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Nostradamus predicted this, that you and I do not snilos.Chast

October 24 2005

Oddly enough, but one of the most popular people on the spaces of the world wide web, is still Nostradamus. His name users from around the world are gaining in the search engines more often than bin Laden's request, or Madonna. What is the attraction for us living in the twenty-first century, this person? What we know about him? As far as the veracity of his "prophecies"? This is what we are talking to one of the most authoritative experts on creativity of Michel de Notre Dam in Russia - the candidate of historical sciences Alex Penza.

- You can call your predecessor in the domestic nostradamovedenii historian and specialist on Southeast Asia Berzin?

- Edward Oskarovich known that he wrote in 1975, an article about Nostradamus, where he performed an act worthy of all respect - dragged through the Soviet censor such an apologia of Nostradamus, which tried to put him on a par with Leonardo da Vinci and other Renaissance figures - the forerunners of the technical revolution . On the one hand, he said that politically Nostradamus predicted nothing, but from a technical point of view - yes. During perestroika, he has published several articles about Nostradamus in the journal Science and Life ", and then published a small book" Nostradamus and his predictions. " It was the first serious book about Nostradamus in Russian. What is negative and the obsolescence of this work? Berzin, as I understand it, French is not very well know. His work was based on only one work by Edgar Leoni (Edgar Leoni).

- French?

- No, American. The book "Nostradamus and his prophecies» (Nostradamus and His Prophecies) is in the Russian State Library (formerly the Library of them. Lenin - ed.) Than, perhaps, explains the fact that she read all interested in visionary. But this book is 1961 and it is largely outdated. There is a parallel text: on the left in French, English translation on the right.

- How did the book was translated into Russian by John Hooge.

- John Hooge - our contemporaries, who, incidentally, also often referred to Leoni. And the French, he also knows, apparently, is weak. Another thing is that Leonie was a fanatic in the best sense of the word, he reworked a lot of sources.

- What is the main problem facing those trying to understand what Nostradamus wrote, and what to do and how to live with it?

Nostradamus for over 400 years, was on the periphery of mainstream science, that is, they were not interested. His contemporaries, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and dozens of other activists of the late Renaissance, - dabbled in mysticism. Leonardo da Vinci left behind a "book of prophecy." Of Giordano Bruno I'm not saying - it is generally a magician and sorcerer. Tommaso Campanella wrote treatises on astrology. Nicolaus Copernicus, in terms of positivist science, are not clear. However, Nostradamus became a story only as the author of the prophecies: things are not rational, useless, a helicopter of them do not do that, the museum is not supplied. Therefore, if the prophecies of Leonardo da Vinci pushed the prophecies of Paracelsus, but preserved their medical heritage, cultural, engineering, etc., Nostradamus became the lot of all lovers of mystery.

And lovers of mystery, as were lovers, so they remained. They quickly took possession of them, quickly assessed the vast opportunities that are opening up before them: to put into the mouth of Nostradamus, all they want. The first attempts to use Nostradamus for political purposes, refer to the end of the XVI century.Already soon after his death on behalf of these people Nostradamus predicted something, depending on their own political bias. I have a diploma was devoted to the history of the use of Nostradamus in all sorts of nefarious purposes, ranging from the Civil War in France, including the French Revolution, Napoleon, Hitler, and in our time.

As with every poet is, he survived the fame and popularity during his lifetime, then - about 20 years - the forgotten after his death. Later this glory had returned. This is an inheritance, in general, all the poets. So it was with Pushkin, something similar happened with Vysotsky.

- Do Nostradamus is a rhyme?

- Inter do other things, as a poet, he, too, nobody was interested. It seemed strange for his time, because his style is a wire that was interrupted. Often his quatrains are like headlines. But in the last century, when the new trends in literature, it is appreciated.

Guillaume Apollinaire (Guillaume Apollinaire) - one of the greatest French poets of the 20 th century, the author of the famous "Bridge Mirabeau, one of the letters referred to Nostradamus, who - I quote verbatim -" was a great poet. " In the lips of Apollinaire it sounds very revealing. Historians and linguists have realized that the prophecies of Nostradamus, a monument to the era. As if we did not belong to him personally, to astrology, if this book has consistently been reissued more than 400 years, so this is a reason.

First attempts at scientific and critical study of the creativity of Michel Nostradamus taken a long time ago, before the French Revolution. Nostradamovedy recently unearthed a pair of anonymous articles that were published in a French literary journalistic magazine where the prophecies of Nostradamus seen in the context of the era and culture where they were created without any attempts to bind them to any future. I hope it is clear what is the difference between a scientific historical approach, when we take the text and read like it could be understood by contemporaries, and when we absolutely "pushes" an era when they were written and try to discover the names of Hitler, Franco, the mention of the communist law. Aha! This means that Nostradamus predicted communism! And completely ignore the fact that the concept of "communism" existed in his era. Communist experiments were carried out by sectarians, Anabaptists, etc. That is, were the facts that he had seen with my own eyes, he sketched them from life.

Thus, it turned out very interesting things, from a purely biographical, for example, that have brought glory to Nostradamus did not predict it, and yearly forecasts, almanacs, which resounded throughout Europe and translated into almost all European languages.

What is meant Nostradamus? History repeats itself - is the main idea, to which came not just me. A lot of foreign researchers, as if by agreement, in spite of ridicule, wrote - as a historian, academics engaged Nostradamus was not a person. In Europe, just not allowed to defend his thesis about Nostradamus. And what there to defend?

