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Be aware

Hackers attack. Network criminalization

October 18 2005

Level of hacking "skill" is growing steadily, and their attacks are becoming more aggressive and unpredictable. If 10 years ago, the first hackers (mostly students) send out viruses to home users simply to have fun, but now, according to experts, the situation has changed radically.

Now the hackers cause annual damage the world economy of approximately $ 1 billion have been cases where individuals could break the bank accounts worth about $ 500 million Hacking has become a way to earn big money. Viruses such as Trojan Love Letter and Melissa in 2001 caused losses of more than $ 10 billion

Where revolve large sums there, as you know, there is always a crime. Mass criminalization network began in 2000-2001. Viruses are the new generation, such as the My Doom, NetSky already written primarily to gain access to bank accounts.
In 2004, there has been a decline in hacker activity. Experts explain this emergence of an effective anti-virus systems, the possibility of rapid writing of the updates and the successful struggle of law enforcement agencies with the creators of viruses.

Changed and the image of a typical hacker. Now this - the union of high professional hacking corporate networks for obtaining competitive information upon request. Attackers have become smarter, they understood that to achieve the desired goal they do not have to hit millions of computers with viruses, but it suffices to several thousand.

With regard to protection from virus attacks, experts advise, not just to place anti-virus software on all computers and put the firewall, but to build a comprehensive protection system that would take into account all aspects of network security. Just need constant checking of all input data, extensive testing of their products.

Now about the future. Wrestlers from hacker attacks called the most likely victims of the holders of smartphones, as well as tenants with automated consumer electronics connected to a computer network (the so-called "smart homes").

Unlikely in the near future be able to completely eradicate the "computer pirates." There are a number of objective reasons that impede the fight against terror, hacking. They are associated with extreme vulnerability of the Internet and existing operating systems. Created more than 30 years ago in the U.S. for the needs of military and scientists, they do not take into account the possibility of protection from potential viruses. The transition to a different standard is limited to possible difficulties when working with the new system. If the system is safe, it will be inconvenient to work - said the publication SNews.

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