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Journey to the Crimea: from cockroaches to Massandra

July 19 2005

Crimea ... For millions of people, this word is strongly linked to others - "rest". Go on vacation or on vacation in Crimea has a couple of decades ago was the dream of almost every inhabitant of the USSR. It's clear why - especially when abroad did not go.

But now times more. Crimea is now also a "foreign country". Although for some reason, just remember a saying about the chicken, which is not a bird. Well, Crimea, respectively, not abroad.

These notes of staying in Crimea are, of course, subjective. People who go there often, much of it is well known as stated below. But those who have long been there or are visiting for the first time, perhaps, draw something new.

Round trip

Once had read the holiday season, immediately there are problems with the tickets. They are, in principle, be repeated from year to year and all of her more or less accustomed to. Buy tickets for the train (the most affordable price of transport) in advance is difficult. If we succeed, it is better to take direct flights on the way back - to the head does not hurt on this occasion. Although, in principle, return tickets can be bought on the spot. Just be prepared to the fact that several hours would have to stand in line. So that the "ticket issue" solved, although some time on their decision to have to spend. By the way, already being in a train, once you pay attention to the fact that some places are free ... and sometimes not so little.

Well, if you allow the financial capabilities, we can take a flight. They are significantly more expensive, but because of problems with their purchase as a rule do not.

Train journey takes a little more than a day. Well, if it is Moscow or St. Petersburg train - they are cleaner. Crimean train in this regard, the Russian markedly inferior, though, in general, it is tolerated.

Customs and border control in Russia that Ukraine is no problem. True, the Ukrainian customs officials may ask to see the contents of the bags - it's only when you look like a trader with a collective market, which drags in the trunk of his goodness knows what. But even in this case they (ie, customs) are satisfied with a cursory inspection of baggage. Delve into the bags they are not particularly interesting.

When crossing the border of Ukraine Russian citizens in the mandatory migration card (the same applies to citizens of Ukraine, arriving in Russia). This card guards put a visa. One part of it they take immediately give another traveler, who is obliged to return it when you return home. So to lose this piece of paper is not worth it. While people each year are in the Crimea argue that the loss of a migration card is not a fatal problem (say, all data is easily reconstructed from computer), the validity of such assertions to check on her, rather all, few people want.

And one more note: Do not change money on the train! The course is disadvantageous, but still can deceive.

Arrived: where to live, that is, on what to ride, what to see

All right - you come to Crimea. What's next? Make a reservation, we are talking about the rest "savage." You're going, we can say, in the dark. Naturally, once problem of housing. Although in fact no special problems here. Already on the train you can begin to offer different options. Throw at them is optional. At the station, such proposals will be more. Nor will it in the place where you're going.

You can remove everything - room, apartment, villa, cottage. It all depends on financial possibilities. And resorts are also available, but usually there is expensive.Price dispersion depends on the place - you can rent a room for $ 9 per day (per person). And can an apartment - a 35 on the same terms. Possible with the owners, we can not. Can be near the sea (more expensive), but you can - away (cheaper). In general, the mass of options. It should only take into account that removes a roof over their head - a cook you no one is signed. Can you agree and what about this - for an extra fee.

You can cook and himself. Typically, the possibilities for this are provided - tile is in any even the most run-down shack. But you can eat in cafes, of which there are plenty. Fed pretty well, but for the money obtained 250-300 rubles per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). You can meet in smaller amounts, but you can spend much more if the opportunity allows.

With transport, too, no problems. It is not necessary, having arrived, for example, in Yalta, all the time to sit sydney it was there, have not choosing. All the more so in the Crimea have to look at. Yes, at least for the interest you can reach the beaches in some other place - Foros, Gurzuf Simeiz, Evpatoria, etc.

Get to the purpose of the trip by bus, but you can take a taxi (quite expensive) or on the road to catch a private trader (much cheaper). Some local motorists are even ready for a very reasonable money to organize tours of local attractions. This option is for those who do not like a tour group. But for those who do not suffer from such phobias - the organizers of the tour is not difficult to find, to their fullest. For relatively little money (depending on the route and duration) you and the sea to ride, and Massandra wine-tasting dumped, and the palace at Livadia to admire. But you never know where yet - I repeat, the Crimea, a place where you can always find something new.

Separate warning - before among holidaymakers was very popular mud. This was in the Crimea specifically went with the whole Union. Actually, this kind of procedures and are now popular. Only this is not any dirt Crimean healthy. So do not rush into the first puddle, and then hope for a miraculous deliverance from all ills. Chances are that old you can not get rid of, but the new earn ... and if it really wants to get covered in mud and benefit from it, from the need to go to Saki (Crimea steppe, north of Sebastopol), or in Evpatoria.

Another remark. Without a mobile phone, now, as we know, nowhere. But consider that one minute call to Moscow is worth about 1.5 dollars. So it is better to buy a phone card - call relatives and friends from any payphone, but it will cost significantly cheaper (a moment - about 1.8 hryvnia or about 10.5 rubles).

So, to sum up our brief survey. Weigh, so to speak, the pros and cons of vacation in Crimea


1) Still expensive. For the same money that you spent a week Crimean vacation, you can rest two weeks in Turkey. The level of service will be incomparable (not in favor of Crimea).

2) Another detail - inconveniences. Crimea has long experienced problems with fresh water, so do not be surprised if you removed the apartment she will be filed only in the morning and evening. And every - and the cold and hot.

And do not be surprised by the way, if the apartment for $ 35 with the nose in the day you will be a flea bite, and your every trip to the kitchen to accompany the honorary system big black cockroaches. And to you, and when you live in the apartment, such as holiday-makers and owners in the pursuit of excess profits on hygiene especially not bother (not all, but such individuals are caught).

) As mentioned above, there can be problems with the tickets. And you, instead of lying on the beach or scare away the jellyfish in the sea, you'll have to figure out the cashier at the station, whether you want tickets for the train. This is especially true of those who do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Plus, perhaps one, but it outweighs all the minuses. Crimea - is the Crimea. Such a place on the planet anymore. There are no less remarkable resorts, where the comfort level far above where we just enjoy doing nothing - just relax. But in Russia, Ukraine, and any other country in the former Soviet Union, there are people (and they are many), which rest on the most expensive resorts prefer to vacation in the Crimea. And not because they are only affordable for the Crimea - the prices we have already spoken. So go there still is - my impression is the right one. In the end, all the bad from memory erased quickly, but remains a good long time. Crimea such fond memories is able to provide for the entire year - until the next vacation or holiday. Which is not excluded, again you want to be held in Crimea.

Oleg Artyukov

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