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Movie: blende from high technology

April 21 2005

1895 was a watershed in the arts. It was in that year in Paris on the Boulevard des Capucines began to pass sessions Cinématographe the Lumiere brothers. 110 years later, the movie is not just conquer the world, but also has achieved such heights in the creation of visual effects and illusory worlds, of which the Lumière brothers could not have dreamed. But ...

Do you think in the realm of dreams all have long been drawn with the help of computers? Nothing like that. Despite the increasingly complex computer technology, in Hollywood there is a steady demand for real effects.
Specialist film of visual tricks, Sam Nicholson prefers explosions, collapse and other disasters "alive":
- Our specialty - high tech filming: Combined accelerated, the air. This does not mean that we do everything the old fashioned way. Conversely, to achieve a better result, does use modern science. For example, one of the most common orders - must be removed as plane crashes. We will not break this ship, even if the film's budget allows. Because in the real world crash is accompanied by a large shock wave, and everyone who is near, risking his life. We also need to ensure that everything was as reliable - as if in this hell No one could survive, and at the same time, it was as safe as possible.

So, to create the illusion of an explosion at the airport, creating a strong decrease in the layout of the aircraft and the runway. In the right places lay the explosives, which is triggered at certain times. Layout of the aircraft, falling, explodes and breaks. In the sky cock huge fireball flitting around the wreckage ... but they are small enough not to cause any harm to the film crew. In this case, the camera shoots everything that happens at a rate several times higher than normal - so can slow down the flames flicker and give them credibility, which corresponds to a reduced scale.
Despite the hype, the collapse of the episodes are usually obtained quite convincing.

Donald Hoffman, a scientist who specializes in problems of perception of visual images:
- In the movie often use the reduced model, and we usually do not notice. The reason is that we have a preconceived idea of what should be one or the other object, such as aircraft. And our vision is simply dorisovyvaet desired image.
Sam Nicholson:
- The belief that the computer can do everything - as long as the ideal. Maybe someday it will. But I like the real world. And I think that it is the imperfection of the real world makes us all human beings.

Computer simulation of "artificial life" complicated forms of living beings is much faster than real life - as well as advances in computer technology overtaking biological evolution. Computers pose unseen animals that look just like a live well. Not today, tomorrow there will come a time when "artificial life" will become so realistic that it would be quite indistinguishable from the present - come to the cinema, we can this virtual world not only hear and see, but also to touch, feel, smell it, to try to taste ...
Wait and see.

Константин Дятлов

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