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Do not let yourself fool! As Renaissance Insurance durit car owners

April 22 2010

You have been denied compensation or payment received after a long ordeal for the damage caused to the car was not paid in full? You are not alone! Offended motorists share their impressions and experiences on the Internet and in popular forums motorist. Many talk about how they battered nerves dealers of Renaissance Insurance. Share with you stories of owners and experts' recommendations.

The first story

"Insured event has occurred on Feb. 1: smashed the bumper and broke the fog, - says Michael. - In accordance with the rules immediately reported the approach of a case that has symptoms of insurance, the police department and the insurance company. In an insurance company call-center staff told me that it is necessary to insist on a criminal case. Otherwise, they say, will be denied payment. But the rules need only inform the police department about the accident and police not to dictate what she should do. Do not put pressure on the district. That is, it turns out that employees of the insurance company introduced me astray ... Interestingly, they did it intentionally or not. "

History of the Second

"March 9, 2010 in my Qashqai dropped block of ice. As a result, (were) indentation two front pillars and roof, smashed the side mirror - says the owner of the Nissan Qashqai. - All documents are collected and handed over to the Renaissance St. Petersburg "on time itself! One form of 3 from the police that costs! (Who received, knows how to reluctantly give it). Called the insurance company once a week, trying to figure out when the car put in for repair. As a result, reported that in the payment of Casco denied because the police failure to prosecute the case. And the police saw no reason to bring it, because there are no signs of a crime in Article 167 Part 1 of the Criminal Code. And why should I pay 38,000 rubles. In general, the formal reply to the fool. "
Given that criminal proceedings can take months (even years), the calculation of an insurer is justified. Tired of waiting for the car owner sooner or later will go into service patching of the iron horse at his own expense.

Even after the insurer receives all the help from the police and hand over to the company a full set of required documents, to expect that the insurance will and even forked out, alas, have not always.

History of the Third

"At the end of the established rules of life I turned to the insurance company to issue a decision is made - says Paul. - The employees themselves, "Renaissance Insurance" did not bother to notify the insurance company accepted the decision. I was told that he doubted that the claimed damage was the result of an insured event and offered to either give up part of the claimed damages, either to come again to the office, to write another statement and, after waiting some time again to provide the vehicle for an additional independent assessment. That in itself is at least delaying ...».

Usually it ends up that tired of waiting for the insured car repairs at its own expense and send to the insurance application for reimbursement of funds spent on repairs.
And there are papers to lose, and offer to collect them again. After another collection of documents and the expectations you quite likely will be offered the sum of two times smaller than the check came from service centers. But you already and it will agree after so many torments.

img src = "/ images/article/3/0/8/14308.jpeg? ts = 1271953851" alt = "" width = "200" height = "126" align = "left" /> Breaking a contract?

After this treatment, some want to break the contract with Renaissance Insurance.

History of the Fourth
"When I came to break the contract with the insurance, I was told that I should write a waiver of damages, otherwise do not get anything for breaking the contract for the unused period of time ... I spoke with the head of customer service center - says Alexei. - A little later, when the account was transferred to the very halved the amount of an insurance case, I specifically called and said: I can terminate the contract, but for the unused period of time, I did not pay. To understand what I mean: insurance has cost more than sixty thousand, for an occurrence I have paid ten times less money. "

Expert opinion

The opinions of the experts rather clear: a campaign - are illegal.
"Firstly, to insist on a criminal case - is contrary to the law. Especially if there are no grounds for criminal prosecution. And then, excuse me, that means a criminal case? Criminal case - is when we see the wrongful acts. We have the Criminal Code. Collision between two cars, if it is not connected with the crime - it's civil law relations, compensation, what is provided by the Civil Code and what is just and there are insurance companies ", - the lawyer of the Moscow Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights Ludmila Trifonov.

"People turn to us with complaints not only from Moscow, but also from other major cities. Indeed, insurance companies, thus misleading our citizens and their customers. One reason - is the unwillingness to part with money "- confirms our assumptions State Duma deputy, member of the Committee on Financial Markets Alex Bagaryak.

Insurance Company, in any case must pay - says the president of the Association of Regional Banks of Russia Anatoly Aksakov. - And if the insurance company to a criminal case against the perpetrator of incident, that is their problem, if they are engaged. They themselves must cooperate with the police, especially with traffic police services. "

What should I do?

1. First and foremost, do not follow the tastes of the insurers and to seek justice. Directly write a complaint letter Rosstrakhnadzor, expert advice. Of course, one or two complaints might be considered for a long time. And if there are dozens, hundreds of complaints against some company, then immediately followed by action - and for an insurance company in this case would be advantageous to perform the contract.

2. "Do not be afraid to go to court! - Bar Council of Moscow Society of Consumerism Ludmila Trifonov. - Evaluation of this campaign can only give prosecutors. Therefore, citizens can appeal to the prosecutor's office to check the activities of this organization. "

Insurers are deliberately misleading, in every way pull time. After all, calculated that the car owner pomuchaetsya yes and spit and repair your car for their money. But all you can find council. So write to us if something similar happened to you.

The material used expert opinion "Pravda.RU." The text prepared by Peter Zemtsov.


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