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If you come breakfast

October 24 2005

Year after year my life has changed, but my lunches are the same. Everything is the same as five years ago, I order unsavory business lunch at a discount in the cafe, eat in the student cafeteria, chew on the go any Big Mac or settle for instant noodles pod.

Dinners are unchanged. But changing breakfast. And together with them (which, on second thought, naturally) and dinner.

... And for dinner - my mother's meatballs

Wake up, toss, pull the blanket up to his nose. Kid's view on wall clocks, lighted lantern looked out the window: at a quarter to seven. Through the brick and cement walls of the two - a deaf alarm clock, the creaking of the bed, click the switch. Bundle up, time to catch the last minutes of sleep.

The door opens, soft steps, a kiss on the cheek.
- Natusya, get up! At the Institute late.

Blinking, enter into our on-Khrushchev minimalist kitchen. And there is already noisy kettle, a frying pan sizzling and fragrant delicate white and yellow and creamy scrambled eggs with tomatoes on the table - biscuits and in the evening there were two in the bowl of candy.
Mom at the stove, she poured a cup of Turkish his constant strong coffee, as well as hundreds of other mornings, asks:
- Do you want some coffee?
- I'd better tea, ma.
- And rightly so.

Sleepily Kolupaev omelet with a fork, swallow tea, looking at her mother. Mom drinks coffee and looks at me. Outside the window is dark. Want to back to bed. Talking about new teachers and coursework.

Mom smiles, mother sighs. Ends with a song on the radio and the news begins.
- Damn, eight! The train was late!

Since it is not clear from the undertaken energy and speed flying around the apartment, get dressed, throw in a bag of notebooks and books.
- Natus, I told you a couple of sandwiches wrapped, do not forget!

Running down the stairs, departing from the entrance, a second look up. Mom out of the window waving his hand, nods, knocks on the glass: Put on your hat! Masha, in response, pull on a hat, running, stretching before the storm train. Frost nipping his nose and cheeks. Warm inside mom's omelet and the idea that through captured sandwiches at lunch, you can save. In favor of the new disc "AuktYon.

... And for dinner - cocktail in the club

Morning sun. On my mobile phone ringing alarm clock. The most vile tune of those that I could find. Without opening his eyes, trying to find the phone on the floor, an awkward movement drove him under the bed. Impossible to wake up. Impossible. I went to just four hours ago. Read a pancake. Well, I could not sleep at night?
Alarm silence. Ten minutes later it starts to ring again, so you need to catch a little bit more sleep.

I wake up an hour from the fact that beneath the refuse collection vehicle with a hellish roar turn their containers. Ten! Of course, slept.

In sneakers, naked (still in living alone in mass plus!) - In the bathroom. Dark (light died four days ago) trying to squeeze the brush even a drop of skukozhennogo tube (toothpaste ended two days ago). Tap water is barely flowing, in the pelvis third day kisnet sweater. But yesterday I washed a towel, and it has already dried on the radiator, cheers.

We ought to eat something. One hand buttoning jeans, another open refrigerator. Smell the cheese, throw in a bucket. I opened the yogurt, try, throw in a bucket. Oh, I have remained the same bank with a salad that my mother lectured me a couple months ago! Just how open it?

Bachinsky and Stillavin neighing of the radio.

Rolling in a tea cup, pour boiling water. Swearing, looking opener.No openers, but found two batteries (handy), long considered lost bank cocoa (useful for you?) And a box of chocolates, which reads "Happy New Year!".

I swear to myself: tonight no clubs and parties, after work - to shop for food (do not forget about the light bulb!), And sleep no later than midnight. Rodents sweets, washed down with tea ostyvshim, spit in the sink tea leaves. And what a good breakfast. Got worse.
On the way to buy an apple (there are some still want to) and the new number's favorite magazine. Need to look that over the concerts tonight.

... And for dinner - pizza by candlelight

As usual, our phones start ringing at the same time, my - podvizgivaya, it - the food. Two nasty tunes create a combination, from which it is impossible not to wake up. Schuryus, sip, hug, kiss, get a kiss in return.
- Come on you today to make breakfast? And I do - in the shower.

Woke up a bit in the shower, go out to the kitchen. Dear friend in bathrobes cut boiled potatoes, which we have not eaten all day before. Evening was a hot potato and wildly delicious, now it is cold and tasty none the less. Vyus around stealing pieces from the board.
He throws the potatoes in a pan, add sliced sausage game, gets out of the freezer shrimp.

- Nice, but what then shrimp? Maybe they should not be, eh?
- Do not bother me, now I'm cooking - he replies, generously pouring are formed something with soy sauce.

Tea. According to the "Echo of Moscow" talk about the latest news, exchange rates and weather. Miracle dish meanwhile sprinkled with spices, onion flavor, and half an apple (oh, horror!) Finely chopped garlic clove.
Well, I managed to steal a couple of pieces of potato. I'm not sure that I can have it.
Sol. Pepper. Plates on the table.
Strange: it smells bad.
Sit down. Exhale. Try. Delicious!

Breakfast from mom
egg - 1 piece (more poluprosnuvshiysya child will master);
milk (better to take a fatter, it is more nutritious) - quarter cup;
tomatoes (grown grandmother near her house and fully ripe under the bed) - 1 pc.
Tomato incision, scalded with boiling water, remove skins. Chop, throw in a pan with hot oil (better - cream), pour a mixture of beaten eggs with milk. Three minutes later the omelet is ready.
Serve with a cup of tea.
Note: The process of eating track. Should be eaten every last crumb.

Breakfast on my own
chocolates (received as a gift six months ago, he immediately stuffed somewhere and forgotten) - 1 box;
black tea - 1 teaspoon;
boiled water.
Brew tea in a cup. Examining the kitchen and found a box of chocolates. Examining the box, to discover that the shelf life has expired. Score on this fact. There are chocolates with gusto.
Note: The box itself is human consumption can not be!
Note 2: The tea leaves trapped in the mouth to spit out!

Breakfast is from a friend
Boiled potatoes (cold left over from dinner) - 4 pieces;
sausages hunting (check the fridge and not so find) - fifteen pieces;
shrimp (frozen, save for a salad with avocado) - polpachki;
half of the bulb;
half an apple;
garlic clove;
soy sauce;
wine vinegar;
any spices.

All that can be cut - cut and place in pan with olive oil, sprinkle with whatever you can sprinkle, and pour all that can be poured.Simmer on low heat until the dish is not yet seem ready.
Note: in the process (tvorcheskom!) cooking, do not listen to anyone's advice, hints and howls. Still all eat!

... And yet I eat it

Cyril Nemolyaev
Today was a typical breakfast ... It could be decorated in ways useful carrot juice, which his wife had prepared, but I overslept. Juice should drink at least 10 minutes after it squeezed. I came into the kitchen about 15 minutes. Well, drank, of course ... He ate scrambled eggs with cheese.

Generally, I do not eat out of a cult. Here, I remember that he ate, and in an hour and forget.
For me, the phrase "jam tomorrow" has a completely different, negative, meaning: to promise not to do.

Julia Savicheva
My breakfast is almost always the same. Every morning I eat yogurt, fruit salad and drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

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