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Global warming and the battle for the Arctic depths

August 23 2005

American scholars have continued this week, debate about melting glaciers in Antarctica. Dylan Powell of the University of Maryland-Baltimore and Marcus Thorsen from Goddard Space Center have calculated that global warming increases the total volume of the Antarctic ice.

But at the South Pole, scientists say, because of warmer air, increased precipitation in Antarctica snow falling outside, which is well pressed into the new ice.

That is the face the water cycle. And that will melt the North Pole, will be frozen in time at the South Pole. While it is difficult to imagine in what time frame will turn back into snow iceberg, the size of 3000 square kilometers, which recently broke away from Antarctica.

Americans call it a closer watch over these processes in the next 10 years, and warned of the catastrophic melting of ice in northern latitudes.

"Dramatic climate change is happening in the Arctic right now surpasses the intensity of the overall pace of climate change around the globe - 2 - 3 times", - said Robert Corell, chairman of the international organizations to assess the impact of civilization on the Arctic climate.

Corell believes that global warming can be stopped, but it requires "aggressive" actions. Global climate change can bring a lot of disasters, from flash floods or droughts to global sea level rise, leading to flooding of low-lying Pacific islands and coastal cities.
But there is a positive side to the process.

"Our models show that by 2050 the Northern Sea Route will be open 100 days a year, instead of twenty," - said Corell.

It did not fail to take advantage of the Canadians who have sent their warships to the Arctic in order to study the situation on the ground. They are very afraid that Russia, Norway and Denmark have already opened their own views of the oil deposits on the Arctic shelf. It looks like Canada is seriously concerned about the affairs in the northern latitudes. Its warships dispatched to the region for the first time in 30 years. That's how much reaches the dispute between Greenland and Canada over who owns one of the uninhabited islands in the area.

Judging by the unprecedented pryti Canadians, they were the first really responded to the statements of scientists. More September 2003, the scientific community cautiously suggested that the planet's climate will warm at 1,5-6 degrees Celsius.

Then the Inter-Governmental Organization "The Arctic Council has released a document under which, the Arctic dispensed approximately 60-100 years of life.
"The Arctic Council is organized by Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden and the USA.

The document warned that the northern ice not only accelerate their melting, but may disappear altogether in the period between 2060 and 2100 years.
More precisely, in these years, some small floes remain - in the winter, but they will disappear in the summer months.

But along with the dangerous climatic upheavals that followed the disappearance of Arctic ice, the researchers noted, and positive aspects of things to come.For example, the discovery of new sea routes, the expansion of fisheries, easier access to ocean oil and gas fields, flourishing agriculture in some regions.

However, changes in the Arctic, the most negative impact on native fauna. The same polar bears will have to adjust to new conditions, migrate or die out.

U.S. still look down on what is happening quietly, because they believe the so-called Northwest Passage in the Arctic, international, and not Canadian waters. Obviously, the U.S. government as always knows a bit more than everyone else, and yet his gaze directs the lungs southern oil fields in Iraq, not on the problematic reserves in the North.

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