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Football record: to score three goals in three minutes!

December 18 2009

December 18, 1865 in the United States was adopted by a famous 13th Amendment to the Constitution - which prohibits slavery. The question of the labor of slaves was more acute at the Constitutional Congress - the development of the basic law of the country. After some discussion, it was decided to retain slavery for the next twenty years to solve this issue for future generations.

Directly in the text of the Constitution of the United States, this question then addressed in four articles: Article I, Section 9 allowed the importation of slaves, Section 2 of Article IV prohibited facilitating the escape of slaves and establishes the obligation to return them, Section 2 of Article I states that in determining the population of each state was taken into account only three-fifths of the total number of slaves in each state (in this section instead of the word "slaves" used "other people" - Eng. other persons). According to Article V of these provisions could not be changed until 1808, which ensures the "deposit" to address the issue of slavery for twenty years.

Three important amendments (the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth) were taken immediately after the U.S. Civil War and were aimed at the elimination of slavery and its consequences (such as racial discrimination).

The Thirteenth Amendment prohibits slavery itself (the same amendment was to amend section 2 of Article IV, which previously prohibited to facilitate the escape of slaves), the Fourteenth Amendment contained several important provisions, some of which affected the former slaves (including the granting of citizenship to anyone born on U.S. territory and a ban on the deprivation of rights otherwise than by a court verdict), and the Fifteenth Amendment prohibits the restriction of active suffrage on the grounds of race, color, or in connection with the former position of a slave. It's funny to note that even today in the U.S. Constitution does not mention the word "democracy."

December 18, 1976 the U.S. went out on the screens of the famous movie "King Kong" - the discovery, capture and misadventures of a giant gorilla. Tape was modernized remake of the famous "King Kong" in 1933; blockbuster story in general follows the story of the first film, but in detail much of it is different. The film's budget amounted to $ 25 million, which is not so much by the standards of such films.

To create an image of a giant gorilla was built its animatronic model - a huge robot. However, production of electronic monkey was unworkable. As a result, an expert on the complex makeup by Rick Baker was forced to wear a gorilla suit and play Kong himself.

Model, however, still appears in the frame - in an episode of the show at the stadium when the Congo had to move. This film had expected a grand success, but the television broadcast in 1980 revived interest in him and 10 years after the premiere came a sequel - the film "King Kong Lives."

December 18, 1993 record was set speed football hat-tricks (three goals scored in one game by one player). Player Tommy Bryce, played for Scottish club Queen of South "in a match against Arbroat" in turn scored goals in the 9 - th, 10 th and 11-minute match.

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