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On the other side of reality

January 24 2006

Very often the events occur, explain that as hard as to understand them. And would not want to believe in the power of science, it is necessary to recognize the fact that certain phenomena before she helplessly falls to his knees, unable to give any clear explanation.

All attempts by scientists to disown the problems of ufology, paranormal phenomena, extrasensory, cryptozoology, parapsychology, magic, astrology and many other non-traditional disciplines of human understanding of the world, reminiscent of an ostrich burying his head in the sand. What could be easier to declare the ghosts and mythical creatures - hallucinations and folklore, UFOs - the result of intemperate use of alcohol, healing and mediumship - bullshit. Much more difficult to sort out these problems. Do not argue, very often people in wishful thinking, but you can not deny the fact that for millennia people faced with something unknown, which have reached us in the legends, parables, fairy tales and bylyah.

Seven years ago, with me there was a strange case that gave a glimpse of the fine line that separates our world from another - Unknown ...

We were sitting in front of the dancers in the stove fire, emptying a strong tea and quietly talked about the riddles of Being. Through the open door attracted cool night, but flew from the river sleepy mosquitoes. A strange feeling caused me to be silent and stand still. This feeling appears when someone stares at his back, heavy and uncomfortable. I turned around and started up ... In the doorway, swaying greenish Something amorphous, but it is quite extensive, about one meter in diameter. Vadim push in the side: "Look!" My friend publishes a surprised exclamation, jumped in the air and makes a magical gesture, reminiscent of eight. I reach for the camera, still in disbelief. Twinkle lights flash, press the shutter trigger ... click, but the flash does not fire.

Try again. Same result. Again ... Flash slyly winking sparkle of readiness, but stubbornly refuses to perform its functions. "Give a photograph!" - Furiously screaming Vadim. I click a fourth time, the room is illuminated by bright light. And here is the most incredible thing. Something green is pulled into the drop and throws in our direction. Vadim rebounds against the wall, I'm totally baffled, unable to move. Something goes right through me and dissolves into the darkness. At the same time I feel strange and very unpleasant sensation, as if on my inner beam lashed nettle ...

We could not find any explanation. Assumptions, of course, there were many, but they were too fantastic and irrational.

I was not worth much effort to find and try to analyze the available information about such incidents. It turns out that mankind throughout history accompanied by phenomena similar to those which are now referred to as "ghosts", "Ghosts", "brownies", "Poltergeist," "Angels", etc. There are certain regularities in the development and occurrence of such phenomena, which can talk about their common nature. Most often, one is confronted with when trying to do all sorts of fortune telling and divination. Spiritualism, has received in recent years, second life, could not be better illustrates this. Let me give a small example from my archive, which is a typical manifestation of the poltergeist phenomenon when trying to use human spiritualism as a predictive methods.

"It is ... I do not remember when, in about 1984. There is a summer camp on the river's grandmother, called "Sunshine." I did it a rest in the month of August.And like all normal children of that time loved to fight with the boys, and sprinkles. Among us was a girl who was older than us, she told about fortune telling "in the imp." There are several methods of divination, but for our harsh conditions proved to be an acceptable one: to take the drawing paper, draw a circle in the middle imp with a heart around to write the alphabet and numerals, the words "yes" - "no." Put needle to thread in the heart of the imp, so that she seemed to hang in the window and called yo three times, then ask: "yo, yo you been here?" Rope, if it is rotated by the word "yes" and you can ask any questions needle will move the letters forming words. First, it is very difficult and the devils are different.

That way we asked when we come to the boys, and who he loves. But after 3-4 days were strange things happen. That table, in which we hold the sheet in hell, the night begins to shake as if someone tried to open it (it is not open). One of the beds on which lay a girl, not who believed in all this, started itself up and down - the girl squeal. Happy flying towels. When we asked the imp: "What is it?", He said that it was him, because he was bored. He was quite young (as he himself said, I do not remember exactly how old he was, but just over 100) and he wanted to play. Offered to come and since I mostly read what he wrote - he said that I have some abilities, said conditions for the appearance, but warned that as soon as I have someone start talking about it, then immediately forget it.

That is what happened! Remember to take three different colors of paper, make sure one of them - black, burn, and say the words. He has the size (he said) was a large bed. But since by nature I am not a coward, but I'm afraid I have not decided on this step! And one night when everything was almost asleep and we have one little girl did not sleep, we heard the steps between the beds. They were very heavy, and no one could see only the creaking floorboards. These steps are passed to the bedside, and she began to shake! We yelled and ran screaming to our people. Light included. And here in front of all these steps are passed from the bedside to the exit. Teacher fainted. Since then, with us for 3 days on duty, and we stopped guessing wildly funky ... "

Indeed, people who become involved in spiritualism, often faced with the phenomenon of poltergeist. Eastern wisdom says - "Like attracts like." Perhaps in search of another world and answers to closed questions, the person gets into resonance with the vibrations of the beings that are in another plane of existence in other dimensions. It creates like a channel, a portal that allows these creatures enter our world. No matter how absurd it seems this hypothesis, she found unexpected confirmation in studies of American ufologist and my close friend Gary Hart.

