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The tax on sex, toilet and dust. 10 most stupid taxes in world history

November 22 2005

Taxes have always existed. As the level of the tax system, one can judge the state's development. However, at different times of the rulers managed to impose such taxes, which remains the only hands to separate. So, a list of 10 most ridiculous taxes in the history of mankind.

10 place belongs to the invention, which occurred to Peter the Great. By his decree of 1704 Peter introduced the tax on the bath. Secretary to the Duma people and first-class merchants had to pay with a home sauna for 3 rubles, simple nobility, merchants and all the plebeians - 1 ruble, the peasants - for 15 cents. Want to bathe at home - pay.

# 9: The Roman emperor Vespasian, who ruled in the 70 years of our era, has introduced a tax on toilets. Since that time, there is the phrase "Money does not smell." When the son of Vespasian, rebuked his father that he imposed a tax on public toilets, Vespasian raised it to his nose, the money received by the treasury on this tax. Nevertheless, the Romans did not think to give up visits to luxurious marble bathrooms. Perhaps they would find where relieve themselves, but in those days in the famous thermal baths, walk not only on the direct need, but also for meetings and interviews.

8 th place: In Byurtemberge in the 18 century took a tax on sparrows. Master of each house obliged to destroy a dozen sparrows, for which he received 6 kreutzers. But if he was not able to uchinyat violence, took from him a tax rate of 12 kreutzers. In order to avoid payment of this tax, the people buying the right amount of dead sparrows from traffickers who get them in the city dump.

# 7: Tax "for peace, which is still being held in the Republic of Guinea. Every year without war there evaluated in 700 Belgian francs.

6 th place: The most famous tax in the Soviet Union - a tax on childlessness. It was introduced in 1941 to mobilize additional resources to help mothers of large families. This tax has no parallel in history, and held only in the USSR and in Mongolia.

5 th place: Inventive British in India taxed salt.

4 th place: Armenia in the late 20 th century was a tax on the dust. To dispose of surplus Dust in the courts, the Ministry of Economy stated: "The public should pay the costs of removing dust from the rate of 2 drams for 1 square meter."

Place 3: Tax on a shadow. He is charged in Venice in 1993. Under the tax hit canopies and awnings, which are owned shops and cafes, the shadow of which falls on municipal property - land.

2 nd place: The tax on sex. In Belgium, they are subject to the owners of shop windows, in which there are prostitutes in the red light district. "

1 st place: "Plaster tax." His pay at the Austrian skiers at every downhill. The funds received are transferred Austrian clinic. According to statistics, in the Austrian Alps every year and injure about 150,000 skiers.

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