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Scientific and Technical progruz: 10 gadgets that will make life better

October 21 2005

In the world there are plenty of things that are not. However, if they were to live would be, at least more fun.
So, our Patent Office is Peace Data: 9 things that would be useful in any household, if the manufacturer had enough sense of humor to treat them seriously. You can steal from us any invention and to move the masses. If you earn it its first million, do not be greedy person - send us a postcard.

Gadget - fancy a sly figulina designed to amuse the vanity of the owner, as well as an unknown public way to meet the needs of its sophisticated, multifunctional.

Hey, DJ
Gadget: a bra with decks
Fresh solution: in any decent main event, what? That's right: to develop a theme boobs. We thought long and finally found the key to her ... The only disadvantage of the device lies in the fact that sweating in a bra is dangerous - can strike shock. While, on the other hand, the dance is beautiful ...

Mom soap frame
Gadget: window wipers
Fresh solution: the story of this thriller, as is known, begins with a picture in your primer. From the first class, we remember and honor the heroism mother, who in the fight against unhygienic falls out of the window of the seventh floor. In this regard, we appeal to all manufacturers of windows: enough to risk his life mom! And the offer put on the windows of all the tall buildings wipers.

Gadget: slippers for crawlers
Fresh solution: as we know, in the winding corridors of the layout of domestic flats not much overclocking, so the videos are not the most appropriate tool for domestic travel. Another thing - caterpillar: and distance are overcome by unnoticed, and plates are intact.

Gadget: RC trash
Fresh solution: make it a magical device you can own, has attached to the radio-trash baby machine. If necessary, it can also be equipped with additional functions, torn from the heart of the talking doll: learn to greet and wag his cap. You also need a friend in the end?

Bikini "Kinder Surprise"
Gadget: shorts with pregnancy tests
Fresh Solution: This invention will save the young lady from having to sit on treason under any nausea and love to salinity. Wearing shorts - and made clear ...

Weapons of mass planted
Gadget: gun for agricultural

Fresh solution: everyone remembers that during the Soviet era were the toy guns with the pistons. So, instead of paper tape with slamming charge through them, you can easily miss the paper with a pasted on her seeds. Each shot in the hole the beds will be neatly fall into one seed. Particularly good marksman will make stops, even from suburban attic window. So we always say, a bold "No!" Sciatica.

Gadget: the keyboard under the predatory manicure
Fresh solution: Female manicure always slides off the keys is stuck between them and breaks. In order to fix a finger on the pressed letter at the top of each key to make the barrier as a long groove to nail. Any secretary will thank you and will increase production asechnoy History doubled.

Needless to blame ...
Gadget: a mirror with a camera
Fresh solution: take pictures of people - a very thankless job. Them all the time, it seems that wily photographer specifically reduces their eyes, nose and draws increases acne in Photoshop.So, do not give to offend an artist! With the help of our wonderful invention of all negligent Model will make a beautiful face in the mirror and click, click, click ...

And what gadgets do you have?

Tears for Fears

Recently I bought a mug with alcoholometer. A very valuable thing: now I just can not determine diluted booze or not.


The fans here once gave me a dog collar with alarm. I think to use it instead wedding ring.

Svetlana Surhanau

At a recent concert after singing the song "Angel of gray," the fans gave me a fluffy white wings. Imagine my surprise when I was looking through an old issue of glossy magazine, saw the same wings singer of the group "B-2" ...

Paul McCartney
During a concert in Moscow gave me a big bass balalaika.

Ksenia Sobchak
And I have a big and pure love!

Material provided by the newspaper Re: Action.

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Maria Pavlikova

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