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How to calculate the miser's brow, a scoundrel and Daring Fellow

May 22 2010

Smooth and long eyebrows in men suggest that it Very often we do not attach importance to the eyebrows, but in vain. If the eyes are "the mirror of the soul, then eyebrows - they are signs, and dedicated people to kind of eyebrows can determine the most vivid character traits, especially men, as representatives of the stronger sex, with rare exceptions, do not pluck his eyebrows. After examining the shape of eyebrows, you can see that from a man waiting in the future. Changing the shape of eyebrows, you can not only upgrade its image, but also bring to life changes.

Classic, "neutral" brows are wide and long eyebrows average length and density. Such eyebrow almost do not need to be corrected and suitable for all types of people. No hidden information such eyebrows do not bear.

Round and broad eyebrows, sinking down at the edges, say that their owner cheerful and generous man with good sense of scream, an optimist and a realist. And here is round and thin eyebrows among women a la Dietrich Marleh highlight the main features of their owner - a strong-willed character, the aspiration to become a leader, ambition, lust for fame and power.

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By the way, a brilliant German actress and was just such, and its thin plucked eyebrows became fashionable for a long time to read not only in the film industry, but also among European women. Such eyebrow suitable for people with a triangular face, which clearly highlighted cheekbones. Will look beautiful on oval faces. Girls with round faces of thin circular eyebrows should be abandoned, otherwise the face will be permanently surprised expression.

Smooth and long eyebrows in men suggest that it is an intellectual, well read and loves to entertain people, especially ladies, to support any topic of conversation, ranging from the care of dogs, ending the global economy. Such eyebrow, for example, the Irish actor and Hollywood star Colin Farrell. Colin - ladies man, generous with compliments, with friends like to be ringleader.

Eyebrows arch, wide-set show of cheerfulness, gluttony and love of entertainment. A woman with eyebrows - a real flirt, loves to be in the spotlight, loves to party and the company. From the side it seems flighty and frivolous, but if she has a man, in spite of coquetry, it is true to him, but jealousy is still inevitable.

If a man has bushy eyebrows outer ends move upward, a sign of generosity and courage. Such a man is resolute in his actions, desires fame and success, a true leader and conqueror of female hearts.

Fused bushy eyebrows at the man must warn you - Fused bushy eyebrows at the man must warn you - very jealous man, the owner, in common life can be a tyrant, and jealous of his wife even howl to a lamppost. In this case, the aggression he has shown at once, always waiting and watching.

A woman with eyebrows has a strong character, despotic and cruel as Kabaniha, the heroine of the play Ostrovsky's Storm. " Greatly lowered the ends of the brow, like a Pierrot show melancholy. People with this form of the eyebrows tend to reflect on the fact that nothing is eternal under the moon, creative nature.

orotkie eyebrows give a "short memory", both in direct and figurative sense. Bushy eyebrows say about temperament and explosive nature of man. Eyebrows house warn that people infantile, ie can not make decisions, always waiting for his problems behind him decide to others in difficult situations is lost.

Bristly, unruly, shaggy, hard eyebrows say that the man is stubborn and will argue, even if he is wrong and knows it. Obstinacy, intransigence, unwillingness to compromise.

But if the eyebrows bushy, bristly and curved at the same time, like Al Pacino, then here it smacks of something diabolical. Incidentally, in the Hollywood joke that a great actor sold his soul to the devil for acting. Generally these people is characterized by constant luck, for whatever it may take such a man, he succeed.

"Damn lucky!" - Usually said about such people, and some who can not understand why such luck, think that no magic is just not done. Eyebrows are located high - a sign of commitment, and, conversely, sitting too low brow talk of landing rights, and often on its denseness and narrow views.

If a woman has her eyebrows as if broken down the middle, like Marilyn Monroe, it says the extraordinary man, his unpredictability, these people seem not of this world, there are often white crows. For example, it is this shape of the eyebrows on the nature of Joan Aguzarova, but the singer constantly with form and color experiments.

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