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Be aware

Street conflict: how to make the painful Gopnik

May 18 2005

Do you want to run into an adventure? Very simple. Dress better, put it in your pocket more cash, a mobile phone latest model, wearing a gold chain around his neck thicker, wait for the evening and go for a walk in a nearby park. Gop-stop and all associated a thrill you guaranteed.

Of course, have fun, so can people inadequate. The trouble is that to get into a similar story can be anyone, anywhere, not necessarily in the dark.

It all starts simply. A group of young people, suitable appearance, come in to you, surround on all sides and asked banal questions like: "cigarettes are not there" or "Bro, add ten, we do not have enough." All this chatter for the seed, you can be more than sure you already got involved ...

Miracles do not happen

Is unlikely to let you go just like that. No matter what your purposed "sides": you decide to rob a trite or rolled forward into your "diamonds" for the sake of entertainment. For you this situation is equally dangerous, so the first thing you should do to maintain his composure.

At the moment you about something ask you appreciate. Do not waste time, try to evaluate myself opposite direction.

In the bout immediately climb is not worth it. You can try to "go off the market." However, for this you need to know the jargon and focus in the psychology of such children.

Suppose uboltat them failed. The lads obviously are going to namyat your side or deny certain things. This extreme situation that requires you to mobilize all resources of the psyche, to monitor developments and to get out of them a winner.

You can certainly freeze a mattress, hoping that you will be left unscathed. But you do not want to bring joy to several scum and allow them to pokurazhitsya? Or maybe even death to score. Do not want to? Then you have the opportunity to teach the freaks and leave a "good memory".

Know how to get angry at your own. Who's scared, he was already half-defeated. Learn to remain calm
Here is the bike to start. You never wondered why the medieval Japanese samurai war, so easily and recklessly, with a European point of view, went to their death? This also applies to conduct in combat and ritual suicide-sepuku. The fact that the samurai had imagined in his lifetime, he was dead. Thus, disappearing fear of death, the samurai took on the state of mind here and now "(Read the book" Hagakure "or see" ghost dog "Jim Jarmusch).

If the enemy will feel your determination to fight to the death, you will see a cold steady gleam in your eyes, with a high probability he backed off. So try to "die" helps. Tell yourself: "All we ever going to die, it is possible that today, right now, during the fight. Just because the attackers did not want to leave a witness. Those who are willing to fight, to death, he is ready to soberly and dispassionately to join the fight "in a timely manner in response to the attack, defending and counterattacking"

So, be ready to fight to defend their life, health, property and loved ones. Calm down, with a few imperceptible breaths. Relax your body and analyze the situation. Estimate the number of opponents, their strengths and weaknesses. Inspection of the area around, perhaps on the ground strewn sticks, fittings, stones, bottles, all of which can be useful to you in battle. Try to identify the group leader, you need to attack first. Usually he is the strongest on the team, completely subjugates the others and, sometimes, keeps at bay, even their own. Cut down the leader, maybe you put an end to what was happening.

If the leader did not compute, attack nearest, use it as a shield, it will be a barrier to others. Next business equipment.

Heavily in training ...

To learn how to quickly assess the situation in battle requires daily preparation. Experts in the field of self-defense offer is this: the daily walks and visits try to mentally simulate an extreme situation. For example: "Here comes a hefty AMBAL. If he comes near me, I kicked him in the kneecap, and then grab out that the box and with all his might omit his head. "

Man in the street might think that this is a crazy idea. In fact - is the surest way to prepare yourself for an emergency.

The following psychological moment: "I get hurt." Believe the word: not one fight does not end without bruises, abrasions, scratches, shock and fractures. However, follow-up visit to traumatology or dentist is better than visiting your relatives funeral agent. Therefore, get ready for pain, not fear her, but instead try to use to raise morale.

"And if it hurts the enemy?" - This question is not relevant in the fight, otherwise you will be very bad. Perhaps the last time.

Better just tune in to what you will do things far from the civilized way of resolving conflicts. If the victory over the enemy you will need to Gnaw his ear, then an ear should be a welcome any chop.

If you oppose an armed enemy, it is important to understand the purpose of the attack. Spoilers better not to resist and give them a mobile phone, wallet or other valuables. The penalty for robbery and serious if something goes according to plan, the robbers start up arms to move without hesitation. After all, they knowingly went to the crime.

But if you got on otmorzkov, they really want to scare you, slice, make fun if it makes sense to act. Weapons in enemy hands can scare you, but maybe not, if thou wilt firmly understand that the knife in his hand of the enemy no more than a sharp piece of iron - the continuation of his hands and stick requires mach, which can intercept and redirect. Weapons allegedly "elevates" the enemy above you, gives him confidence, but what if you disarm it? Maybe all his strength of spirit is contained in a stick or a knife, and, losing arms, he will become a victim.

If you practice martial arts, remember how you train and Deresh. In training during the mining application of techniques you should be able to fight. Nothing more. Partner for sparring and testing techniques - a friend, but he represents a potential enemy and the attitude to him should be as an enemy. Thus, training should be brought closer to reality.

Practice your psychological state of readiness should not break away from the physical training and testing of fighting techniques.

However, not even trained person can rebuff otmorzkam. This is what we have been told earlier .

Our world is not as friendly as you want. It may happen that you will need to resist the robber or a drunken bastards. The most important thing is not scared, do not freeze helpless. On the contrary, you need to do: defend and attack. All depends entirely on you, from your psychological readiness.

An old American saying goes, it is better to stand in front of twelve in court than to lie on the shoulders of six ...

Thank you for assistance in preparing the material by Alexander Karasev, director of the Center of contemporary martial arts.

To be continued.

Константин Дятлов

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