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Americans peresyadut on unhurried airships

February 27 2006

Zeppelins - the new craze of Americans trying to re-create something very expensive and comfortable. In this case, the final product will be the most versatile. It is suitable for both military and civilian targets.

Construction of the airship has spurred the U.S. military, has declared a few years ago about his next project the future - to create a radically new aircraft. The result was a project called "Walrus" (Walrus), in which by 2010 will be the first sample of the so-called aeroskrafta.

According to the developers, is a hybrid of conventional helicopters and an airship, absorbed the latest technical developments and achievements .

"This is not a dirigible, not a balloon, this new vehicle - the representative of Worldwide Aeros Corp, one of the companies working to create aeroskrafta. - Today, we know the three types of aircraft - airplanes, helicopters and airships. Aeroskraft, he said, will be the fourth in this list.

Suffice it to say that the appropriate development, in addition to Worldwide Aeros Corporation, is another well-known American company - Lockheed Martin - one of the largest defense corporations in the world.

In this case, planned to establish a military version of the vehicle aeroskrafta , which goes into service of the American army, and a kind of air cruise liner.

According to the specialists the new aircraft will be hit by its size - 200 feet in length, more than 70 meters in length and 50 meters in height. It's about two football fields. For comparison: the length of the world's largest passenger aircraft A-380 Airbus Company does not exceed 75 meters.

On board aeroskrafta will carry up to 400 tons of cargo (for comparison, the U.S. Air Force transport plane C-130 Hercules can carry up to 30 tons). And this is not the limit. In the future, the weight of cargo expected to increase to 1000 tons.

For this purpose, a new standard aeroskraft pumped nearly 400,000 cubic meters of helium. Thus offset about two-thirds of the weight machines. Further resolved by the aerodynamic shape of the hull and six turboprop engines.

Director Aeros Corporation - a native of Russia - was engaged in the design of balloons and airships in the Soviet era. However, in the 90's he emigrated to the United States, where he continued his labor of love.

Since the Pentagon is currently experiencing a known problem with the financing, we can assume that the civil series aeroskraftov appear much earlier than the military.

It is known that an experimental model of a cruise ship is already under development and will be able to take off early next year.

It is assumed that on board aeroskrafta can fit 250 passengers. The speed of the vessel will not exceed 280 kilometers per hour. As compensation for the relatively low rate of passengers are offered a variety of amenities: a restaurant, a casino, a swimming pool. Review on the deck you can admire the views of the Earth will be a two-kilometer altitude.

For the record
In the 30 years of last century was considered the top of the airship design thought. At that time it was the largest aircraft, and was considered the most reliable and secure.
However, in 1937 after a transatlantic flight at the airfield near New York crashed giant airship "Hindenburg". About a hundred passengers and crew were killed. After this incident, interest in airships for long waned.

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