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I "clicked" - so I exist?

March 20 2006

National Award "Innovation" - is the first state award, which is awarded for achievements in contemporary art. For the first time officials of the Ministry of Culture looks from classic and kazenschiny on pop art and avant-garde. Trend is encouraging.

Contemporary Russian art has become a big gulp of air - such a conclusion could be made after a meeting with the nominees of the contest, held at the State Center for Contemporary Art on March 16.

On this day, their projects were the curators (nominated for "Best curatorial project") - ie producers, the organizers of exhibitions and festivals of modern art. Not all heroes (normal people would not produce such an enterprise is too profitable) are brought before the public. Including the major nominees: in particular, no one was submitted to the project "Russian Pop Art" - the largest exhibition of avant-garde in 2005.

"I" clicked "- so I exist!" - Is the motto of the Moscow project, the exhibition "Once upon a time, the curator of which was the Italian Antonio Dzheuza. "Once upon a time, in his view - a" story of video art in Russia "(in the exhibition were collected best works of Russian video art in the history of its existence, which is already more than 10 years). However, many advanced topics in Russian art can not do without the help of "legionnaires". "In the mid-90's it seemed that the video art in Russia is not accustomed - said Antonio Dzheuza. - But after some few years it became clear the opposite. And when I selected the works for the exhibition, to me, believe me, it was plenty to choose from. "

The same man was responsible for another project - "Digitized love." Artists have tried to find a great feeling in the car, her digits, and symbols. And although it is difficult to judge, to determine whether they are (no slides shown was not), but the idea is alarming in itself. These authors are ready to simplify the world down to some kind of unimaginable limits. What here to speak, when the exhibition "The Artist and the Weapon" (coordinated by Kaliningradians Yevgeny Umansky), the theme of war confined to a couple of rows of green and yellow soldiers, photos of Putin and Bush are so decorative star!

About half an hour played Natalia Morozova, a report on Shiryaevo Biennale of Contemporary Art, held last August in a village near Samara Shiryaevo. There was also a theme of love. But not yet digitized. And although most of the works in this Biennale is still accounted for minimalist works in Shiryaevo there was a place for true beauty. It is a representation that the artist spent on the Volga: the two were sitting in a boat and filled her buckets. A boat is not sinking! Shiryaevo Biennale most international of all the projects nominated for the award "Innovation" - was attended by artists from Germany, Armenia, France, Tajikistan and representatives from dozens of countries.

After all shown remained, by and large, one question that was adresovn Natalia Morozova:

- Why, referring to such a large subject, like love, or war, the artists do not go beyond a joke?
- You know, Shiryaevo Biennale authors gathered together, they organized different discussion. And there heard such words from which it can be seen: the artist is not ready to go through it in its creation, is not ready to recreate. He is not ready to open. It was originally closed. I do not know whether this is good or bad ... But I would not say that we did not have any nice things. At least the same performance with a boat ... It was the Love Boat!


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