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Mobile phone in your hands: how not to miss

May 23 2005

It is finished. Going all-out mobilization of the entire country. Mobile phone in Russia already in the pocket of every third. However, the consumer goods in the vast country's raging real epidemic of thefts Cell. Victim was already one in ten owner of the phone.

And it is unlikely in the near future hunters on mobile phones to reduce their activity. Meanwhile, 70 percent of thefts of mobile phones were not disclosed at all, and many more are simply not registered as victims do not report to police. Therefore, the mobile phone is easier to maintain than to bemoan or try to return.

It is easy to lose
Lose cell phone just before the offensive, of course, if his boss unconcerned. Many of us carry their beloved handset to Lanyard. Very convenient. CellPhones always at hand and does not take his pockets. Also, so nice to show a similar enhancement around, especially if it is the latest model. Only that will prevent the villain, in passing to break up with your neck and make your legs? And in broad daylight in a public place. Of course, with certain skills, you can adequately respond, and thief run into your fist . But such cases the unit.

So I think myself, whether thus to attract the attention not only of decent citizens, but the robbers. More unpleasant situation - in the dark hunters CellPhones can track you and in good time to demand pay phone at gunpoint, with or without conversation is banal cut stroke back of my head .

The same thing has to do with cell phones in their cases on the belt. Keen eye mobile thief, do not miss this chance. A case with a belt to break no more difficult than with a neck strap.

Surrounded by people you are also not protected. Very often CellPhones disappear from the backpacks, purses, pockets in the subway and other public transport. Thieves distract the victim, cover your hands magazine, a jacket, can accidentally bulk and behold, you have no connection.

With the pickpockets have to be careful. If you feel that you to someone reaches into his pocket, do not make any sudden movements and do not make a fuss. Try to look, a gesture to make it clear to the thief, that you noticed him. This you his spugnesh. If you start to twitch, you can get in the thigh with an awl or something worse. Thus, a thief can insure partner, pickpockets seldom work alone.

Theft thrives in a variety of "cultural" institutions: the bars, cafes and nightclubs. The people are relaxed, forget about caution and leaves on the tables of their pipes, open purse and a handbag. Is not it a paradise for thieves? You do not even notice how past will be someone respectable, and your handset will dissolve in space.

The most idiotic way to part with a mobile phone - put him in the hands of a stranger. It is impossible to do under any circumstances. Even if you fit a young pretty girl in tears and asked for her CellPhones call, because she has "the battery has, and the urgent need" there is no guarantee that at the time of transmission, next to it will not occur in two Ambala and do not explain you who you are "on life." Naturally, they picked up your phone with you. If Gopnik bit tricky, they will play before your very eyes the scene of high-speed robbing a girl. In any case, you will be left without CellPhones.

Hard to find
The first thing thieves do - is removed from the device SIM-card.And many believe that after this phone can not detect. They are wrong, the fact is that worldwide there is a system that allows to restrict trade in stolen cell phones. Each cell phone the most popular GSM standard in Russia has its own individual number of the fifteen digits - the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifer - International Mobile Equipment Identity). The owner of a cell phone who uses the GSM standard, may
any time to see your IMEI by typing on the keyboard * # 06 #. When you work in a cellular telephone network transmits the same number as a personal signature. And the operator can track the phone with any IMEI corresponds to a subscriber number that is written on the sim card.

In some countries, operators create an IMEI-database of stolen mobile phones. Stealing the tube entered the "black list" which can prevent the cellular phone networks, absolutely all of the operators, as well as provide all the data about the owner of the law enforcement structures.

Thus, provided that the mobile operator is to meet you, find the phone quite easily. Now, however, a variety of cellular communication companies gradually come to the abandonment of IMEI-control, that is, do not constitute a "black list" of serial numbers of stolen phones and do not provide information to investigative bodies. This is because:

First, when searching for law-abiding will suffer and subscribers, in whose hands accidentally hit a telephone number is in the "black list". Besides cellular communication companies are not interested in having their clients worried about the police.

Secondly, the cellular companies seek to increase the number of subscribers, therefore, profitable for them to reconnect the phone stolen.

In short, choosing a mobile operator, you can find out if the company cooperates with the police or not. In the first case, the chances of finding a lost or stolen phone is significantly increased.

Vital tips:
Smaller "light" phone. Do not carry it on your neck or on your belt. Does not provoke thieves. Keep CellPhones in internal pockets.

Be careful in unfamiliar companies. Among them may well be hunters CellPhones. Attach your CellPhones feet, while you treat them tequila, and then did not prove. Generally, if you plan a large-scale bat better to leave everything of value at home. Only take the limit of money for meal and stick nest egg in a taxi in a sock. All sorts of things.

If a beautiful stranger tearfully asks you CellPhones to call, but you can not refuse, dial numbers by himself. Well, if there are witnesses. But it's better to be cruel and immediately rejected.

Girls do not forget your purse, anywhere Makeup, maybe to not utaschat and CellPhones necessarily.

In the cafe, bar, nightclub do not spread the phone on the table.

Talking on the mobile phone in the evening, it is useful to look around, suddenly, after you watch the potential robbers. In doubtful places better not to bring their cell phones.

When buying a phone check it IMEI.On should be the same on the box, where the bar code under the battery and the phone menu (* # 06 #). Need to remember it, it will help police find the phone in case of theft.

You roads is this mobile? Then, for the thieves may leave a note under the battery that you're ready to buy the phone. Indicate in a note home phone number.

If you have time to notice the disappearance of a cell phone, then have someone call your number. Certainly will be next to people who carry a cell phone and they will understand your situation. In this case, it is likely that the offender has not yet had time to turn off the phone, and you'll not only be able to recover the loss, but also help the police catch the thief.

The most important thing. If there was a nuisance and hunters CellPhones deprived you phone, do not hesitate to police. There is still hope to find the robbers in "hot pursuit".

Константин Дятлов

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