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Road talker soldered GPS

April 18 2006

The emergence of mobile phone in the car was marked by another headache. How to make and does not violate the constitution, and at the same time to convince motorists of the dangers is a phone while driving on the "wheels".

As a result, it was decided the easiest solution: ban while driving in the car using a mobile phone without any additional equipment that allows to exploit "the tube" as the saying goes, "no hands". It turned out, on the one hand, cheap, and on the other, not quite angry.

Unfortunate paragraph 2.7. SDA requires every law-abiding motorists to acquire life-saving device - presumably, hands-free. Otherwise, even for free members have to pay - a "common treasury".

In the updated version of the SDA , which came into force on 1 January this year, this restriction remains in the "original form", ie drivers continue to strongly forbidden to remove his hands from the steering wheel. Given the trends observed in the direction of tightening of penalties and, accordingly, the amounts charged to the offenders get off the usual 20 rubles for the pleasure of communicating by telephone will not be easy.

However, while "we" call and collect, from "them" - not only prohibit, but also to invent and improve , using the established benefits.

In a private U.S. company Global Mobile Alert, for example, only those involved, and (as its name implies), which is developing systems that facilitate the use of motorists mobile communications and, accordingly, warning the accident.

Work on the project to create a universal warning system is from 1994, and now becomes the active stage to the delight of the vast majority of motorists (in 23 U.S. states anyway limited to the use of cellular phone while traveling).

"When you are driving and at the same time talking on the phone, you do not really pay attention to what is happening on the road. But when you hear the alarm about the danger it brings you back to reality and you have a margin of 7-10 seconds before you find yourself at a crossroads "- the head of the company.

Consequently, it remains at the right time to warn the driver of the danger of collision.

In the Global Mobile Alert this problem will be solved by a special chip that is mounted in the cell phone and which is associated with global positioning system GPS.

Thus, due to the incoming signal from the satellite phone is capable of tracking movement of the vehicle, direction and even speed. All this information is passed on to the servers Global Mobile Alert, which contains the database of the most dangerous sections of roads within a radius of movement of the car. When approaching these sites on your phone signal is transmitted to the danger that the driver can react in time.

Many Western mobile operators and handset manufacturers are engaged in similar software. Company Motorola, in particular, is experimenting with wireless systems that could be used in order to prevent accidents due to the "mobile" negligence. In the course there are all sorts of devices, including accelerometers, wireless transmitters, receivers, GPS.In the fall of all sorts of portable devices, including PDA.

One way or another, but it is about creating a kind of just a single system connected to the global navigation, which will be available to connect subscribers.

Until then the only option remains taboo sanctions restricting the possibilities of using cellular service.


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