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Exaltation of the Cross - the feast of Orthodoxy

September 27 2005

Today the Orthodox Church celebrates the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Gospodnya.Prazdnik installed to commemorate Queen Elena gained in the IV century the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. This festival takes place in memory acquisition of Orthodox shrines - the Precious and Life-giving Tree of the Cross. In the VII century, the day began to connect the memory of the return of the True Cross from Persia, the Greek Emperor Heraclius (629).

The patriarch, to enable all those present at the celebration to see the shrine, raising the Cross, giving it to all corners of the earth, saying: "Lord, have mercy!".

Like many hundreds of years ago, on the eve of the feast of the Holy Church, Primate of the Russian made a Vigil and rank Exaltation of the Cross in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. At the end of Vigil congratulated Patriarch Alexy praying with one of the great feasts of the Orthodox Church.

After the crucifixion happened, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension, St.. Cross, who served as an instrument of punishment, has been lost, and after the destruction of Jerusalem by Roman troops in 1970, places connected with the life of Jesus Christ and have been completely forgotten, some of them even have built pagan temples.

However, during the reign of St.. Equal-Emperor Constantine the Great, his mother St. Equal of the Apostles Helena went to Jerusalem to find the places associated with the events of Christ's earthly life, as well as St. Crest, a phenomenon which has become a dream for St.. Constantine sign of victory over the enemy.

There are three main versions of acquiring St. Cross.

The first version (the oldest).

Honest Cross was under the pagan sanctuary of Venus. When the sanctuary was destroyed, were found three crosses, as well as a plate with the Cross of the Savior, and nails with which He was nailed to the gun penalty. In order to know which of the crosses and there is one on which was crucified the Lord Bishop of Jerusalem, Macarius suggested to make alternating each of the crosses to a seriously ill woman. After touching one of the crosses, the woman was healed. Thus, it was, and shall find on display the Holy Cross of the Lord.

The second version.

The cross was found Protonikoy, the wife of the emperor. Claudius II (269-270), and then tucked away and once again found in the IV.

Version Three.

St. Helena was trying to find the seat of the Cross in Jerusalem's Jews and, eventually, one elderly Jew named Judas, who did not want to talk at first, but after the torture have a place - the temple of Venus. St. Helena ordered to destroy the temple and excavate the site. There were found three crosses; reveal the Cross of Christ has helped miracle - the Resurrection through touch to the True Tree of the dead, which pass by. Of Judas says that he later became a Christian named Cyriacus and became bishop of Jerusalem.

The exact date of acquiring the Precious Cross, Unknown, apparently, it took place at 325 or 326,

After the events of gaining the Venerable Cross in Jerusalem very soon the custom every year to commemorate this event, as well as in memory of the consecration ("update") of Jerusalem Church of the Resurrection (Holy Sepulchre) to make the rank of the Holy Cross.

s rank in the ancient books describe briefly: The patriarch, standing at the ambo (representing the pinnacle in the middle of the church, which led to the two sides level), offering up the cross, holding it in his hands, and the people proclaim: Lord have mercy, this was repeated thrice. The image of the saint, standing in the pulpit and elevating the Cross has become the traditional iconography of the holiday Krestovozdvizheniya.

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