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Resort and romantic ASTROPROGNOZ Vacation

May 26 2011

Resort and romantic astro-forecast for the holiday. 16655.jpeg Inveterate adventurers Aries rush in love pool, headlong, and caring little about the consequences. Aries around women, is not alien to the excitement and adventurous, break out the rivalry. They are not averse to its heat - they like being around a lot of ready-to all the fans.

Aries is worth, whether male or female, half an hour to play on the beach volleyball, as it will certainly fall in love with the whole team and most of the audience. And a couple of admirers insist on "the continuation of the banquet." And chances are that year acquaintance turn into true love or at least a strong friendship. The main time to choose.

Mistress Taurus does not believe in a holiday romance and ignore the pesky Cavaliers. But they are open to communication, and so are attracted to men who are not looking too light flirting. During your holiday romance can not tie, but it is possible that a beach dating lead to a relationship after the holidays.

A Taurus male is not against love stories, but without the commitments and extensions. After all, a new love can break into the whirlwind life and sweep all that is familiar and debugged - and fears of Taurus.

Twins during the holidays need only a flirtation. They do not want to complicate the carefree pastime love drama. But escape from attention difficult - twins of both sexes are attractive and stand out guests. Yes, they flirt and even unwittingly, and sometimes can not repel uninteresting admirer. However, they ably led by the nose, flit among many fans. And, enjoy success, go home, happily forgetting the recent acquaintances.

Female Cancers, go on vacation with the explicit matrimonial aspirations and to virtually everyone he met mentally trying on a wedding ring. They can seriously fall in love and try to bind her lover to her. Therefore, light-hearted representatives of the stronger sex face the risk of excessive affectionate female Rakov. Male crabs can easily fall in love with himself, but leaving the resort does not plan to continue communications.

Lions resting a lot of fans. Over the lionesses are usually crowds of men, seeking her royal position. Relaxed atmosphere holiday reveals aristocratic manners of Leo, in all their splendor. He is generous, beautiful and sounds like a handsome prince, who during a vacation to meet every woman dreams of. While Lions are very sincere in their affections summer.

But Virgin is rarely an affair on holidays. Natural caution and even disgust does not allow them to behave frivolously. But love to socialize with people, and it is possible that among the interlocutors and the applicant will be at the heart of the Virgin. But even for himself, a virgin will be a long straight. Perhaps, after weighing all the pros and cons, she (or he) and resolved on a romantic relationship. And then attack it will be bright and always victorious. However, on reflection could take the entire vacation.

Resort atmosphere acts on the weight, so that barely stepped off the plane, they start to search for the object of tender feelings. And quickly found - Attractive Balance of the day or not go unheeded. They write the story of his holiday by all the rules of the genre: a beautiful courtship, walk under the moon. Summer familiar scales are not forgotten. Even if the relationship does not extend a piece of their heart will forever remain with them.

p align = "justify"> Leisure Scorpion afire. A woman of this sign is full of enthusiasts who are ready for them to desperation. Some they immediately hit back, but with some continuing relationship after the vacation. However, the resort acquaintance will remain secret and play more "optional" part. At the slightest threat to their habitual way of life, Scorpio is no doubt disrupt the relationship.

Merry Archers behave on holiday in Hussar, writing at his own expense a lot of victories. They skillfully caring, charm and ... safely change the attachment. Sagittarius woman rarely enjoys a truly, to an affair prompts her irrepressible character. But we must pay tribute to their honesty - they have no one lured into their net empty promises. However, with their summer lovers they long and loyal friendship.

Capricorns do not like surprises - neither good nor bad, so the holiday romance can happen only if it is scheduled. Capricorn appreciates affection and certainly if met, the plan is not just any non-binding flirt. But if the love story is not in his plans, the surrounding can not bother himself with the hope - Capricorn withstand an attack of fans and admirers and will remain non-criminal.

Witty Aquarians visible in the company, are easy to lift and are ready to take part in any adventure, including love. Man Aquarius zamorochit head of any romantic person, but she should not count on a happy future together. Aquarians usually disappear as suddenly as they came. The resort attracts love them only in small doses. But if during the holidays Aquarius will meet on this extraordinary personality, he will insist on the continuation of dating.

Pisces adore summer romantic adventure in all their diversity. Flirting, passionate affair, a few fans at once, or only a long-awaited choice for life - all this usually happens with the fish at play. Champions in secret affections, fish support emerged in the summer of communication and not burdened by them. However, as the notices Voyage Activities, beach friends male Pisces is to look after the continuation of the novel, or their beloved uplyvet in an unknown direction, leaving no address, no telephone.


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