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Sea creatures will help scientists unravel the mysteries of people and the ocean depths

February 22 2006

Perhaps the secret depths of the oceans will soon appear before the investigators in a new light. To obtain previously unknown information, U.S. biologists have decided to use seals. Scientists have provided these savvy marine animals with the special equipment for data collection. As is well known seals swim great distances and dive to a depth of 2,000 meters.

When equipped in this way animals are raised on the water surface, a small computer attached to their heads, convey information satellites, and then receive it and the scientists themselves.

Now, researchers will learn how to change vodopotoki different depths depending on water salinity and temperature. In addition, the analysis exposed the conditions of life in the ocean and how animals use this medium. In addition to the seals, the scientists plan to use sea lions, elephants and even sharks.

Perhaps with their help will unravel the mysteries of other sea creatures.

Incidentally, these puzzles becomes smaller. For a long time for science remained secret purpose of the tooth length of 2,5 meters at the head of the dolphin-narwhal. Petsialist closer to a solution of dental surgery from Harvard's Martin Nway.

The fact that the narwhal tusk is that sticks out from the left side of the upper jaw. This tusk - a mystery of evolution that challenges the basic provisions of the known teeth of mammals. Fang has a spiral shape, resembling a drill bit, it is slightly shifted to the left. The location of the tooth is different from the majority of males and females. Narwhal usually reach a length of 4.5 meters, weighing 1-1,5 tons.

Nway discovered that the narwhal tooth acts as a hydrodynamic sensor. About 10 million nerve fibers coming from the central nervous system to the tusk. Despite the fact that the tooth appears solid, it is sensitive membrane and is able to determine the amount of salt in water, which probably helps narwhal survive in the cold Arctic.

Dolphins, unicorns with canine also determine the fish, which is suitable for their food. This tooth has an unusual and tactile abilities that create behavioral experiences that are inaccessible to other animals.

Dolphins generally represent special interest to psychologists . Researchers at Haifa University attempted to answer the question of why people cooperate with each other.

The study of human psychology was conducted on dolphins, "because they are known for their natural propensity for collective action."

Richard Schuster, Amir Perelberger watched a flock of dolphins living in the dolphin reef in the Gulf of Eilat and studied their interaction with instructors, diving and swimming.

Scientists estimate that the dolphins swim four times more often snuggle up to people in pairs than alone. Researchers were surprised: in order to be in the team, Dolphins extra efforts , because the coordinate motion in the pair is much harder than to sail alone.

chenye concluded that the dolphins work together, because they like to work together.

These findings, scientists extended to representatives of the species homo sapiens. "People are nice to walk together on demonstrations, dance together, play together, even if they do not get it for no immediate benefits," concluded the researchers.

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