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Ancient Buddha statue, the legendary warrior-hůrka and all exotic Nepal in Moscow

September 28 2005

In Moscow, no-frills and fuss was a curious event, titled Cultural Week "of Buddhism of Nepal in Russia." The exhibition, timed to the 2550 th birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni, was organized under the patronage of the Embassy of Nepal.

Anyone could come to the embassy from 19 to 25 September and is totally free to see the exhibit, immersed in the cultural space of distant Nepal. Amazing in its richness exhibition located just three small rooms. Here you can see the work of photographers, religious paraphernalia - sculpture and tanks - Buddhist icons, to witness the Buddhist service and show the mysteries.

In one of the rooms, specially invited from Buryatia monks built a mandala (graphical representation of the palace of an enlightened deities, tantric exercises, which transmits its essence in the language of symbols that are understandable to contemporaries of the Buddha. It can read, study both the text and remember to subsequent reproduction in meditation). Especially valuable is the ability to communicate with embassy officials and Buddhist Lamas, express carriers are still obscure to many of our compatriots traditions.

I was lucky, my companion was a representative of the diplomatic missions of Nepal, friendly, erudite and charming gentleman Ulak Dhruba Das. He willingly answered my questions:

- Please tell us what the purpose of the Week?
As it name implies, the cultural week "Buddhism of Nepal in Russia dedicated to the 2550 th birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni. This is one of the events, conceived by us in connection with this event.

Also draw your attention to the fact that in Nepal on a dedicated area is under construction Buddhist stupas - places of worship. Will be erected on a mortar from each country in which to practice this religion. We would like to see there was a stupa as a symbol of Russia to strengthen links between Nepalese and Russian Buddhists .

The exhibition of our guests can get acquainted with the already built structures in the framework of the cultural program. Moreover, here you can see pictures of Buddhist temples and statues of Kalmykia, Tuva and Buryatia.

By the way, in preparation for the cultural week, found out the amazing details of our shared history. The fact is that during the life of Buddha was created by his four sculptural image. In VII century the great Nepalese princess Bhrikuti intended to marry the Tibetan king Srontszen Gampo brought with her to the Land of Snows one of these sculptures. Imagine our surprise when we learned that the now legendary statue of the Buddha Sandalwood is located in Buryatia in Igituyskom datsan - Buddhist University.

- Despite the fact that Nepal is a small country, it is the world-famous for its culture ...
- This is easy to see, having carefully studied the exhibition. Indeed, our culture - this is our wealth. She was in demand and outside of Nepal. Case in point - the architecture. Well-known pagodas, usually associated with China. In fact, in the VII century, one of our architects at the request of the Chinese emperor built a beautiful building in China, after a similar architectural style became widespread in the Far East.

Do we say tanks, Buddhist icons that adorn the walls now. Here are pictures of different ages, but look, they are all created by hand. Usually the tank is made of three to four months, according to certain rules. Each of them conveys a certain story from the life of Buddha. It is very difficult and delicate work. The art of creating the tanks are not secular, it is passed from master to master.

Although, unfortunately, now in Nepal often tanks made handicraft, bypassing tradition. Usually buy them inexperienced in matters of Buddhist tourists to the memory of Nepal. But they do not comply with the canon, so be careful.

- It seems that Nepal is very popular among tourists.

- Indeed, tourists come to Nepal is very much true, to our regret, among them not so often see visitors from Russia. We hope that the commemorative event, which we will, will overcome some of the stereotypes, for instance, that Buddhism only exists in Tibet.

- What do you think distinguishes Buddhism from other religions?
- In short, in Buddhism there is no tendency towards expansion. People who accept this belief in advance know that will not get from her or any benefits, except for spiritual peace.

- I think many of our readers will be interested to hear firsthand about the famous warrior-Gurke, on whose courage compose a true legend.
- Gurka - is one of the peoples inhabiting the northern region of Nepal. Historically, they have more than one decade in the service of the British crown. Among them there brahmanisty and Buddhists. But they are really desperate and brave soldiers

- And how to combine Buddhism with ruthlessness toward enemies?
- In Korea and Japan were also warriors, followers of Buddhism. Recall the same samurai. The Second World War knew a lot of cases where hůrka joined the melee and using his famous knives - kukri, emerged victorious from the terrible battles. Often, a militant form Gurkov paid opponents to flight.

But by nature hůrka very respectable and friendly. In civilian life, their well-known cruelty no trace remains. They have never cheated and betrayed. Maybe that's why they so appreciated by the British. By the way, not everyone is happy with this situation. Indeed, although the British and Hurka pay money for a service, but also sent them into the crucible of war in the first place.

- Tell me, what modern Nepal?
- Economic structure of Nepal is different from developed countries. Each resident has his own house and plot of land, but not everyone has central heating and water supply. Therefore, each person is essentially autonomous. But in this there is a plus if the global economy crisis happens, then it will affect us not so much because we do not depend so much on other countries, such as those States which have entered the era of globalism.

- And how lives of Nepalese youth? How it influenced Western culture?
- Given the uniqueness of our lives, young people in Nepal a lot of work. Leisure time for boys and girls are not so much. Urban youth, of course, more at ease. Of course, a lot we can borrow from the West, but does it make sense, because our culture is self-sufficient and is deeply rooted in history.

- Thank you for your interesting story.

But this is my introduction to Nepal was finished.My dear companion was kind enough to show his collection of objects of Nepalese art. The spectacle of rare, will not see any shops selling exotic, or even in the Oriental Museum. Our readers also have the rare opportunity to enjoy the miniature sculpture of Nepal. See our photos from the exhibition.

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