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Russian "Area 51"

December 25 2005

A quarter century ago in the village pond Sala fallen meteorite, which is trying to find a UFO researcher.

In the U.S. there is a secret test site, called "Area 51". In this area, constantly monitor unusual objects, which are called UFOs. The military did not hide the fact that at this point tested the latest models of aircraft ...

June evening in 1980 remembered the villagers Sala (Sverdlovsk region) for a lifetime. They are still remembered with nothing comparable to the whistle that tore the sky and forced the pick up head. Above them flew a large dark object, which crashed into one of the smaller ponds in the town center. The object, obviously, was very hot - water began to boil the entire floodplain backwaters, near shore and the hillside covered with thick fog, very humid, warm and heavy. Half an hour later, when the fog lifted, shalintsy surprised to find a strange rusty film floating on the water surface. Soon she too was gone ...

Study this phenomenon a few years engaged in local ufologist Sergey Kolmogorov. To probe the bottom of a shallow pond fork length and breadth, he found a large crater at the spot where the fallen object. The presence of unusual magnetic anomaly, which has clear contours, and confirmed the team of researchers from Moscow, visited the site in November 2003.

In Chalet started to happen, strange events.

SM Kolmogorov:

"Four years ago, the pond freezes the object of unusual shape. It was a strange design, a tall, cylindrical shape and is very big. Having estimated the distance to it, and decided that it was across several tens of meters. Drained silver-matte color. From the bottom to the surface of the pond came straight shaft of blinding bright light that is not dissipated. On the circle was located five go six movable searchlights that "rummaged" on the ground and the surface of the pond. "They" obviously looking for something. "

Such stories in the bank every ufologist hundreds, it is virtually impossible to check them, if any one thing. Over the last five years near the village of Sala in the video had been filmed three times as unidentified flying objects. First encounter with a UFO on 26 June 1999. Three kid accidentally managed to catch the shot "flying saucer" classic form. The object is rapidly swept over the forest and disappeared into the sky.

Analysis of the film was held in Yekaterinburg in the first film studio "Pro" by director Basil Goloshchapov, as a consequence of the Japanese film documentalists with TV «TNT» (Tokyo). Unequivocal conclusion - not a fake. To analyze the video attracted Yekaterinburg specialists in computer graphics that pushed its verdict - to create an animation, you need a very expensive installation equipment and the highest professional training, professional actors, and exclusive sound effects. Even the sum named - "We would take up such work not less than $ 10000!

Three years later, June 3, 2002 the same operator - Vladislav Lukanin - again encountered a UFO. Gorgeous two-minute video "black ball" made from a distance of less than two hundred meters, puzzled many researchers and experts. Particularly striking unusual movement of the object that seemed to reel in magnetic fields of the earth, making abrupt maneuvers, contrary to the laws of inertia. The possibility of forgery tested in various ways until the launch on a thin fishing line meter rubber ball filled with helium. To this end, the location site traveled specially assembled team of experts, which got the author of this article.Came the Japanese with «TNT», which released rolling in fall 2002 documentary on the anomalies of the Urals, which had great success in Tokyo.

In October, 2002 - the third shot on professional digital camera. Disc-shaped object hanging over the edge of the forest, swaying gently up and down, jump-start and promptly flies away ....

In addition to video Chalet has been done about a dozen photos of abnormal objects of various shapes and sizes. Provided by the authors of the negatives are currently undergoing examination.

In summer 2003, the village once again visited the "flying saucer". At this time, hand eye-witness was just the camera. Their shape object to a tee repeated UFO filmed on video in June 1999!

Observed in these places and the elusive Bigfoot. In May 2001, at the railway embankment spotted a strange creature of great height, covered with dark red hair. My first thought - a bear! But moving the "bear" too human. Frightened by an approaching train, jogging ran into the woods, looking over his shoulder. In the place where the creature crossed glinyasty site, investigators found traces of the huge arches of bare feet resembling a human. On broken branches, and managed to trace the path guminoida. However, it is not enough, focused study of this phenomenon no one was doing.

By the way, Kama forests store a lot of mysteries. Over the past ten years hunters have met several times more no less amazing creature - a flying man: a giant bat with a human head. But these remarkable meetings, I'll discuss in next article ....

Vladislav Lukanin thinks that he is lucky and he, like the renowned Swiss ufologists Billy Meier, faced with the manifestation of extraterrestrial intelligence. Why is it unique and why the "saucer" shows itself in the presence of Fame more than normal, he does not know. Once it becomes serious and says: "We just believe that we know about the world around it. I think we have been given to understand is that he sees fit to open the world around us ... "

Why are so interested in aliens from outer space little Urals village? Are they still trying to find the wreckage of his spaceship crashed here 24 years ago?

But there's another side of reality. Having collected all data about UFO sightings in the area of Shali, researchers have caused the trajectory flown on the map. It turned out that the unidentified objects are moving in the same "corridor", which coincides with the location of a certain secret military unit stationed near Shali.

Yes, and Shali "meteorite" recalls bad ballistic missile launches. So it's - new models of equipment or all the same "green men" who are interested in local flora and fauna? On this question we have yet to reply. In the meantime, Sala could well claim the title of "the Russian zone 51" ....

Material provided by the portal "ufologist.

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