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Double Game Kennedy's life was worth

February 23 2006

In America, a new book titled "The Last Victim", dedicated to one of the most notorious cases of XX century - the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The book contains 17 years of painstaking research work based on previously unknown data and declassified documents. Given the attention that is still chained to a mysterious murder, the book does not go unnoticed.

35 on account of U.S. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on 22 November, the 1963rd year. Guilty of committing one of the most notorious crimes in the history of XX century was recognized as Lee Harvey Oswald. Specifically designed to investigate the murder of the committee came to the conclusion that young people with mental disorders, had acted alone.

This conclusion, along with a dozen other authors also adheres to Gerald Posner in his book "Case Closed" in 1993.

However, following the death of Kennedy, Oswald was himself murdered still puts the official results of the investigation in question. Especially when you consider that "retribution" was committed professional mobster Jack Ruby. In addition, he Oswald, a former Marine, had ties not only with the KGB and the FBI, but also with the Mafia.

These two facts serve as a starting point to another version , which still remains unproven.

There is little doubt that Kennedy was shot Oswald. However, the offense may be very different motives and then Kennedy assassination presents an entirely different light.

Lamar Waldron and Tom Hartman were investigating the murder, which may have shaped the history of the last decades of XX century, for a long time. In their observations they are based on certain declassified documents and interviews with eyewitnesses, including. At the same time, they said, the book could be written without the painstaking study of thousands of documentary evidence, access to which was opened in 1992.

The authors argue in his book that during the assassination attempt on Kennedy could be influential mafia circles. However, they also may also be involved in a similar attack on the president during his visit to Florida (it was canceled at the last minute).

The key to this puzzle, in turn, should look in another case is shrouded in mystery associated with the "island of freedom". This, of course, is a question of being written in Washington, and carefully concealed coup in Cuba.

History knows of an open attempt to invade Cuba in 1961 and an armed coup, known as the "Bay of Pigs." Attempt ended in failure - the White House had underestimated their abilities and the popularity of Castro in Cuba. Failure, of course, was a blow for Kennedy , but he found the strength to admit it. This was followed in 1962, the nuclear crisis erupted, and it was necessary to maintain prudence.

Nevertheless, as the authors of the new book, John Kennedy and his brother Robert, who at the time headed the Justice Department, after a time to start preparing a secret plan the coup. His goal was to get rid of the regime of Fidel Castro and set on the island of "transitional government". The project deals specifically with the American president and some Pentagon officials. On this unprecedented at the time of the transaction, known as AMWORLD, describes in some detail in the pages of the book.

dnako about the impending coup, became aware of Santo Trafficante, Carlos Marcello and Johnny Rosselli - the well-known in criminal circles Mafiosi. They developed a plan to eliminate Kennedy, to the investigation were opened Washington's intentions. In addition, all three had personal scores with the Kennedys. In the circumstances of the strained relations between the United States, the Soviet Union and Cuba, killing an American president could have serious consequences.

The book's authors believe that the main "heroes" - Ruby and Oswald had been connected with the criminal chain. Direct singer murder was merely a pawn caught in the spotlight. As a result, the Kennedy assassination has become a "private" deal killer single.

Decades after the shot in Dallas, about 80% of Americans have no doubt that President Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy. Nevertheless, the point in the case of the "murder of the century" has not yet delivered, and is unlikely to be staged in the near future.

FBI agents "were holding a candle" Marilyn Monroe


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