We met with Gary about three years ago. We combined the common concern to the anomalous zones. Collaborative research that we conducted revealed some interesting patterns, as well as revealed some common features, common to all the anomalous zones, regardless of their geographic location. Gary has put forward an interesting hypothesis that the anomalous zone - is the door to other dimensions, portals through which we can penetrate into other worlds. He believes that through such portals in our world come to being, which we call aliens.

One such anomaly is located in the small town of Sedona (Arizona) in the southwestern United States. The frequency of UFO sightings in this area is so high that every second resident of Sedona can talk about their experiences observing the "flying saucer".

Ari was able to pinpoint the location of the main anomaly, located fifteen kilometers from the city. Observe phenomena that occur there, it was extremely interesting: the glowing balls, objects, visible and invisible, etc. But the most striking thing that we found out - a special "door" between the measurements (portals), which opened at certain times. As a rule, near the center of the portal recorded high magnetic field strength.

During observations Hart managed to shoot a lot of documentaries, including a video camera. Our collection has photos kaplepodobnyh objects bright orange or yellow, a group of small blue lights, folded into a figure resembling a butterfly, a lot of pictures of yellow energy, clear "vague phantoms" (strange tumanopodobnyh entities that were not visible when shooting) and much more ...

Greatest danger lies for the residents of such places, because we can relate the statistics of disappearances with similar portals. Very often, before opening a portal into the air quickly formed an unusual fog.

Here is a list of the most characteristic traits that can be observed in the presence of portal sites:

1. Glowing balls observed inside or outside dwellings.

2. Light leaving the ground or the striker out of it.

3. Phantom objects moving inside the house.

4. Buildings have a strange vibration and oscillation (light can fade, flicker or completely off).

5. Fancy shimmering array of air.

6. Items that have been long lost, suddenly found in the most unusual places.

7. Strange noises and loud sounds, blows in the house wall leaving no damage.

8. People sometimes illuminated by light whose source is not visible.

9. Ghostly dark figures visible only peripheral vision.

10. The terrain is often illuminated by bright flashes of light with the force of light from the lightning.

11. Land may vibrate with such force that the subjects in the house bounce.

12. Animals can become anxious and avoid places near the portals.

13. An unusual air ionization.

14. The appearance of strangers and strange animals.

15. The sounds of Indian drums, children's voices, singing and other sounds that do not have a specific source.

16. Observations of large black men, rarely green and blue.

17. Evidence about the noise and fuss, published by invisible animals.

18. Unexplained discharge batteries within a certain area.

19. Observations of mythical animals - the horned beasts with red "glowing" eyes.

I talked to one person who knew how to use one of the portals in the country and its related portals in South America. One of these "doors" opened the tunnel in a blank wall, which could lead to the death of the traveler. It is necessary to consider personal safety when working in places where there are similar anomalies. Naturally, you can call into question these facts.

More recently, we were able to make an absolutely fantastic photos! ...

Recently, a resident of Sedona reported that one of the portals had reopened. She watched a strange fog appeared "from nowhere", and heard a telepathic voice that told her: "Do not enter into the mist!".

ak we have been able to figure out an "open" portal can still be seen. Most often it is invisible, but you can see distortion or flicker of air in the place where the portal. We experimented with a compass: the portal is open, the arrow behaves unusually, pointing to the portal. Thus, one can easily find the open portals to a higher level of electromagnetic transients in excess of normal background.

I had a chance to investigate yet another case, a similar phenomenon of Sedona. Several months ago I received a letter stating that, in northern Peru in the mountain High Mark discovered another dverepodobnaya structure. Portal? This place is 35 kilometers from the city of Puno, known as the "City of the Gods", has never before been investigated because of the difficult terrain and difficult mountainous terrain. "Door" is a complex archaeological structures in the shape of a rectangle on the dent surface of the rock sizes 7 to 7 meters with a slight indentation in the center.

Following the discovery of the portal Mamani (researcher, who made this discovery) got in touch with authorities in Puno, and within a short time Hi Mark was literally besieged by archaeologists and inkologami (specialists on the history of the Incas). It turned out that in these places for a long time there is the legend of "the gate to the country of the gods," on which many ancient inhabitants of Peru were able to communicate with the gods, passing through the magical gates, go back and talk about their travels. Legend also says that many of the people who passed through the gates of becoming immortal. Another legend, dating back to the robberies Konkistodora in Peru, mentions a priest, hidden treasures and religious subjects in the mountain High Mark, while he was using a mysterious golden disk "key of the gods of the seven rays" to open the gate in the rock. Konkistodor allegedly found the door and one of the officers showed him the key of the temple and the ritual of opening the tunnel, from which came a bright blue light.

