and then he bites its tail, and only then begin to mate. But most of all, Linus just does not have enough experience.

Now unwary gentleman go to the zoo Kolmarden, where it will grow up and learn to properly care for the ladies.

# 7 - "Michael Jackson mixed up toilets."

Scandalous behavior by Michael Jackson can not forgive in the capital of United Arab Emirates.
The singer, who is unwilling to return to his homeland a few months stay in the Middle Eastern country, and could not remember the images on the plates that denote male and female toilets rooms.

Therefore, women's and men's anger knew no bounds, when the American pop star accidentally went into the ladies' room. Before the arrival of police Michael had to sit surrounded by the raging mob in the nearest bookstore.

And the local media just throw on the flames, saying that by going to the bathroom, Michael Jackson did not immediately hastened to retire, and initially brought before a mirror Marafet.

6 place - "In a fashion black toilet paper."

In Portugal, the firm producing toilet paper has challenged the traditional notion about the color of this delicate product. The company said that the bedding colors - it's yesterday. True connoisseurs of fashion, who want to keep pace with the times, choose black.

p align = "justify"> elegant, rebellious, alternative, ekstramodny - describes the exotic color of its new product the company Renova. Unusual toilet paper so pleased with the buyers that the black coils apart, like hotcakes, just getting on the shelves.

"We did not expect that this product will be in such demand. On our website receives a huge number of orders from around the world "- says the company's brand manager Jose Manuel Pinheiro.

Black toilet paper has already appeared in French shops, and early next year - in Canada and the USA.
2,50 EUR per roll - is the price of new-fashioned hygiene items, pack of 6 rolls costs about EUR 6.

5 place - "A woman spent a month in the men's prison."

A very unusual case of a detainee by the name of Charles Aguilar took place in Argentina. In the men's prison, she spent a month. Just took her for a man.
Ms. Aguilar, who was convicted of robbery to the authorities as Manuel Martin. Even the police, searched a criminal, do not understand what this lady.

"It looks and behaves totally like a man, it was impossible to understand that this is not true," - said one of the policemen.
But the secret intrigante revealed an anonymous caller.
The medical examination confirmed that Ms. Aguilar is a lady. After that, she was sent to prison for women.
But it is strongly protesting, resisting, insisting that she and the man should remain in the men's prison.

4 place - "The Frenchwoman is now impossible to scrub the groin of the famous journalist."

Paris authorities have banned the tradition of rubbing the groin tombstone statue of Victor Noir.

He was a young journalist, a handsome and successful, famous and a favorite of women. He had a fiancee. The day before the wedding Noir fought a duel with Pierre Bonaparte, a nephew of the Emperor Napoleon. Bonaparte had killed the journalist.

He was buried at Pere Lachaise cemetery and erected a monument to him. Victor Noir was dressed in a tailcoat and pants, lying on his back, his feet lay a cylinder, a crotch noticeably heaved.
This is the beginning of his second life. The grave was one of the most popular on the Pere-Lachaise. Goes a popular belief that the young lady who wants her husband, money and children to come to the grave of a journalist, kiss his lips, he put a bunch in the cylinder and rub the groin.

Therefore, the entire statue was covered with noble patina green, except for a shining polished tubercle under the pants of a journalist. Decided to stop this disgrace of power in Paris and installed a fence around the graves, hanging everywhere warning of the prohibition of indecent rubbing parts of the gravestones. Prior to that was also enclosed the grave of James Douglas Morrison. It was considered a good omen to have sex on the grave of the singer.

3 rd place - "the first gay store opened in front of the Moscow City Duma.

Across the street from the Moscow City Duma on the street Petrovka opened its first store for gays and lesbians.
In the basement are three types of items: Panties, movies and books. Pants are very narrow, the cost of $ 1000.
In the film library are paintings, which were filmed by director-gay, pictures, dedicated homosexuals movies with beautiful actors and actresses, as well as the film "Hello, I'm your aunt, apparently for transvestites.

In the section "Books" in addition to luxury gay photos, books, in which at least occasionally flashed someone unconventional. Of course, all this literature is in any bookstore, but here it is 10% cheaper.
There are very rare editions.For example, a book with sketches of Russian gays and lesbians - from a fellow member of Catherine II Princess Vorontsov-Dashkov to the cartoon "Blue Puppy." And along with articles about Tchaikovsky and Diaghilev in the publication of a text about Przhevalsky and Miklukho-Maclay, who previously suspected of having links with the horses and the Papuans. And for the Patriots-Russophiles is a note about Sergei Yesenin.

Available as "Kamasutra for gays" and "Kama Sutra for lesbian."
The future also promises to open a cafe and cultural center.

2 nd place - "In Scotland in Christmas deployed" tent "sobering-up stations.

On Christmas Eve of excessive drinkers decided to take care in Scotland.
The country has opened up a special tent hospitals, which will be put on the feet of all not the best of British holidaymakers residents of the north.
In marching "drunk tank" will be all the conditions for medical staff - from marching to the toilets katalok and procedural tables.

To help professionals can expect not only got over alcohol, but also the victim of drunken brawls. However, serious patients will be immediately sent to hospitals for more serious treatment.

1 st place - "The man wanted to sell in the buying of aluminum shovel taken away from the janitor."

We just could not assess the sentimental story of a terrible robbery, which occurred in the northwest of the capital. The robber tried to rob the janitor Tatiana Kudryashova two aluminum shovel. The man intended to sell shovels to the buyout.

As it became known, the day when the capital went wild snowstorm, the janitor Tatiana Kudryashova the lunch hour cleared the snow from the road on the street near the house Nelidovo N18. Suddenly, a lady ran over a man, snatched from her snow-removing shovel, and then grabbed the second, which was lying nearby, and pulled away. The woman immediately rushed to the police station, which was located not far from the scene. Patrolled the precinct without pausing for a minute gone in the footsteps of the offender.

Valiant policemen were agile thief shovels. An attacker could not be drawn away, his house caught near N4 airfield street crossing Nelidovo. Together with shovels attacker was taken to the police department southern Tushino.

Dastardly thief was 39-year-old resident of Kalmykia.

This is our Top-10. If you find any news, who deserve the title of the best - you can express your opinion HERE .

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