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Exhibition design Hype - a sense of momentum or ruined kreatiff?

July 27 2005

Gallery for HYPE see here

For the first time in Moscow is the world-famous exhibition design Hype. Hype Gallery is open from 1 to 29 July in the heart of the design ARTPLAY, which is considered the most ambitious center for architectural planning and design in the capital.

Hype is interesting and diverse work of young designers, many of which exhibit their work for the first time.

HYPE - an international art movement, which assigns the task to provide an opportunity for young talents to show their works to the public. Participant of the exhibition is open to any writer who considers himself an artist , designer, photographer , filmmaker. Hype exposes the work as professional designers and those who are just trying their hand at a given field.

Despite the fact that the exhibition has been held for the fourth week, visitors are not becoming fewer. Many come to the exhibition several times, and there's nothing surprising - the work so much that they update every two days. I myself have visited the exhibition three times. At the moment, have been shown 1,500 artworks in the gallery and more ARTPLAY 8000 on the site. First Galleries HYPE held in London and in Paris in 2004. Third show of young talent is held simultaneously in Moscow and Singapore.

As it is now remembered by the organizers, the opening of the gallery walls were empty, but the art space is rapidly filled with exhibits. Works sent to the gallery, printed on large format printers and placed in the halls. After the exhibition designers get their work measuring twenty meters eighty centimeters gift. In addition to photographs , collages on Hype presents directorial debut. In a special kinobunkere gallery can watch movies and cartoons.

As reported by the organizers of the exhibition, its main idea - total freedom creative expression , no restrictions on statistics and topics of work, except to the propaganda of violence and themes that are contrary to the moral values of society. All exhibitors receive the opportunity to join the professional international community and to engage in a lot of professional contacts. ARTPLAY stands for creative freedom and discovery of new names. The motto of the picture Hype - show people his talent. Galleries should not be usurped by just celebrities!

A brief history of art - a movement Hype:
Hype first appeared in autumn 2003 in London, when the company HP (Hewlett-Packard) decided to create a new custom design, its goal is to help beginners to professional artists, designers and animators to fulfill your potential and make their work available to the public.

On the streets here and there began to appear strange word Hype, written on the walls and on the asphalt. Then the clubs of London were filled with stylish postcards of young authors. Simultaneously, in art - theaters have to turn short films of various styles, from animation to documentary films under the name Hype. November 2003, earned an art site dvideniya. Hype London gallery opened in the Truman Brewery and Brick Lane on Jan. 22, 2004. The success was phenomenal, more than 1,200 artists have offered their work for the project. Empty gallery walls Brick Lane is very quickly filled. Organizers of the show always had to update the exhibition of works, and the number of visitors exceeded 9,000 people. In the first three months of the site was visited by 4.5 million people from more than 140 countries.

In November 2004 the exhibition opened Hype on French soil - in Paris, a prestigious gallery Palais de Tokyo, where it was about 3000 works. The exhibition was visited by 32,000 visitors. New Hype, after Moscow and Singapore are expected in November in Milan. At the exhibition I was able to communicate with different people designers, art lovers, artists, photographers, PR managers, employees of the exhibition. That's what about the picture Hype and the whole design as a whole think visitors to the exhibition.

The basic concept of the exhibition is that it gives young designers?
Michael, 22, an employee of the exhibition: The exhibition takes place every year in different cities and countries. At this time we have in Moscow. She goes for a month, during which time it is impossible to evaluate and set all of the designers are too many. But for everyone it is possible to exhibit their work, whether professional or amateur. Leave your contact information to the designer able to contact those who are interested in his work. Some creative people find jobs through the exhibition. Visitors often ask them to print out some work and get acquainted with its author. "

As designers become aware of this exhibition?
Cyril, 26, designer: "Information about the exhibition is given on the websites and forums. Most of the visitors and sponsors will learn about the show from friends and acquaintances, his creative coterie.
For people who do this professionally master classes. Classes are taught by experienced designers with experience. "

Maxim, 22, photographer: "It's very simple - I phoned a friend and asked:" Are you exhibiting at the show? "I said, where it goes. The next day brought his work. At the end of the exhibition will return to me my work, printed on large format printer twenty yards eighty centimeters. A great piece of wallpaper will turn out. And the photos on the memory remains - I am against the background of their work. In general, the more I have of the show and do not wait. "

Where can I get a degree in design?
Alex, 29, designer: "In our country design, as such, are not taught. Yes, there are certain school of design. There are some Russian monsters are, shall we say, for the most part overgrown gentlemen who have achieved success and now knows what a Russian design. There are certain well-known names. For example, Artemy Lebedev. Generally, a person Lebedev sufficiently ambiguous, and therefore rely on Lebedev's not worth it. There Dyakonov, Serov. Education in Russia, hypothetically exist. Abroad a good training school, there is a certain method of teaching, which is so lacking in Russia.

In my opinion, if before the man is a matter of choice to study in Russia or abroad. It is probably still better than abroad. While on the other hand, it resonates with another question, where work as a designer, in Russia or abroad? Abroad, a completely different approach to work, others money, there is no such trade as we have. I would have called them totally bazaar. Therefore, there is certainly more interesting, and the artist shows his creativity. It also gives the order, by and large a series of primitivism. "

What exactly does this show?Especially when it comes to young designers, who for the first time to exhibit their work?

Constantine, 24, designer: "The ideology of the exhibition I personally like very much. Man is given an opportunity somewhere somehow appear. Moreover, to appear as the designer, not as a worker in this field. Express themselves, express their worldview. As I understand it, the purpose of this exhibition was that the designer has declared itself. We must also take into account the fact that the organizers of the exhibition takes all the costs. Take into account the fact that this is an exhibition not a competition is not an attempt to raise someone, there is no PR in relation to the designer. I am glad such an event, and frankly, as far as I know, these precedents were not so many in our country that people have made it possible, in fact, hundreds of Moscow and Russian designers to simply place their work. "

What's new offer master - classes? Was there something entertaining?
Oleg, 25, designer: "The first classes held Pro-Type. At first it was a full PR campaign Pro-Type. Then he really told something interesting. Anyway, to get the information you gave, you need three months purposefully surf the Internet. "

What relation to the works of other designers?
Artem, 27, designer: "What are some ideas I was impressed, you can take them as a basis. Come across a very interesting authors. For many of the works can be seen that the author has just started work and many do not know how. Somewhere there is a good technique, but the idea is vaguely guessed or unsuccessful track. "

How to start a job in design?
Ivan, 33, 3D designer: "Since my childhood I was good at drawing. Then the army drew tattoos. And do not laugh. Many Russian designers have started with a tattoo, it's also an art of expression. And to be a good master, one must not only draw well, but feel the composition and perspective. In general, I am self-taught. "

As for the first time to find a job in design?
Paul, 21, designer: "Oh, just all came out. Posted their resumes on the Internet, wrote that know Photoshop. Worked and studied on the spot, then I do one designer to the whole company was, and there was nobody to help. Now, working in a team, I can say that learned a lot and I know now, probably 7 times more. The main feeling of the moment idea, desire, and the program can study at home. "

You can explore the gallery here

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