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Beer was banned. But there is a loophole!

April 19 2005

Happened: Spring has come, our long awaited. Winter procedure exhausted his cold, sleet and perpetual gray. But now - the grace of April, in full swing! The sun all around the already thoroughly warmed, even the soul singing. At the end of the day, breaking away from the monitor, I want to shake it stuck to his arm and "Claudia" fingers, throw a cry for cultural and colleagues to go to rest. No, no pub and no bowling alley, but as in student days - a public garden or on the boulevard. Buy a beer on the road, lazily fall apart on the bench, substituting the sun's rays crown. And leisurely chatting in a cozy company, sip foam straight from the bottle, looking at going past the girls, pereprygnuvshih of jeans and trousers to skirts. Oh, those legs ...

But, wait. A shadow falls on the ground, something obscures the sun is gray. Raise your eyes - it is, the representative of law enforcement. What does he want from us? We are not criminals and maniacs. We are honest managery who decided to recall the "pub" student youth.

Did not you know? So now you know: people managery, you are committing an administrative violation. entered into force on the Law of beer " , and therefore if you please pay a fine and retire from the polluted you shop.

MPs, politicians and even the President has long been preoccupied by the health and cultural level of the nation. Drunk young men with bottles and cans in their hands flooded the square, squares, streets and transport. Behave violently, rude and smell bad fumes. Favorite joke of the season - on the question of where to go, reply: "For the Klin - and silly cackle. Representatives of the Ministry of Health started talking seriously about the growth of mass "beer alcoholism.

How long is it was impossible to endure, and that on November 26 last year, the State Duma adopted the law "On Restriction of retail sales and consumption (drinking) in a public place and drink beer based on it." However, on 21 December he dismissed the president. Then, the decision of the State Duma and Federation Council was formed a special committee, which finalized a number of key provisions of the document. And this is the result of their work - from April 15, 2005 "beer law" in force. Foamy sip straight from the bottle in the wrong place it is now not for the faint of heart.

Under the new law in the most disadvantaged young people were under 18. If the police zasekut them with beer, then impose a fine of 100 rubles. Those who ceased to be a teenager crossed the 18-year milestone, drinking beer is strictly prohibited in children's, educational and medical organizations, fitness centers and sports facilities, theaters, cinemas and other entertainment organizations, except those in which there are items catering. You can not drink beer on buses, subways, and in any other public transport, urban and suburban. That is, for example, trains would not drink beer, and long-distance trains can be. So, Oblomov, football fans, the lovers ride the "dogs".

This list of places where the beer is taboo, is not exhausted. The fact that following the letter of the law, local governments will be able to their jurisdictions to determine the point where it will be prohibited for sale and drinking of beer. We recommend you ask in advance: it is quite possible your favorite cafe will cease to be such because of its lack of beer.

And now from theory to practice. What if the police "caught" you with a bottle of beer, for example, in the court clinic? Remember a few rules. Law Enforcement Officer shall act solely under the lawIf he has reason to believe that you are committing an offense, it should come up, introduce yourself, announce what kind of act you're liable to administrative responsibility and withdraw your bottle as an object of the offense. You will bring to the police station and there drew up a report on administrative detention, which will mark the time of arrest and a protocol on administrative violation. After that will be given copies of these documents. Then your case will be considered in the presence of the chief office or his deputy. Police officers will have to prove your guilt, if necessary, they can hold you in the examination of the subject of intoxication. And at the end of the operation on you impose a fine if they prove, of course ...

The fact that the current Code on administrative violations of the "presumption of innocence. If you are caught drinking "froth", then you can go to the "failure" and announce that the bottle was not a porter, and kvas. In this case, the policeman will have to find witnesses and to argue further already in court.

To completely spoil the day the employee pravporyadka can disguise a beer container, placing it in a paper or opaque plastic bag, as do the fans in the country winning a sip of democracy. The policeman has no right to force you to show what is in the package, the more you search the climb. Bottle of beer - it's your property, such as a pen or socks. The only thing he can do - you watch it, but only in the presence of two witnesses, one floor with you. Witnesses are not necessary only if a police officer has reason to believe that you have a weapon. So if he will be lazy, he is likely to lag behind and will look for easier prey, but if rested, then find the same witnesses. At that time, you're out of luck.

So far, little time has passed since the entry into force of the "beer law" and even harder to predict the development of the situation. Some believe that Russia will become far less to drink beer, others - that nothing will change. In our view, nothing terrible happened: the aficionados 'foam' will not deny myself the pleasure and find a way to continue to drink their favorite wherever they want, but the representatives of law enforcement will have another source of additional income.

"Beer" theme has long been discussed on our forum .

Константин Дятлов

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