Interesting sentiments described people who were near the "door" Hi Mark. Those who applied a hand to the structure of the rock felt a strange tingling energy, others hear a pleasant religious music, others have had visions, as if the door is open, and they can see what is happening on the other side of the real world. It is interesting to note that the structure is indeed reminiscent of the gate and is connected with five other archaeological finds that are connected by imaginary straight lines that intersect exactly at Lake Titicaca. Strange coincidence, the last 20 years in this area is marked an unusually high UFO activity, especially near Lake Titicaca. Most frequently observed blue spheres and bright white disks. Another legend says that once the door is opened and the gods will return, and their form is like the sun. Is not it, sounds very familiar! Perhaps we are talking about the device, called a UFO?

Perhaps the unidentified flying objects, about which so often mentioned in the press is not man-made machines of other civilizations? How can we explain such a variety of shapes, colors and the "reasonableness" of behavior? Put forward a set of hypotheses, one of which seems to me the most real. "UFOs - are living creatures!" - Suggests an Italian researcher Luciano Bocconi.

On top of a large secluded hill Bocconi arranged lab, equipping it with different registration equipment - photometers, thermometers, magnetometers, registrar of alpha, beta and gamma radiation, photo-and video cameras. Were alive and "indicators" - the dog. Studies have identified the principle is quite simple: the abnormal and unexplained variation in the testimony of any instrument indicate the presence of UFOs. Such evidence has been set. Over three years of Bocconi collected huge amount of material.And created the impression that the mysterious phenomenon of more and more eager to Bocconi, almost raspihivaya elbows with each other. Their instrument is, capture on film, seen with the naked eye. Gradually revealed and their properties.

Struck by the researchers, if I may say so, a certain sensibility of their behavior. All of these clouds, thickening of unknown fields, glowing balls in the visible and often invisible - infrared and ultraviolet - part of the spectrum as if people have demonstrated their capabilities - rushed or floated over them, change speed and direction of flight, were transformed into different forms. Gradually, Bocconi has come to the conclusion that dealing with the essential forms of life. And he gave them a name - krattery. Here's how he writes about these objects.

"These essential life-forms, these objects - living things, and related phenomena are not relevant to our three dimensional reality, the typical frequency band of our visible spectrum. This is a manifestation of life alien to us. This, of course, living creatures - the light and dark, dense and transparent, plasma shape, energy transformation, melting clouds and fog, invisible amorphous mass, having nothing to do with our physical reality. This is wandering lamps are energy phenomena, I repeat - the invisible, but physical - imprinted on the film for readings when they were over the study area, on the shore and the sea, when they moved to the big and small height or is at the ground at short distances from us when slid at an incredible rate but the slope of a hill or in the sky over the city when landing or taking off, when swung over large fires and turns into a big plasma being followed airliners or hung on a small height above the industrial complexes, the air and sea port cities. "

If this hypothesis is ultimately find a scientific explanation, then we are set for the startling fact ... It turns out that our world is our world is much closer than we previously thought! We are surrounded by invisible intelligent beings who watch over us and even try to enter into contact.

American physicists G. Feinberg and R. Shapiro offer the following classification of possible forms of life existing in space and on other planets:

Plasmoids (plasma life) exist in stellar atmospheres. Formed by the magnetic forces associated with groups of movable electric charges.

Beacon (beam life) live in stellar o6lakah, are complex aggregates of atoms in an excited state.

Lavoby (silicon life) - organized structures of silicon, living in the lakes of molten lava in a very hot planets.

Vodoroby (life at low temperatures) - amoeboid shapes floating in liquid methane.

Termofagi - the kind of cosmic life, which uses energy from the temperature gradient in the atmosphere or the oceans of the world.

Such a hypothesis (the existence of parallel spaces on the planet) came out about 20 years ago, the famous French ufologist Jacques Vallee. In his book "Passport to Mago", "Anatomy of a phenomenon", "Invisible College" and "Cool World", he collected many facts about meetings and contacts with people from this world. After analyzing numerous cases he has come to an unequivocal conclusion - folklore, created by mankind for centuries, has a rational core. Each of us may encounter with this mysterious world, seeing the elves, dwarves, angels, etc.

Last year, I suddenly heard virtually the same story, told me quite strangers. My interlocutors were not familiar with each other, but their stories were a lot of similar parts, which suggests the reality of the facts with which they had to meet. The essence of history was limited to contacts with the strange creatures of low growth, which in appearance and attire resembled the fairy gnomes and leprikonov. But most surprising was the fact that these creatures are moving on devices such ... UFOs! One of my tellers asserted he had been in their underground city located somewhere in the Ural Mountains (the exact place he was unable to describe). In the city he was taken to the discoid apparatus by a long tunnel. His description looks very much fantastic, but, nevertheless, confirmed by other independent sources.

Should perhaps be "space aliens", we should first look for us on Earth?

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