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Orbital Baptism: Earthlings become Orthodox?

November 23 2005

The strange news had spread Runet. Russian political scientists have found a way of baptism all the inhabitants of the globe. Maybe soon our planet will become fully Orthodox. Especially since this exercise is not so difficult: it is enough to include in the next space mission Orthodox priest who baptize people around the world directly from the spacecraft.

According to one version, the authors suggested the idea to one of the Russian astronauts secretly ordained, after which it will be charged with the mission of the baptism of the earth. According to unofficial estimates, one of the Russian kosmoprohodtsev already agreed to participate in the Orthodox mission. " Before running the space ship with the support of Orthodox mission on board must sanctify and sprinkle Orthodox priest, which would give the shares due status and symbolism.

Moreover, it appears airspace to "promote" Orthodoxy in the mass used in the past. In the spring of 2005, holy water was sprinkled upon the Irkutsk region. To do this, was organized by a special flight to the Orthodox. On board the aircraft were the holy relics of the first bishop of St. Innocent of Irkutsk.

This summer, the "air" The procession was held in the Ulyanovsk region. Aircraft Yak-40 "with an icon of Our Lady of Kazan on board flew around the perimeter of the Ulyanovsk region and the city of Ulyanovsk. So that the Orthodox space mission a logical continuation of the initiated.

The idea of "baptism of the Earth" emerged after the death of Pope John Paul II. The authors of the initiative struck a chord with the world grief over the death of the pontiff, and they suggested "a response to the death of the Pope."

Project "treatment to the Orthodox inhabitants of the Earth" was presented in the Russian presidential administration, but did not find support there. Officials have considered the idea absurd and even harmful. They categorically refused to participate in the project, fearing global scandal and protest of other traditional and nontraditional religions and cults.

But the authors of "baptism of the Earth is not abandon their plan. They allegedly failed to interest the project influential persons of the Russian Orthodox Church, and now they are preparing for the experiment. True, they were compelled to abandon the run in the space of an Orthodox priest and is now preparing to secretly devote to the rank of a Russian cosmonaut. Currently, volunteer training in the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City.

Representatives of the Orthodox Church refused to discuss the draft Russian PR specialists. In their version, if such an idea exists, then the ROC in its implementation is not involved. A prominent Orthodox missionary Deacon Andrei Kuraev said that the Orthodox Church has nothing to do with this initiative and called it "a blatant canard."

Whatever it was, cosmonaut Valery Polyakov - the world record for continuous stay in orbit - to the question whether the priests were flying into space, he replied: "None. I asked a question ... I say: it would be nice, even read a prayer to all nations of the world, they say, let's live together ... the Lord God does not prohibit travel. Now sanctify and space ships and crews before the flight. And the little church at Baikonur set. And there is a priest, who can confess. But then it did not, and now-what? "

Adapted from: "New Region" and "MK".

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