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In America, he lived zhirafopodobny dinosaur giant

March 22 2006

Argentinozavr recognized as the largest and heaviest dinosaur (his weight reached 80 tons), living on our planet about 100 million years ago. For the first time remains of the dinosaur were found in 1980 in South America.

Along its length without the tail was about 30 m, weight - 80-100 tons. However, attention to herbivores is due not only to its size. Dinosaur, among other things, different from their terrestrial counterparts unique neck, which could be twice as long as the body of pangolin . Its thickness also caused considerable astonishment of paleontologists.

Argentinozavr belongs to a group of large herbivorous dinosaurs - zauropodov - the largest land animals that ever lived on this planet. More precisely, to titanozavram (suborder zauropodov), which were widely circulated in the South American continent in the Cretaceous period.

In this group the Titans also includes the most recognizable Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus. With the latter clearly losing argentinozavru in all respects.

Presumably, the title of the largest reptiles claimed as seysmozavr, superzavr and ultrazavr who lived in the American West. Ultimately, however, won argentinozavr.

In addition, it was much longer than those of reptiles. Mainly due to extremely elongated neck.

Research findings have been confirmed by other significant findings in 2002 in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. The remains were discovered among rocks that had lain there for more than 100 million years.

Long neck - the first thing that catches your eye when it comes to zauropodah. That's why they look like giraffes. However, many studies based on computer simulations, give it clear that on this all the similarities between animals ends. Argentinozavry, unlike giraffes, holding his head near the ground, and therefore preferred not to pull a high neck.

However, some experts still believe that the similarity between giraffes and dinosaurs from the group zavropodov and therefore argentinozavrami much deeper. They rely on data about other representatives of the group, as well as research found the remains of a huge lizard.

With regard to the spine of a unique dinosaur and, in particular, his cervical spine, its unusual structure just captivated scientists.

The fact that such an imbalance of the body relative to the cervical spine must certainly deliver dinosaur was a lot of inconvenience. Under the force of gravity head of the dinosaur had certainly outweigh.

It turns out that the problem was solved, firstly, due to special bags filled with air and is located in the openings between the vertebrae of the cervical spine. Secondly, as it turned out, the vertebrae were not solid, but composed of numerous hollow cells. Due to these natural tricks weight elongated neck is significantly reduced, and herbivore could normally move.

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