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To subdue the velocity of sound has been used a simple trick

December 26 2009

December 26, 1919 People's Commissars issued a decree on the eradication of illiteracy in the USSR - began the famous "literacy campaign." Under this agreement, the entire population of Soviet Russia at the age of 8 to 50 years, did not know how to read or write, must learn to read and write at home or in Russian (optional).

In 1920, the Council of People's Commissars issued a decree on the establishment of the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for the eradication of illiteracy (literacy campaign Cheka), decisions which are binding. It is formed to carry out adopted in 1919 a decree on the eradication of illiteracy in 1920-1930 and will guide the education of illiterates and semi-literate.

Knew well the affairs of the commission personally Commissar of Education, Anatoly Lunacharsky. The result of such measures was that of the early 40's illiteracy in most regions of the USSR was over.

December 26, 1948 at the test center in Saki (Crimea) 32-year-old Soviet test pilot Capt. Oleg Sokolov on the experimental front-line fighter La-176 for the first time in the world exceeded the speed of sound. Design of the aircraft - Semyon Lavochkin, as well as other Soviet and foreign air Engineers realized that the Air Force needs a fundamentally new planes. Posed the strategic objective - the creation of aircraft that would move with the speed of sound and exceeds it.

In 1946 and 1947 Lavochkin builds and tests aircraft with turbojet engines. The La-150F with uprated engines RD-10F receives the speed of 950 km / h, more could not squeeze. The answer suggests the chief aerodynamicist KB Nahum Kheifets - swept wing.

Each day of testing brought new strokes in the behavior of a new wing at high speeds. In one of the flight test pilot Colonel Fedorov has reached the result of German Me262 - 1050 km / h (M = 0.92), first in the Soviet Union blocked the "thousandth mark. However, a further increase in speed came the jolting. It was a wall on the way a fighter to the speed of sound. Was a tough fight people and nature - worth close to the speed of sound as the air twisted metal where once flowed around him. He has thickened to a density of water jets, where he first resisted.

Summer of 1948 Lavochkin met by test pilot front-line soldiers, Colonel Ivan Fyodorov and captain Oleh Sokolovsky. Designer was frank: we do not know how to behave in a new experimental La-176, each flight may be the last. Spoke about the disaster in some countries approaching the sound barrier. There was a pause. Then the youngest of those present - Oleh Sokolovsky said: "Why talk about death, you should try, Simon A.! Terribly interested in riding at supersonic speed! "

The first experimental La-176 raised the test pilot Colonel Fedorov, who by that time the hero of the Soviet Union. He is day to day persistently increased its speed, but did not submit supersonic. Lavochkin Design Bureau and its experts believed that the cause is the lack of engine power. Lavochkin decides to fly with clamp, giving the car is not horizontal, but with the decline, adding to the weight of the aircraft engine. The first such flights had Ivan Fyodorov and broke the sound barrier. However, experts do not believe the testimony of inertial instruments.

akonets, December 26, 1948, 32, a Soviet test pilot Capt. Oleg Sokolov on the experimental front-line fighter La-176 in a test center in Saki (Crimea region) for the first time in the world exceeded the speed of sound, on the decline (in a gentle dive) from 10000 to 6000 meters at an altitude of 7000 meters reached a speed of 1,105.00 km / h (M = 1.021). This rate was fixed by special supersonic tube and no longer questioned.

December 26, 1935 was made a unique football record. The amount of goals in the match of English League clubs, "Trenmer Rover" and "Oldham Athletic totaled 17 points - as the match ended with the score 13:4.

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