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Face of the Earth is changing ... Will her man's place?

December 19 2005

When you listen to the next weather forecast that promises unusually mild winter, involuntarily rejoice. This is also nice when the snow is fluffy and not cold. And what can celebrate the New Year. Fun, romance ... It is true that reason may be because only a limited and short-sighted people.

Scientists have long paid attention to abnormal climatic processes that occur on our planet. For example, the British researchers noted that the temperature in the northern hemisphere in 2005 was the highest since 1860, when they started to make accurate weather observations.

The researchers also found that the average temperature on Earth passing year yielded only 1998 mu, which was considered to be the warmest on record. However, seven years ago on Earth was recorded natural phenomenon El Niño, with whom he attributed the sudden warming.

In 2005, was also recorded another record - the temperature in the Atlantic Ocean, located in the northern hemisphere was the highest ever recorded.

According to researchers, the average annual temperature in the Northern Hemisphere in 2005 at 0.65 degrees Celsius higher than average temperature readings in the years 1961-1990. At the same time on Earth the temperature was above average for these years to 0.48 degrees.
Average temperatures in the northern hemisphere is now at 0.4 degrees higher than it was ten years ago.

According to scientists, the Northern Hemisphere warms faster than the southern, as in its territory more land, which is at a higher rate than the ocean responds to climate change.

Scientists from the Center for Climatic Research, University of East Anglia and the British Meteorological Office are confident that these studies prove the existence of global warming linked to human activities.

Center for Health and Ecology at Harvard University published a report on how problems can cause global warming by 2080. The main finding of the study: because of the warming will increase substantially the number of serious infectious diseases. Mosquitoes that carry pathogens of diseases such as malaria, West Nile fever and Lyme disease can not exist only in the tropics - because of that tropical diseases will become ill residents of temperate latitudes. In addition, air pollution caused mainly by industry and motor vehicles, would increase the number of cases.

Another aspect of global warming - a rise in global sea level. Previously, we reported on the tragic events in India. Now, the strongest over the past decade experienced a flood northern and eastern regions of Malaysia and southern Thailand. Disaster victims in Malaysia were 6 people in Thailand, the death toll has reached 20 people.

Tropical downpours are continuing in these areas for several weeks. The authorities of both countries say that downpours caused flooding, which not remember the old-timers.

According to preliminary data, the damage from floods is estimated at $ 25 million. Partially or completely destroyed in the affected provinces over a thousand houses, damaged a large portion of roads and bridges and inundated hundreds of hectares of farmland.

Quite possibly a series of similar disasters in the future may change the usual look of our planet. The process of converting the earth's crust, scientists are watching right now on the example of changing the African continent.As the researchers said, here is the beginning of a new sea. This is evidenced by a crack length of 50 km and a width of 4 m, which was formed in the Ethiopian Afar desert as a result of a fall of earthquakes.

And this crack in the earth's crust continues to grow. If the process continues, eventually into the vacuum that gush water from the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in the Indian Ocean. As a result, Africa produced another full warm sea.

However, scientists predict that the process fault is delayed for millions of years.

And here is the opinion of our experts:

The fact that Africa is now emerging a new ocean - well-known fact. The gap is on the Red Sea and further along the chain of Great Lakes. This is an active rift area. In Russia the similar (rift) is the nature of Lake Baikal.

If we describe this phenomenon graphically, the thickness obtained the following picture. All continents and large islands can be presented as pieces of foam floating on a much more dense viscous fluid mantle. The oceanic crust is 20-30 times thinner than continental, that the continents and swim "wherever they like (under the influence of certain planetary stress), crushing or tearing the oceanic crust (but occasionally bursts and depart, and the continental crust).

Not so long ago in geological standards, only 100 million years ago, the position and shape of the continents were quite different. At the site of the Caucasus and the Pacific stretched the great ocean of Tethys (it's a well-known scientific fact).

I believe that the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Caspian Sea - this is his last remains.

It partially submerged in the bottom of the mantle, and partly reared and made mountains.

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Константин Дятлов

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