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Chocolate - good or bad? Dispels seven myths about chocolate

October 25 2005

Disputes about the dangers and benefits of chocolate were always. Someone thinks it harmful, some beneficial. But, as the statistics, eat it about 90% of the population of Russia. Discoverers of this delicacy was the ancient Aztec. They used it to maintain power. It turns out that dark chocolate is especially useful. Read expert commentary on the most common myths in chocolate.

1. Consumption of chocolate leads to overweight
True, but only partly. Chocolate - a really high-calorie foods, but the main sources of calories - milk and glucose. Chocolate carbohydrates belong to the category of easily accessible, quickly split and just as quickly spent. Indeed, in the excessive entry into the body carbohydrates may be delayed in the form of fat, but when used in reasonable amounts can be part of a healthy balanced diet.

2. Chocolate excites
Right. Chocolate, really stimulates the cardiovascular and nervous system and has on the human body easy stimulating effect, because it contains caffeine and theobromine. Therefore it is better to give up excessive use of chocolate, especially at night.

3. Chocolate - a source of energy
True. Fats and sugar, which a lot of chocolate - the main suppliers of energy for the body. Magnesium and potassium, contained therein, are needed for normal muscle and nervous system. Carbohydrates provide an easily accessible and bystroszhigaemuyu energy, and fats found in cocoa butter, digested slowly and provide energy over a longer time. Therefore, chocolate is beneficial to children, as well as those involved in sports.

4. Chocolate a lot of caffeine
Wrong. In fact, in one chocolate bar contains the caffeine of some 30 mg. For comparison: in a cup of coffee - as much as 180 mg.

5. Chocolate is good for the heart and blood vessels
Right. Cardiologists found that contained in the cocoa bean polyphenols positively affect on the cardiovascular system. They contribute to more effective blood flow, thereby reducing the workload on the heart. There is also a view that cocoa improves the immune system. For therapeutic purposes is better to use only high-grade chocolate.

6. Chocolate is bad for your teeth, contributes to caries
It is not. Unlike other sweet treats, chocolate is the least dangerous: Cocoa prevents destruction of tooth enamel. Contained in cocoa butter, chocolate coats the teeth with a protective film and protects them from destruction. Particularly strong antibacterial properties of the shell of cocoa beans, which in the process of making chocolate is removed. Japanese researchers believe that an extract made from the shells of cocoa beans, should be added to toothpaste and mouthwash. Of course, chocolate is no substitute for brushing your teeth, but dentists believe that chocolates are less harmful than, say, candy.

7. Chocolate is addictive, akin to drug
None. Caffeine in chocolate is sufficiently small. Theobromine, which in principle can cause dependence, reminiscent of the drug, also contains so little that the real relationship can arise only from those who for some time to eat per day at least 400-500 grams of chocolate.As for cannabinoids found in chocolate - substances that resemble the action of marijuana, in order to achieve any noticeable effect should eat no less than 55 tiles.

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