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And the serpent fell from the sky ... The mysterious "flying reptile" of people waiting in the woods

April 20 2006

This story ...

"In the village where we had a cottage, an event happened, after which people one by one into the woods stopped going.

Before that, our neighbor woman Motia went into the forest to pick berries, and returned from there either alive or dead. Catching his breath and came to himself, the old lady told that survived.

Typing berries, baba Motia gathered already returned home when the back of the marsh, there was svistyasche-hissing sound. She turned and was stunned. Curled up on the tail, with my legs head, looked at her "bastard" with a red crest on his head . Snakes pushed off the ground and made a leap, as if taking off. Mad old woman, ahead of his desperate cry and cry, though it was hard to imagine how could an old woman, a disabled person to the same, a quick escape. "Gad," according to Baba Moti, flew over it a few yards, then fell behind. Some vacationers to reassure the old woman, began to assert that she was supposedly all imagined. Baba Motia response was offended and went to her house. " (Written Galina Rosheva)

This is not the only evidence of a meeting with a mysterious and aggressive "flying" a serpent. In press message is encountered inhabitant of the Leningrad region, which met in the swamp like a monster. He, too, can fly and on his head red excrescence, which he fluffs before the flight begins.

In the sacrum (Novgorod Region) At school teacher Peter N. Varfolomeev, who heard about the two cases, the appearance of a flying "reptile" in local marshes.

One local man napilil firewood near the swamp, with his wife, put them in the cart. Hears whistling something in the woods. A guy whistled, too, thought maybe someone was lost. Whistle from the woods was repeated. And peresvistyvalis while firewood stacked. Let's go home. Suddenly, just behind the back, behind the cart, someone whistled. Looked back, and this great big snake catches up with them, and how to fly through the air. A man was in his throwing logs and snakes obovetsya around, and push off again for the carriage. And persecuted, yet out of the woods is not started.

The teacher wrote to Moscow, an authoritative scientific organizations and has received an answer from there: "The classification of species of snakes, we did not find, but it is possible that in the Novgorod swamps, impassable and unexplored, preserved relic species of reptiles and live there to this day."

In spite of this, in recent years, many details about the familiar inhabitants of villages located in the swamps of northwestern Russia a little snake, "decorated" groove and capable of great leaps: a few meters from the ground and the branches of trees - up to hundreds. The locals believe that this unusual snake is very aggressive - rushes to the man , and its bite is deadly.

Victims of snakes, often for no apparent reason stripped off his clothes and resorted to the village naked. This relates to the eerie strangeness of police statistics in the north-western districts of the Leningrad Region: Annually, during the period from April to October, in the swamps of the corpse of a fully naked people, no traces of violent death.

Renowned forensic Sergei Nikitin of the Moscow bureau of forensic medical examination suggested that an unknown poison snake possesses a sense of cause fever, delirium and subsequently resulting in death.

p align = "justify"> How to convince members of the research group "Labyrinth", a work which tells the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" , such cases are more than a thousand, and the "flying snakes" is found not only in the north-west of the country, but also in the south, and in Siberia and the Far East.

The first mention of the mysterious flyers were found in documents in 1719. Paper signed by Zemsky Commissioner Basil Shlykov. He talks about the tornado and hail raged for four days in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. As a result of the cataclysm "... many of the cattle and all living creatures perished. And fell from the sky serpent, God's wrath parched and Smerdel disgusting. " Then the "serpent of this cast in a barrel with a strong double wine ..." and sent to the Cabinet of Curiosities, after which he happily lost. How it happened is anyone's guess.

The only documented case of catch alive "flying reptile" recorded in 1942. Fighters Army Lt. Gen. Vlasov catch "flying reptile" and kept him in a wooden barrel. There is archival record that the snake was planned to pass Leningrad scientists. But the beginning of serious fighting, and about the "flying reptile" forgot.

Of course, the possibility of the existence of an unknown science aggressive creation can be treated with suspicion. Let us recall the "Bigfoot" , which allegedly saw many, but in a cage and not planted.

But how to relate to the following fact?

In the tropical forests of South and Southeast Asia, home to venomous reptiles of the genus decorated tree snakes (Chrysopelea paradisi), able to make gliding flight range of up to 100 m.

John Socha of the University of Chicago (USA) recorded the flight of a kite and studied its kinematics. Reptile 1 m clutched the tail end of a branch, and then, hanging on her, took the form of the letter J and forcefully pushed him away. In the soaring dragon sprawled body, producing a continuous waveform with the movement. This method allows not only to plan for very long distances, but also to change the direction of flight.

If the kite-flyer live in peace in South Asia and why his brother does not live near Novgorod ...

On materials:, KP , "Nature"

Константин Дятлов

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