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As beneficial to spend the salary. Spender is dedicated

November 24 2005

There are people who know how to save money even with a very modest salary. Imperceptibly, little by little - and that's your friend buys a new model for foreign car, not got into debt at the same time. And you can not go past one hundred and first million French handbags and hairpins and, eventually, manage to squander the entire salary for a few days. Spender! You do it very well and know just how to change?

So here are some tips for you - the axioms that will help you live within your means, do not go into debt and learn to buy what you want, even if this thing is worth twice as much of your paycheck.

1) Do not take anything extra!
If you are going to the store, look at their food stocks. Do not buy pasta, tea and canned goods, yielding to Discounts and promotions. You do not notice how much money you have spent on those products that you have stocked a month in advance. Buy only what you want to shop. If you need a new mascara, then do not buy lipstick, nail polish and a new means of removing makeup. The temptation is great, but buying the entire range of cosmetics is not worth it. Enough time in a month to please yourself with something by one. Especially because cosmetics usually enough almost half a year.

2) It is better to wear than to carry
The supermarket did not take carts for food - they immediately want to get to the top - take a portable basket.

3) small wholesale profitable
Socks, stockings and other trifles better to buy small packages. And enough for a long time, and will be cheaper.

4) "like" - not a criterion for evaluation
Do not buy things just because you like it. So pile on the shelves of dozens of pretty vases, frames, candlesticks and shkatulochek. Before you buy something, take it in your hand and imagine how she would look at home, then put it in place. So advised by psychologists. They believe that human emotion is important in its possession a beautiful thing, and home buying will quickly become useless and boring.

5) Avoid shopping with your girlfriends!
Protect themselves from the joint shopping with girlfriends, you yourself know what color, style and size you need. Those same psychologists warn that the girlfriend - the bad advisers in 80 out of 100 cases. In addition, the company committed the most unnecessary spending - works gregarious reflex.

6) Money is a dream come true
Dividing your monthly earnings into two parts: 80% - for life and 20% - a dream come true (the money put in savings account to avoid the temptation to spend it!). "Subsistence" is the money divided into several parts - the products needed purchase lunch in the office, etc.

7) puts the bar higher
Look and took it for those things that until you can not afford. Over time, your income will rise - Psychologists believe: that in your head, then in my purse.

8) head of the financial assistant
There are special accounting software that will help you to understand the spending. You install it on your computer and enter data every day on purchases (how many and what the money spent). And then get on his own "financial analyst" chart that shows what percentage of wages was put into the wind. For example, the intelligent machine will prove to you that only 25-30% of the money earned is spent on food and another 25% - for mandatory spending, while 50% goes to everything else, ie it is not clear on that.

omni, did not knowingly say "money makes money!". Today you have not bought myself too much silver ring, and tomorrow you will have enough money to afford the expensive gold jewelry, or an unforgettable journey through Europe.

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