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"Call": The film went to the real horror?

January 19 2006

Continuing the theme of the real connotation of horror films, but remember one of the worst paintings in recent years. Of course, we are talking about the Japanese "Bell", filmed on the novel by writer Koji Suzuki and his American clone.

Recall the main plot of "call". Agreed thrill haunting videotape viewing which inevitably kills the viewer. At present the mysterious deadly tape video series. Subsequently found that this is now a curse. Tape recording of a set of senseless frame, and the dying message of the young ladies, projected on videotape, thanks to her extraordinary abilities.

You never know what guided the filmmakers. Some claim that the Suzuki based his bike from the category of "urban legends". Others, that the story just the fruit of rapid imagination. Still others believe - the idea was not born from scratch. She served as a catalyst for the mysterious research in parapsychology. We will not speculate, but look at the facts.

The phenomenon of thought forms, energy-education, which arises in the space as a result of brain activity a person, known to scientists for a long time.

In mid-1970 the Russian psychiatrist Gennady Krokhalev tried to capture with the camera vision of patients suffering from mental disorders. For this purpose it was designed a special device. On the face of a patient suffering from hallucinations, put on a mask for scuba diving. To her hooked rastyazhnoy fur from camera "press photographer", waist portion which dock on the lens cameras or camera.

Photographed (or filmed), visual hallucinations was conducted in complete darkness at a distance of 15-45 centimeters from the eyes of the patient. In addition to this, we used another, more simple technique: patient-to-face for 10-15 seconds podnosili film negative or photographic plate enclosed in opaque black bag.

In the first stages of research in 87 out of 203 patients Permian hospitals were photographed images that arose in their brain during hallucinations. In the process of photographing or filming of the patients described their visions out loud. These stories record and then compared with the images appearing on film.

In the photographs is quite clearly to be seen what the time of shooting told patients: "animal horns," "fish", "Lake and moose," "road, tanks and soldiers", "factory", "tree", "hell" "Snake," "Sunflower" and much more.

Another researcher, an American psychologist Julius Eykzenbud, directing the camera lens Polaroid, the eye of a certain Ted Seriosa possessing extrasensory abilities, got curious pictures. The doctor told to think about some object, and usually appearing in the picture it quite clear picture. But during these experiments was found out quite unexpected thing - strange images appeared on the film, even in cases when the camera is not directed at Ted's eyes. Moreover it was enough to put his hand on the camera or even just look at it. Ability Seriosa express much more clearly when he was in a state of mild intoxication.It is no coincidence psychiatrist Krokhalev experimented with alcoholic psychoses.

Known for such experiments professor at Tokyo University Tomokichi Fukurai. Early last century, he held a demonstration experiment: a photographic plate wrapped in thick paper, he put them pile on his knees medium, a certain Madame Takachihi. She had to mentally make the fingerprints on the plates of arms and the word "ten", which means in Japanese "sky". Medium fell into a trance and had the necessary "mental work". When records showed, first, indeed, were fingerprints on the second - the hieroglyph "ten" and the third - "Kin," which means "gold". Mrs. Takachihi argued that the word "kin" it during the session was not thinking. Fukurai believes that this is regardless of the desires of the medium's subconscious mind worked.

Hypotheses about the nature of the phenomenon of "psihofotografy" today is not so much. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences M. Gertsenshtein believes that the results of experiments described by psychiatrists do not contradict the laws of physics. He readily admits that the sensory cells of retina - rods and cones - have the property of reversibility. It is not excluded that they work like a semiconductor photodiode, which can not only perceive light, but also to become its emitters - LEDs, if they pass through the current. In other words, the retinal receptors may be the receiver, and the generators of some of the radiation.

Today the problem of "myslefotografy occupies scientists of different countries. Not so long ago flashed a message that Japanese scientists have created a highly sensitive screen on which appear the contours of images, or people, when someone stares at them. There is information about similar developments in other countries.

But how are they safe? The question seems to remain open, given that in April 1998, Gennady Krokhalev unexpectedly committed suicide.

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