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Predictions of the great Nostradamus. What will happen with Russia in 2006

December 22 2005

That's really the name of Nostradamus 400 years one of the most popular worldwide. In the Search Engines World Wide Web users request it more often than bin Laden or Madonna. Such a phenomenal interest in the person of Michel Nostradamus, summoned by his famous prophecies, many of whom were allegedly some scientists are coming true so far. On the eve of New Year's see the predictions of Nostradamus for 2006, published on the site prazdnuem. ru

The fall of the power of a righteous News,
Officials of the Faith - the deprivation of honor
News from the Church will be very sad
That their leadership minds - that is not visible.

From the Past Alive breaks string
But the whole atmosphere of the Earth is not easy,
Great sadness the entire course of events,
But the happiness of the Covenant will come in this year.

Retired end, restored the Prophet
Light broke in time,
A world without weapons! - Required to be maintained,
Live in it any thought would be an honor.

In disgrace basics, growing hostility,
But the old order is prescribed penalty
In the West, the wound from the West is strong,
But a few - who are all help it.

Will not be born administrative apparatus?
Zaropschut depraved, the noise insult.
Lady offered to the Throne, and without dispute,
Choice, shelter, cleaning and quarrel.

Verbal chumoyu from many smells,
But the bad news, without a war that plague win
It is difficult to Great old foundations,
But there is still the Son of Sons.

Stretch moment undertakings should not,
News from halfway around the world in anger, howl,
But all is fair - a great honor,
The other half of the world lit Sky News.

Anger and hatred in the world poured,
Earthly religions God smitten
And a false law was not needed
Heavenly Ambassador on the ground is detected.

Loss, deprivation, the churches did not calm down,
Every thing in them - it's forehead to worship
Two lose faith and honor, and value
After all, external service - and there is a crime.

The couple did not consider the loss of Religions,
But they are all wrapped up like an honor,
Dismiss rumors that the news is not clear,
Envy eats them, and in the mind of blindness.

Churchmen Word of the Father is not suitable,
But the point of Heaven is no other way is,
Can not accept God's gift of the priesthood,
Ambassador of Good have the heart to understand.

Religion of his servants in an instant to lose,
As those of their desire to not share.
A quarrel with the news people will lead,
For this they are at death's door many will.

Someone with fear hear Testament
But the mind will show: there are no errors,
The Word of God gave the new King,
He has difficulties in life knew his role.

ABOUT NEWS born different views
Because of the sect either run the fog and doubt
Of these different - born Testament
Death to all the old, no dispute there.

On the good news War cease,
A Church of rebel and troubled,
Three heirs are trying to silence,
No war. People are all smiles.

The oldest lady Discord stops,
Heirs bequeathed his cunning,
New dodger surpassed the old man,
The victory all grow stronger, have for centuries.

Slavs dobreyut and know the outcome,
And many say life is like God,
But there are still those who can not comprehend
That hold on the sword shall perish by the sword.

Purulent infection pour glad
In the words of people who - the ministers of hellbr /> God only alive have their door,
But it is necessary after fear now.

Messenger of the Great Noise tired,
The plague is gone, but another will arise
From the words of Ara, who - that inspires fear,
In the ranks of Satan all the people invited.

The word of God on earth is given,
Great Slavs all say It:
What is hidden - to be put on trial,
Two Ladies - ally, will bring peace.

Ancient Prophecies quickly forgotten
Row two ladies people will compare,
Old knelt before the Light
Sect shall be humbled before God's covenant.

Disruption lived only to Maintain confessions,
To the Slavs, almost half Messages
Great among them will not see obstacles,
Different criminals here are not happy.

In the words of the old man was seen by all the evil
Covenant after, the world presents another
FALLEN painfully with the stumble,
Know old man, but he did not confess.

Evaluation of those Ancients, was incorrect,
Hope of Truth is now given,
But the old one - then decides to turn,
And to ruin, the proposed way to the Lord.

Translation: Diana Merkur'eva

Source: Portal, Michel Nostradamus "

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