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What you should know about avian flu? Responsible for 5 key issues

October 26 2005

During the last week all the media only say about avian influenza. In the television news show a map of the world marked the countries where the birds have already registered with the virus. Neither in Europe nor in our country there is not a single case of bird flu person. In the four countries in Asia of avian influenza infected 117 people, 60 of them died.

Chief sanitary doctor, Gennady Onishchenko, Russia demonstratively eating chicken in front of television cameras. Representatives of the European community gather for an emergency meeting and discussing tactics to combat avian influenza and to assure citizens that will prevent an epidemic. But this does not help: in the world, including in our country has fallen dramatically the demand for chicken and chicken products. What to know us, ordinary citizens about bird flu? What is to be feared and what is not? Respond to the 5 most frequently asked questions about avian flu virus.

What is this virus?

Infection caused by influenza virus type A strain H5N1. Can affect all types of birds are particularly vulnerable to contagion domestic chickens, ducks and turkeys. The virus, called more "Spanish flu" was caused by the influenza virus as type A, but with a different strain - H1N1. American scientists have put forward the version of the occurrence of "Spanish flu" during the mutation of human and avian viruses. But this is only a guess.

How is?

So far, all cases of human infection in Asia have been caused by human contact with raw poultry. Air-borne virus is not transmitted.

What caused such a panic?

Doctors fear that the virus mutates. This is especially true now that roam, and avian and human influenza. If the virus bird gets into the body, picking up an "ordinary" flu germs "mixed up", and it is fraught with the appearance of mutant virus to be easily transmitted from chickens to humans.

How to be saved?

In the carcasses of dead birds, the virus can live up to, and does not die when frozen. But definitely die during heat treatment - approximately 80 degrees. Physicians are advised to simmer or boil thoroughly chicken for about an hour. When frying meat is likely that the virus will remain. After cutting the meat to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Should I be vaccinated?

Virologists, despite all the debate, advise vaccination against 'ordinary' flu still do. According to forecasts, the first wave of human influenza engulf us in late November - early December. Vaccination will guarantee that your body does not happen mutation of viruses, as discussed above.

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