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HI-TECH HOUSE: when the house knows what you need

November 28 2005

Moscow hosted the fourth International Exhibition HI-TECH HOUSE-2005. At the moment - it is the only exhibition where all the news demonstrates the automation of various buildings. Simply put, the exhibition, held in the arcade, is devoted to "smart house" where all things are subject to one or more consoles. For example, while you're traveling, using gadgets, you can see what's happening in your own home - the information goes to the screen of a mobile phone or laptop. But, it's only a tiny fraction of what can be accomplished through technology "smart home".

What is it from the perspective of professionals working in this market and what is its main difference from an ordinary house?

"In Russia, the term appeared seven years ago, - says Dmitry Vostrichkin, director of automation of TRIA COMM. - At the same time in our country began to build the first houses using intelligent systems. However, seven years ago, a truly perfect house was not yet even in the United States. " As noted Vostrichkin, a "smart home" - is, above all, a house filled with various engineering systems, but is equipped with a single automated control system. The essence of intelligence is not in the glands, ligaments, or interfaces, and algorithms, they make life easier for homeowners, the dispatcher. These algorithms are written by programmers based on the requirements of owners.

Another important aspect of the "smart home" - the safety and comfort of home.

"If there is a house of an ordinary lock, the security at a specified level is already assured, - says the Managing Partner of Special Systems and Solutions Igor Rumakin. - But you can also lock you open a guest staying in the kitchen or lock with sensors that detect unauthorized entry into the apartment and sends a message to your phone as well as in the service of protection and security. " Intelligent systems can provide the highest level of comfort and security, following with the given budget. "Smart home" implies the mutual integration of systems. For example, a burglar and fire sensors can operate in 2 modes: no tenants - they perform the function of protection, the owner of the house - they have detectors at the input zones.

If we talk about other benefits of the house, endowed with intelligence, it is ... savings. According to many, it is this expensive equipment helps to achieve a significant reduction in spending. According to Oleg Pavlov, CEO of Smart House, the issue of savings is relevant for office, industrial intelligent buildings, but not for private housing. The slogan of the latter is the comfort, but no savings.

However, there is the issue of building "smart homes" and the pitfalls - the unique structure, the more difficult to sell in Russia. What's good demand in the West, we can not demand. However, the existence of systems of "smart house" makes it possible to reconfigure them under a new owner, and the sale of this significantly increases the liquidity of housing.

Yes, all is well ... house-fortress, which is always warm and cozy, the dream of many, but what if this whole stuffed with electronics bunker to take, and disconnect (hello Chubais) .... Accustomed to the fact that its nowhere "flies do not bite" dweller, will simply be completely helpless, defenseless, terrified panic ....

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Maria Pavlikova

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