- Definition of history as a politician who is facing the past, apply to Nostradamus?

- Nostradamus mystic - is unscientific. This can write a popular book, Wild earn money by predicting the third world, the Islamic invasion, etc. Nostradamus came from what? What he predicted. Retrospectively attributed to him, declare that it was the biggest failure of all time, or at the other end ... (breakage of the film).

Such books is small, but they are.I know at least two: James Randi (James Randi) «Mask of Nostradamus» (The Mask of Nostradamus: The Prophecies of the World's Most Famous Seer), which by some strange whim has not yet been translated into Russian. Randy tends to discredit Nostradamus, accuse him of being a charlatan or that he was crazy. In the sense that Michelle did not believe in what I did. However, the whole body of texts that are left after Nostradamus said that he was not crazy. I'm also not really imagine how to fit in with the image of a crazy way cunning charlatan, because it's still not the same thing. Meanwhile, Nostradamus trust the famous "Black Queen" - Catherine Erin 'Medici, who, where you sit there and slezesh. And 60-year-old "charlatan" is somehow bewitched it so that it is closely cooperate with it. According to the description of objective witnesses, when she visited Nostradamus with the court, she treated him very well.

- Alex, why in your books there is no parallel French text quatrains? Technical problems?

- Technically it is very difficult because it has reached five editions in his lifetime, and between them there are different interpretations. It's a hell of a job. I have notes on some of the differences that the publication of such a year there is a word is worth. By the way, too, a very big problem in textual criticism of these publications. There punctuation can change meaning. At the time, punctuation, spelling was not performed, and generally, as it turned out, typing was carried out as follows: typesetter had a manuscript dictated it to another compositor.

- Given that Nostradamus came from a family of Jewish baptized, Kabbalah influence it?

- This was no proof. His genealogy traced, and if he was a Jew, most likely by half. The fact that a baptized Jew stood in a special position, because the Jews he was no longer mistaken for her. He was already an apostate. Although Nostradamus himself baptized not, it's his ancestors did, he was born a Catholic. But Christians, too, glanced at him suspiciously because he is her among strangers, a stranger among his own. And such people are kept apart, they are willing to communicate with the Protestants (not yet civil war began). Among relatives of Nostradamus were Calvinists. Was a case where Nostradamus was nearly killed during a Catholic riots, when the Christian fanatics ransacked. Nostradamus fanatics are going to come, because it considered his Lutheran.

- Nostradamus was familiar with Gnosticism and other mystical teachings, who are interested in Giordano Bruno and the other titans of the Renaissance?

- In the Cabala looking great meaning. About Nostradamus is not known whether he knew Kabbalah or not. He dabbled with magic, like all scientists of his time. It's natural philosophy of the Renaissance, when there were no concepts of science and parascience, even when astronomy was not separated from astrology. In principle, this is done only by Galileo, because even Copernicus (also a contemporary of Nostradamus) from one another completely separated.

- In the early 90's, when the Soviet Union collapsed, in post-Soviet press reported that even the great Nostradamus predicted that Sovdepiia hold out in 1973 and 7 months. Is it really so?

- At this period, Nostradamus really determined in 73 years and 7 months. This is from the Epistle to King Henry II. We are talking about the eclipse on Oct. 12, 1605, because the ephemeris Leovitsa - planetary tables used by the Nostradamus of this eclipse is written as much as half a page. 1973 and 7 months - it must be considered from 1605. Meaning, such that near this date is possible arrival of the Antichrist.And Nostradamus was not the only one who thought that during this period may come Antichrist. So wrote to Nostradamus and beyond. Campanella, for example. For which he was imprisoned? For what he believed - in the early 17 th century the kingdom of the Antichrist is coming, and he, Campanella will be very great Christian monarch who led the fight to him. Be heard and imprisoned for 25 years for such speech. God forgive me, perhaps rightly so (laughs). This relates to another era and on the degrees of latitude, which he mentions, France, Germany, is Western Europe. It is understandable, because we have no reason to believe that Nostradamus knew a lot about Russia.

- And he knew at all?

- My guess, he had several times indirectly mentions Russia.

- In this case, without naming any Muscovy or Russia?

- Do not call, although the word "Muscovy" knows. Muscovy was mentioned in the almanacs. What good his almanacs, they help to understand its language. If he uses some words not quite clear in the prophecies, we must look for them in the almanacs, or in his correspondence. It must be remembered that the French language was very different from today. For example, the verb attendre - «Wait, the French 16 th century meant" to stand on the lookout, "" hard to watch someone else "or" afraid of anyone, "observe with apprehension". In the context of the translation of the prophecy, this nuance is very important.

Thus, in the 2 nd quatrains 6 th Centuries written "will have to wait a strange age." In the correct translation - "would be wary of a terrible century." This is a nuance, but very important. Berzin incorrectly translated it, and all of its mistranslation. He asks: "Why" will have to wait? It is clear that he did so come. " In Nostradamus such nonsense. Given the peculiarities of the language, he has no virtually no anagrams, no encrypted nicknames, names. Not too fond of it with the readers unhappy to play such word games. There are simply distorted typesetters names of small towns and villages. By the way, here's a riddle, and not just for me: why Nostradamus is no mention, for example, Novgorod, Novgorod although fur in Europe are well known, Berlin, Warsaw and Cracow, then the capital of Poland ....


Continuation of the conversation is available here.

Maria Pavlikova

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